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  1. @ Haidrgna


    You remember me saying that I was getting an issue with a [Physics.PhysX] popping up in loading screen. A couple post back.


    I started another game and did NOT SHOW UP _ UNTIL I started to Build a " Floating Base " .. which I had just added to the game on the launcher also, But that 1 was just a small escape route. ……

    Anyway .. I'm starting to think it may have something to do with the Floating Bases … AND A 18.2 … this never happened before in earlier games .. But TFP changed up a bunch of the coding in the A 18 game as we all know and it might be a conflict of a " floating structure vs a standard on ground structure " ….. And the game still runs just fine, well for now anyway. Had my 300 kill Z's on the 14 day horde.


    Just thought I might just pass that thought on. Have a great weekend … the Old Gamer .. :02.47-tranquillity:


    Then whatever causes it must be in that modlet, at least it seems logical that way. Not sure how that mod works, but floating stuff generally leads to stability issues. Probably should let the creator know if you have not already or if it uses vanilla stuff report it as a bug.

  2. Darker interiors are coming, similar to what we had before, but a different method.


    worldglobal.xml is a new config file which has:


    <property name="ambientEquatorScale" value=".6"/>

    <property name="ambientGroundScale" value=".4"/>

    <property name="ambientSkyScale" value=".5"/>


    <property name="ambientInsideSpeed" value=".12"/>

    <property name="ambientInsideEquatorScale" value=".3"/>

    <property name="ambientInsideGroundScale" value=".16"/>

    <property name="ambientInsideSkyScale" value=".4"/>


    These allow us to rapidly tweak values, since they can be reloaded like some of the other XML files during game play and modders could change. The 'Inside' values let us darken the overall lighting as you enter interior spaces.


    I hope to add more settings to the file in time.


    Great work.


    Maybe you can add the settings of biome spectrums and ambient sound loops (the sounds used, referencing sounds.xml) so this completely locked in piece of world building can be exposed to modders and designers as well :D

  3. Hey Haidrgna, i cant see the food/water levels is this intended? it kinda sucks to drink/eat when you get the warning becuse at that point you are already suffering from it, i like to keep track and keep my levels topped up at all times so i dont get the debuffs :S


    The stats are displayed in the Player stat windows though, but it takes more time. I will see about a food/water bar in the near future for the UI.

  4. Release Version 0.7.2


    Gnamod Core has been updated to version 0.7.2


    This version has been brewing a while since 0.7.0 as I planned to release this to be stable much earlier and the 0.7.0 was more of an in-between release that was still lacking in many ways.


    0.7.2 is probably the best balanced version since I started to work on Gnamod Core in 17 and basically started over from scratch since the changes in that Alpha.


    I have updated the main posts with the current documentation on the Core and Gnamod in general, text you will also find in the readme.md file found in the manual downloads or the Mod Launcher downloads.


    Some highlights of changes:

    - Spawning of zombies and animals has been greatly improved to a balance I think is more suitable for the average player than ever before. I introduced a new system of biome spawn thinning that will not make the initial spawn of animals and zombies when the safe zone ends to overwhelming. This should give players a much better chance to explore and kill zombies without being boxed in.

    - Animals now follow a similar system to zombies, they have behavior templates and are generated by code in various sizes and other randomized stats. The behaviors will not make all animals fully aggressive or immediately aware of the player from afar.

    - Zombies also had their templates updated, making most of them easier to combat in general and combined with new entitygroups will make it easier to slowly ramp up the challenge and keep the biome spawns from being overpowering at the same time.

    - Loot has had some rebalance to it as well, mostly noticable in cars, the wrecks have their own list now so the more complete the car the better chance of useful loot in them, busses and trucks will even have a better chance and yield more on average.

    - All pathways of crafting and building should now be complete, stuff should unlock and icons mostly be there except for the special arrows (which will be done in 0.9 when I revisit ammo and guns).


    I think that the 0.7.2 version is a very good stable base to continue to work on but also for people to play longer games on.


    Later this week I will further update the main posts and add in new screenshots.

