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  1. Ah yeah, yeah because there still is the option to empty the forge for some and you do not have the actual Ore for all mine-able resources. I guess you do not want that complication either, but if they could only craft from the ore. But there are surely better ideas than bundles to save space. One idea could be that the miner books also teach about mining rubble from ancient civilizations, so you can mine destroyed stone for a chance to get brass, lead, gold, maybe even rotten flesh, who knows whats down there. Would only need to remove the recipe to make destroyed stone (which seems redundant anyway), otherwise people could make and mine that for a chance on profit.
  2. If you make them be a different material, like Morganic, they cannot be scrapped, so no exploit?
  3. If they are harmless, is there any way to hide them from the console (just write them in the log only like some other stuff is?) Not the biggest prio, but saves a lot of known issue reports you need to answer
  4. I do not think I ever found gear in Skyrim worth using, except maybe some legendary stuff, but you get those from quests. So yeah not being able to craft the very best gear is a good decision, although I might have still allowed it as super specialization level (level 6 in a perk) that cost so much skillpoints you lock yourself in and thus would be very hard to obtain and may not be worth it compared to loot.
  5. Sounds exploitable unless by absorbing you mean also that the player killed loses it, and thus sets him back several levels.
  6. I hope it is just teething pains, since it really messed up the use of custom biomes, or any custom terrain setup really. All non vanilla biomes are not being painted over with the correct texture (even if one is correctly defined in the biome xml as topsoil_block="terrForestGround" for example). All I get is some purplish alien landscape, with bricks on the grass. It also kills of any chance to make a mixed ground texture biome. Then there is the issue for world building or players wanting to place some off-biome terrain type in their base on the ground, it just gets painted over with the texture from the biome. I also like to mix up grass blocks in between asphalt blocks to make a more old overgrown looking world, but the grass gets painted with ashpalt, not only does this break any form of modding this, it will also confuse players if blocks can look like something they are not. I am hoping that if Microsplat is here to stay these issues can be addressed, maybe by some xml property on the block (so microsplat ignores it) and making the biomes read the proper xml attribute so they at least get the correct texture applied on blocks. I agree that it makes the textures nearby the player look great and adds more detail and less seams, but I would rather take the seams than losing all this modding design space the game has had since A17 in creating new and interesting biomes.
  7. Why was the decision made that the double barrel shotgun should always be sawn-off? Would it not have been more logical to have it have a full barrel too so it can share the sawn-off modification with the pump shotgun? This way the 2 shot shotgun can have a bit more range and a sawn-off mod would have its use in close quarters. I am also curious if a tier 3 shotty is planned, I find the blunderbuss as tier 1 a bit odd (despite it being a shotty). It has to much problems fitting in, since it needs to much precious ingredients to build to be viable early game and cannot be looted either. The sawn off double barrel is crap for a tier 2 weapon atm.
  8. If anything, heat can use a tune-up to be more intense rather than reducing it. I never see screamers in vanilla, not 17, not 18. Maybe in the end heat buildup and how fast it dissipates could be tied to difficulty as well. If you really do want to have multiple forges and campfires running at the same time, place spikes around the build to kill them off and do not make noise.. And stop wacking metal, that also makes a ton of heat.
  9. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    Gnamod UI has been Updated to A18 Experimental! Changes - Added windows newly created for A18 such as the Shape Menu (still in original state). - Changed how icons are displayed in most menu's to accommodate the new 160x160 Icon size. - Added the Type icon display for items where it was appropriate. - Updated the Recipe display so that it makes use of the new buttons: Ingredients, Description and Unlocked By. - Added space for the Cosmetic slot on the assemble window. - Modlet now sets the maximum attainable bagsize to 88 for the player, this means you can take advantage of all perks, pocket mods etc to unlock slots beyond the original maximum. - Enabled the Stash All buttons (currently still placeholder icons). These buttons were added as mod support in A18 and allow stashing of all items, items that already have a stack there or just filling existing stacks. There is also a slider to lock x slots so that you can keep items there. Known Issues - The new Bellows and Anvils will stack in the tool slot, so you can cheat by adding more and eliminate smelt and craft times completely. I will see about options to fix this. Planned Features (A18 +) - Update sceenshots to 4k, A18 goodness. - Add a modlet to change the toolbar so it is on the bottom center like vanilla (since some people are having trouble adjusting to the location of the toolbar). - Overhaul the remaining windows such as Skills, Quests, Players etc. - Overhaul the Main Menu to fit the style. - Update/change icons and logo's. - Add color scheme modlets to swap between some different color styles for the UI.
  10. Keep on rolling out those fixes, damn
  11. Funny I modded that some time ago as a test and it was fun to see all the zombies come for you and get an actual screamer called just for opening the airdrop crate. Just did not find a way to let it fire just for that so it was every container and that was to much
  12. As far as I know this has been the case for A17. I tested low res textures on zombies and allowed much more on screen without heavy fps losses, but shutting off the AI always increased the fps significantly as well. Having a ton of zombies, say 100+ alive at once you will see the AI bottleneck and cause many to just idle for a couple of seconds. I hope Faatal has something cooking to make it more efficient, would love to be able to get more zombies on at once. Maybe a much simpler controller could be a solution, one for filler zombies on Hordes/bloodmoons and then the more expensive one only reserved for sleepers and world zombies.
