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  1. Super duper rare drops make for awesome gameplay moment for whoever is the lucky one. Sure why waste a lot of time doing it, but in loot its super simple to add a few good items to certain loot containers. Makes for more replay ability and the reason I have super rarely full working vehicles spawning in the world. Might get lucky on day one, or never see it, but if you do its super fun and changes that game completely.
  2. Welcome back! Good to see you back in modding again.
  3. Turning of the new distant terrain has massive impact on almost all biomes, so probably will want to look at that. It seems to take a rather big chunk of fps, more than it should take and used to take with the old terrain. When using the gfx command you also see the warnings pop up again when its turned on. Really hope you can track down the cause and tame the beast, I like the distant terrain but not at the expense of getting dizzy because the game suddenly becomes choppy when looking at to much of it.
  4. Haidrgna


    Launcher version was also updated, I fixed the bones yesterday as well as some other stuff on prefabs and cans and bottles returned from eating. I am currently tracking down an issue on loot quality, it behaves oddly (gives out way to many blue items). Xml seems correct so I am not sure this is an actual bug or something is being added somewhere I am not yet aware off. Leather is something I will need to spend a bit more time on, same for cloth. The materials are there, the pathways not yet fully there. The vanilla game only knows one type of leather, but I want to have scrap leather, animal hides and properly tanned leather. Recipes are still mainly using resourceLeather (the vanilla one) but certain stuff is already giving the other types so I will have to check on recipes so that all pathways connect at least.
  5. Haidrgna


    Thanks for the positive feedback. The recipes are not fully done, I will likely push out a fix tonight for this as some recipes were still using vanilla resources instead of the replacements Gnamod adds for some. It was quicker for me to port over recipes first and fix later to get it running with no errors. Remember tho that it is still in development for A18, so you will likely run into more dead-ends on crafting before I got the chance to fix them. But posting stuff you find here will surely help me track down issues faster and fix them. Edit: Seems the manual downloadable version was a bit behind on the Mod Launcher version so I put the latest 0.6.1 Build there and the latest UI version as well. The download for Gnamod Core (0.6.1).zip includes Gnamod UI (seem to have forgotten to add that to the last one, since it needs the UI to work properly for loot container sizes).
  6. That POi should be super rare, its probably one of the most loot and valuable packed POIs there is. If you get it for a quest and do it before reset, then probably have everything you need for a while.
  7. If it is working as intended then I wonder why. Since if I place dirt on a road the dirt becomes asphalt, but still acts like dirt. That is confusing and should NOT happen. Pretty sure that is what he is referring to. The Microplut is what causes this, ignoring the actual block texture completely. I am hoping you will reconsider 'working as intended' and at least investigate to see if this can be improved.
  8. Seems like this system could bring back Stun Lock again, since each hit you take makes taking the next more likely as moving away becomes harder. I could see a system working where having taken a hit within x seconds makes the next hit have a Higher chance to be a stun hit, factoring in the amount of damage taken from it and the force of the hit. Once stunned it all resets and you have to deal with being slowed for x seconds. Maybe the amount of slowed could start at almost 100% and then regenerate back to 0%. But at this time no hits will add more stun so you get the time to escape. Stun prevention effects could then instead make this decay faster so you are stunned for shorter times. Also keep a mind on the interaction between stun and reload, both slowing the player down. In A17 and some experimental builds too, getting stunned while releading causes a brief negative speed and thus walking backwards. We do not want this to happen at all.
  9. I can confirm this is a thing, but from modding experience, since I have a lootgroup on them that can have 0 items and opening takes more time you can see the bag dissappear while its still opening because it has 0 items. It will always have 0 items if you wait.
  10. Yeah was thinking the same. Seems the auger and chainsaw might actually be broken in not producing ANY kind of hit sound ever. The thing Should generate some heat, comparable to at least a campfire in my opinion.
  11. Seems the auger is not making any hit sounds anymore in A18. The pickaxe produces heat on striking metal per hit, auger only when it breaks a piece of metal. Would need to break a load of those (since its 0.05 per break) to get a screamer. Seems pretty hard to do, unless there is more heat produced than what shows up. I have not always had heat show up correctly with the meter, but other heat effects seem to work so probably is not to much it makes anymore. Edit: Same is true for the chainsaw. The sound.xml says it should generate heat from starting at least, but it does not even do that.
  12. Not entirely accurate: each time the auger creates a hit on metal or stone it will generate a small bit of heat. Auger creates a lot of hits so it will quickly rack up on heat from the sound. Not holding will only make it worse.
  13. I am surprised this was not the expected behavior, its been working like this for as long as I have been modifying heat. So the two different classes will now add and dissipate heat in the same manner again? Also I wonder if you checked the other non-fueled workstations while doing this, they have heat setup in xml but as far as I know do not generate any (since they are never turned on). I thus wonder if that is also not intended behavior, seeing comments that these stations (workbench, cementmixer, etc) are supposed to generate heat too. I actually liked the scaling of heat on gametime, since people playing shorter days would not have as much heat problems as people playing longer days which I found a nice balance touch I could add for the increased daylight time.
  14. New spawners are not that far away, if I uncover a piece of map that was closed off it will have new spawn points, trust me on that one. But the time is not 7 days, its 21 days now.