  5. I have just updated the manual download link as well as the mod launcher versions.


    Since A18.3 is still in experimental there are two versions of the UI modlet. The 0.7.0 version is compatible with A18.2 b5 and before while the latest version 0.7.2 is compatible only with 18.3 b3 and later. They changed the fonts in 18.3 and some other stuff, so if you load the wrong version you will have no text and some other issues will pop up.


    The mod launcher also has these versions, there you can find the A18.2 version under Gnamod CoreUI (Stable) and the 18.3 version under Gnamod CoreUI (Latest).


    The main changes in the 0.7.2 version:

    - Compatibility changes to 18.3 b3.

    - Redone the Players window, use more screenspace and bigger icons/text for better readability since there is enough space on the screen.

    - Redone the Map window, this is still a work in progress and has some hiccups I am not sure are fixable with xml only. The icons on the waypoint selection are currently still to large and working on finding a way to get them to draw horizontally (seems hard-coded to draw vertically).

    - This version has mostly been made compatible with the new font changes but since I was mostly working on getting the Gnamod Core mod out to a stable release this kind of was put on hold. Now that it is done I will likely pick this up again and work on it for until 18.3 goes to stable.


    Updating the main post(s) and adding new A18 screenshots is also on my list for this week as much of it is outdated.

  6. OK, I thought you might have a problem reading it .. so I'll type it out. Sorry about that.

    word for word and spacing.


    [Physics.PhysX] QuickHullConvexHullLib::findSimplex: Simplex input points appers to be coplanar.


    Maybe it has nothing to do with .. Gnamod Core UI (Stable) .. but it just started to show up maybe a few days ago .. after doing a Pre-Sync Mod and launching the game on the Launcher.

    But Like I said .. I'm using the same version of (Gnamod Core UI) that I copied from launcher game file to my Vanilla game on 12/5/19 with No Issues and the exact same mod package that I use on all my 7D2D games.


    The game runs and I thought that I would just give you a heads up .. never used Pastebin before .. but if need be, I can try if you still need it.

    Thank You .. the Old Gamer … :02.47-tranquillity:


    This message you typed over seems to be related to some physics stuff so could be your video drivers or something. But its kind of pointless to me, since it is just one isolated message. The log shows the entire story, with that there is a chance to point it down. So far all evidence suggests is not related to the UI mod, but I cannot be sure with a log where the error appears.

  7. I'm playing on the Mod Launcher and just started to get this message when loading game:



    Has something to do with the newer version UI Stable that must have been updated, never saw it before and it does not show up on the Vanilla version using the older UI Stable mod ( I copied to the vanilla game ) .. I running 2 different games with the exact same mods.

    Thank you .. the Old Gamer … :02.47-tranquillity:


    I cannot read that, its to small. Maybe post logs instead on something like pastebin if you want me to be able to look at it.


    I also have no idea what you did, the current Dev version of the UI is only compatible with 18.3 and the stable has not updated for a while and should still be compatible with 18.2.


    The fact that 18.3 remains experimental is a problem though as I want to release the new version, but it will break with 18.2 for sure because of the font changes and other stuff they altered to make the new localization work.

  8. How is your disbelief suspended when you pickup your jeep to swim it across the river? ...asking for a friend :p


    And on another note... I am somewhat stumped that the obvious weapon mod or perk bonus for the double barreled shotgun is not made yet ... fire both barrels at once! (I am sorry if it actually exists but I couldn't find one in 18.3 atleast) :p


    Would also be nice to see a selector for different fire modes for weapons that support it or is able to be modded into it. Could work nice if added to the radial menu. Fire modes in an arc in the bottom and ammunition selection in an arc on top for instance.


    Well the double barrel shotgun fires so fast you can actually release both shots at once by clicking really fast. This however is the same hack I used when I added a double barrel shotgun. Actual firing of two barrels at once would be nice, as well as the model not being sawed off and being able to add the sawed off mod to it.

  9. Yep, it is. :) Jax could also totally remove it if he wanted to just by setting all decoy chances to 0.


    That'd make things interesting.


    They have been turned off since A17 experimental so for it to be an issue they first have to be turned back on for spawners, if so then it is likely intended for the mod, or there is some other setting, like their senses that makes them not awake.