  13. I think this is also a matter of exposure. I am sure Jax and Khaine take a lot more flak on their mods if something is off, unbalanced or not working/looking right than I am getting for my mod or you are for yours. Compared to the core game it probably is even more off, I am not sure how much people play modded but likely it is but a fraction of the total player base and by the time they get there are used to the quirkiness of the alpha gameplay. But yeah they have a lot more to worry about and there is a lot more at stake for them, agreed.
  14. They are not always miles ahead, a lot of systems stay pretty much the same throughout alphas. What appear as big changes to the public sometimes are just alterations to xml files. Just take the example of the farm boxes we are getting, barring the dirt texture I probably can reproduce the entire system in A17 since it is mostly an xml change and a new paintable shape. But sure they are ahead on the code base, roadmap, planning of features, I will not deny that and will make it much harder to talk about the same stuff. But that does not mean every idea or discussion should automatically be dismissed either. But yeah it is mostly the users of mods that always seem to bring it up in a discussion. I done a lot of modding on this game and throughout alphas made tweaks and changes that subsequently were added by the Devs. The fact I also did those changes just means that it probably was a logical route to take or they were already planning to do so but did not get around to it yet.
  15. I find it a bit odd that this is always assumed and generalized on Modders. Why do you think modders do not at all need to worry about things like balance, performance, quality standards or design constraints. Hell modders are generally more constrained because they have to work within a given design space and do not have access to the source code. I am not sure why modders should not be able to talk about design and balance with the game's developers simply because they have not build the game or are on the development team of it. Modders, especially the more hardcore ones, have a very good understanding of the game's mechanics, systems and moving pieces and how it all works together. But modders do not have any authority over the game or any design decisions made for it, but they can probably provide more worthwhile suggestions and insights that an average player probably can. I think modders would make very good sparring partners for the game developers, since modders may have already tried to implement a feature before and thus know it's pitfalls and the game's limitations on it. But it seems to always cause some dedain towards the modder for giving feedback and referring to his work on the subject.
  16. Funnily enough we used to have the option to increase the amount of spawns (though that just multiplied all spawns). But having an option to configure spawns for world, wandering hordes, sleepers, in addition to blood moon count would be a nice to have feature.
  17. Yeah forgot about this one, the grass is not actually part of the POI (hence its not reset), I think the grass is made by the biome decorator and the POI allows topsoil deco to spawn on it. It resets with air since the POI has air there. I am sure there will be a way to preserve or respawn the grass.
  18. I see, badly rotated blocks got the better of you, but now it is known and can be fixed at some point so that is a win . The glass panel hardly makes sense in loot in my opinion, would rather just add broken glass in its place as trash drop. Just as useless as long as mega deserts full of sand exist, but still a fully assemble glass panel in a trash bag??
  19. Ok thanks for clearing that up, it can take rather long tho before the actual UI window appears. I am sure the cleanup is needed, just wondering if the opening of a loot container is the best one to trigger it, but I guess that also loads the inventory window as well which does.. Yeah tough call, seemed less than it was in A17 so hopefully this is a non-issue in A18.
  20. Madmole Just watched your video of the loot run and it is really starting to look great. But some things I noticed: - I see there still sometimes is a delay of almost a second or more when opening loot or inventory, I see this in A17 as well where it is worse. Any chance this is a known issue and getting looked at? - Why is the glass panel still in the loot lists, it should have been removed from there like in A14 or so, but it lingers on even to A18.. - You should instruct your level designers not to paint cabinets unless they are actually lootable or broken cabinet panels with loot behind them (yes I could hear the frustration on your keyboard ) Saves a lot of frustration when something that looks lootable actually is. Thanks for the video
  21. Madmole A question about the forge mods: It seems they are replacing the tool slots for the workstation(s), does this mean they no longer gate any recipes (like needing a cooking pot or anvil in order to craft certain stuff?). Would be sad to see that mechanic go, or are the mods also able to fill this role in addition to adding bonuses to the crafting? Just trying to wrap my head around what this change means to how it works.
  22. Haidrgna


    I am sure if you have the new workstations use the windows I use for the vanilla workstations you will get it fitting smoothly, since I am sort of assuming that the modlet will also expect to use the vanilla ones.
  23. Haidrgna


    Modlets are not really supported for this overhaul mod, the mod goes to quite extremes and ignores more and more vanilla content as I update it. Basically means that anything designed to work with vanilla will either target stuff not in use (like resourceWood in recipes no longer being used by the mod) or it will no longer exist at all (entities, loot groups, spawn groups all being completely overwritten). UI is also completely replacing the vanilla one so any modlets that want to add stuff always will have to load afterwards, which is recommended anyway because of the overwrites happening to certain files. You should check out the logs, it should tell you what stuff did not apply and make changes there, the workbenches will likely want to add windows and use some tool and output windows that may not exist by that name in the Gnamod UI, probably a good place to start.
  24. Hatch elevator is a dirty exploit they finally fixed. Thanks Faatal.
  25. Actually would be nice to have for all doors, think some mods already have it where you break a door into an opened state. It could be chance based, what gives in first, the lock/hinges or the actual door.
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