  15. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    Yeah that is a known issue, they take from the same control as some other changes, but I did not yet touch this menu. The next update I will touch this menu and fix those icons along with it. Should work with pretty much any modlet for A18.1 that does not touch the UI. If a modlet does, load it after this, but results may not be optimal for those.
  16. What if xp was not just shared but actually split among the group of people. It was a group effort to kill the zombie so all get a share of the pie instead of all receiving extra xp. Just like other resources are shared in groups. Then the charisma perk could maybe add a small bonus to this shared pool and only when it is shared. Bonus should be small since multiple people could spec into this at the same time.
  17. The respawndelay never left, its still in the xmls and the dlls. They seem to have upped it to 21 days for friendly animals and 14 days for hostile ones. Kind of explains the empty worlds, since they die out the first hours they can spawns (since they are respawned when they go out range and die when they spawn as dummy).
  18. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    Alright seems A18 has become stable. No changes where done to the UI, this works as intended for A18.
  19. The invisible animals are just dummy spawns to thin the horde, not some magical entity. They die on spawn and thus count as being killed (so wait for the respawn timer). I specifically checked the console and the dm f3 menu (which shows the last spawns and upcoming spawns). Neither showed any new spawns done in a while, the last being a rabbit I killed a few game hours back. When I reloaded my savegame spawns resumed almost instantly, being attacked by zombies while I logged out on an empty patch where I had been for a bit (and nothing showing in console). If the spawner works the amount of animals and zombies should be ok, if you keep exploring (which I did). But if this spawn halt strikes you will just be spending hours looking for animals and never find any (or zombies).
  20. Alright some feedback from playing through the various experimentals. My last game I decided to play by not going inside any POIs (only raid exterior, so no doors or tunnels entered) and not using any trader quests. Since these two provide so much loot there is hardly any point to crafting, which I wanted to try out too. So what I noticed, without abundant cans and drinks, food is harder to come by. My home was the burnt biome, which provides no hunting, but the small burned buildings offer some other loot that is nice in beginning. Got lucky on a wrench on a car and then could get stuff I needed to make a forge (but still took me till day 3, since I needed to go far to hunt). So far day 11, found a shotgun, wooden bow and some weapons I do not really use (iron spears, sledges, clubs). Mods are hard to come by, but I made a workbench and got some meat for a small farm. Anyway: - It would be nice if the weapon/tools/armor structure would all follow the same design pattern, so T1 primitive (always craftable with basic resource you can find in trash), T2 craftable from perk or recipe, from materials you either havest or make with forge/workbench. Currently bows T2 cannot be crafted, guns T2 can also not be crafted unless you find magic parts that do not drop except in special loot containers. T3 should always need these parts and thus be hard to make, but always be better (not just damage). Why? It does not make sense a iron spear can be crafted as T2 weapon and a wooden bow cannot. - Check harvesting on various things. Why are birdnests 100 HP? Why does the knife have issues harvesting body bags (takes 20 stabs, axe just 2 swings). Certain stuff seems to drop massive amounts (like broken workstations), but some like file cabinets hardly anything. - Animals are hard to find, even when traversing lot of ground you hardly see any. I also noticed at some point nothing was spawning at all anymore, so there could be some issue there (I checked with le command and there was nothing except vultures from a horde I left hours ago, somehow still there.). When I restarted my game the area I was that was empty first suddenly had zombies and animals around almost immediately. I do not except a huge amount of stuff, but the amount of animals and zombies are really low.
  21. Not just once, mods still have it, surely Gnamod does (with all stats randomized). But yeah it is not to hard to do and a lot of variation can be added using XML alone, but I have gotten distinct feeling that they really do not want this for their game, they want the zombies to be predictable and recognizable. Spider Arlene could never be a thing in the vanilla game it seems.
  22. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    Food and water on the HUD are not planned for the main UI. Might make a modlet for it at some point. Adding them is not that easy since it will not show the proper value for over-eating/drinking. There are some hacks but frankly not knowing exactly how hungry or thirsty your character is, is part of the experience.
  23. Making it into a workstation could work yeah, but would also be much more work to pull off for them. A few xml changes and addition vs code changes and making a workstation (though they have a toolbox model they could use).
  24. I bet the current framework would make the cacti a non-issue and just not train such a skill. But armor is indeed one of the more stupid ones to apply LBD on damage taken. It should be for wearing it prolonged and then you would become stronger and less slowed by it, adjust your movements to it. But I am fine with LBD no longer being there do not get me wrong, and even then we can mod something like it back in. I am not fine with removing complication just for the sake of it. Sure complication can turn into a drag, but remove to much and stuff suddenly becomes a complete non-issue. Repair kits are an issue in this game now for about half to maybe 2 game days, while it used to be harder to get all ingredients so you had to mind which equipment you used. I would have gone with a system of tiered repair kits, one for vehicles (most complex to make), one for T2 tools (like it is now), one for T3 tools (using steel and mech parts). Then repair for a big chunk of the early and mid game remains the same, but getting a steel tool or vehicle requires some more effort to maintain.
  25. How is getting better at running when your character runs a lot complicated?
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