  10. I don't think it really needs to be overly complicated.

    Just base it off of the percentage of the zombies overall health.

    @60% of the zombies health remaining, it rolls at a 10% chance to rage. (1 in 10)

    @40% it rolls at 20% chance to rage. (1 in 5)

    @20% it rolls at 25% chance to rage. (1 in 4)

    3 shots to trigger a rage episode (or add more times it can roll against).

    Still random in nature, but no one weapon over the other can trigger it more often or less.


    That is also a good way to solve it. I do hope that when it is changed we get some form of XML control over it, setting certain zombies to rage more often than others or turning it off for some.

  11. Yes. I actually have a setting which is auto but I went under programs and made sure. Besides, I know which one its using anyway due to the really bad framerate on the intel hd 5500. I just dont know. I cant drop anything any lower so I guess I'm stuck with it the way it is sadly :( but, one thing I do notice is if I play Darkness Falls, it seems to give me higher framerate which, I have no idea why. There is more zombies and such. *Shrugs* Who knows.


    Darkness Falls shuts off the new distant terrain, which is a resource hog.

  12. I've started a Perception/Agility playthrough -- Perception because I never did marksman rifle/penetrator perk on my first perception build -- and though I haven't played my first horde night yet, I have to add my voice to the people who have complained about this here before:


    Knives make zombies rage way more often than clubs, baseball bats, sledgehammers, spears or the stun baton. Now, granted, I start with a power attack when using knives, and I don't with spears. With clubs and bats and sledgehammers, a power attack often drops zombies to the ground, so I wouldn't even know if they raged. With knives, you get to fist range with the zombie, you do a very slow attack, and the zombie rages. It got to the point it catches me by surprise when they don't.


    Even normal attacks seem to rage them more often, but I've stopped doing those because they are too ineffective. They are good once you got some bleeding going, but only if the zombie did not rage, except zombies will rage too often and catch you at too close a range.


    The knife isn't as bad as it looked to me at first, except for the raging. It is really at a major disadvantage when it comes to rage compared to other weapons, whatever may be the reason. Say what you want about what the chances of raging are with knives, it's just not what I'm seeing.


    That said, I'm playing at Insane difficulty. If difficulty increases chance of raging, then that would account for it. And, to be clear, it's not raging because I have to keep hitting them over and over at this difficulty, it's rage on first hit.


    Rage seems to have an x% chance per hit or time the zombie takes damage. Since knives cause bleed a lot, attack faster, you get way way more hits in. Since the rage was added I really started to favor the sledgehammer even more, before I would use a knife as it is efficient (since also used for harvesting corpses). The sledge just has so much advantage in the current system, since it will knock them down or kill em in just 1 blow.


    I would suggest that rage chance should factor in not just taking damage, but also the amount the hit does and the damage dealt recently. So the recent damage taken could increase the chance for a hit to rage to increase, while the actual damage the hit does determines the base chance. Then big hits like a slegde would likely always cause rage (which should trigger at the time the zombie gets up if he still lives), but knife hits may not unless you have been stabbing em often or he bled a lot.


    This way these both extremes would see rage happen more equally as it is not based on hits per second but on damage per second.


    - - - Updated - - -


    Difficulty does increase rage percent. Default is 15%, but on insane you are at 50%.


    Fast low damage weapons are at a disadvantage, since each hit has the same rage chance and you do more hits with those. I have thought it would be better to scale the percent with damage. Added to my todo list.


    Beat me to it :)

  13. Right now it's mystery. Kinda weird that they accidentally made optimizations. They are probably gonna spend some time figuring out what they did to cause these gains lol. :tinfoil3:


    Could it be the Grass shader optimization?


    I would not be suprised if the optimization was made somewhere in the UI code. Maybe that was draining more resources in the way it was setup.


    But yeah seems the game flows smoother, I do not see a big increase in fps, but I do see that the game looks better and flows better for my eyes with the same settings I had in 18.2 b5.

  14. thinking about it, gating ammo manufacture until later on is probably not a bad idea


    The thing is, it is supposed to be gated behind 2 workbenches, but as you say it is super easy to find a working workbench on day 1 and getting the forge is no challenge either. The raw materials are literally everywhere and even the ammo itself and the guns are everywhere.


    Bows indeed lose value quickly, except for more stealthy gameplay. Gunfire draws in zombies, but there is not much in vanilla to draw in, so blasting away has no real consequences compared to being silent/careful.

  15. You could de-couple the death part of the buff into a new buff that is cast on the player on reaching 100%. This buff would kill the player, but not carry over on death and also remove the infection when it cast, basically resolving the infection since it killed the player at the end.


    So infected casts a 2nd buff on 100% infection. Infection debuffs itself on 100%. 2nd buff kills player and does not stick on death. Effect: Player is dead, infection is resolved. Alternatively have a new infection cast by the 2nd killing buff, then the player will respawn with a infection again at 0%.


    But infection probably is a cvar, might also be possible to reset it to 0 on death, so it will not cure. Could even be simpler this way.

  16. Nicely done!

    I have a couple of small mods I've posted here (and more to come). One of them is already on the site and its easy to find and looks nice. I really like the tagging/search capability and the links back to this forum/download/etc.


    I do see similar issues above about "handling maintenance" of the text/description syncing with wherever the modder is maintaining their code. Maybe he modders could give you some help inside their mod if they wanted to? If, on your site, you could clearly define some additional things that modders can voluntarily put into their mods to make them more presentable on a website. The basic "mod structure" is loosely defined so doing certain things, while not explicitly required to exist for a mod, might make mods more standardized and "website presentable"


    Some ideas:

    - To keep things "cleaner" have those willing to participate just create a folder inside the mod named "7daystodiemods.com_files" and put anything you need for the inside it.


    - Define a special "readme" or other file that your site could use to handle all the text? Probably the easiest to to.


    - Have a special parse-able file of whatever attributes are needed. This is the trikiest part because you woudl *really* want to lock down the keys/values to whats allowed, otherwise people are going to make things up and things could get ugly (like the game version, is it 'a18', 'alpha 18','A18', 'vA18.b5')? If these values were parsed (or just manually copied by hand) you're gonna want them exactly as you want them.


    ModInfo.json <- Chosen because TFP could change how ModInfo.xml is formatted at any time, or remove/rename it


    Here you could define whatever key/values you need, like:

    "Classifications": "Food,Fishing"

    "GameVersions": "Alpha 18"

    "7daystodieDotComSourceUrl": "https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?....."

    "DownloadSourceUrl": "https://github...."


    - Same with the graphic. Indicate what a good "screenshot" size of the mod should be and dictate the filename that should be used. Example: screenshot.jpg


    It could look like this:


    /ModInfo.xml <- TFP's requirement

    /Config <- Whatever folders/file need to be in the mod

    /7daystodiemods.com_files <- Explicit location of files for the site that needs them



    README.md <- Stealing githubs's readme naming/format as example


    If they could just parse the README.md if one exists and support markdown they would have not much work as long as modders include this file also in their manual download (or if they link their git).

  17. It is not possible to add mod authors directly to the post summary. To do this you need to be a writer and share it on site. However, a new tag with the author's name can be added to the mods. We can make it in the future.


    Over time, if we upgrade our host and install a system that you can upload your files directly to our site, win-win system can be established. But we can't do that right now.


    The first and most exhausting stage now. It takes some time to make seo-compatible posts and prepare cover photos. The site is still very new. There are many more mods to add. Over time, all existing mods will be added. When this happens, updating the mod pages will become even faster.


    Thank you all again for the nice welcoming.


    I am not sure it will be needed to have to upload to the site directly, speaking for myself here but I rather not have multiple places to upload files to but concentrate it on one place. Currently that is a drive folder I can easily drop files in whenever I need.


    Maybe it could be handy for certain newer modders that have no place they upload their stuff to yet. But whatever works and does not confuse the user.

  18. Thank you .. It READJUSTED Back to Normal when I went back into game the second time .. Dag-gone bugs _ it's all TFP fault .. Lol

    Thank you again, at least you knew what I was talking about .. the Old Gamer … :02.47-tranquillity:


    Yeah probably a hard to track bug, if you can find when it happens they might be able to fix it, but it seems pretty random.

  19. @ Haidrgna


    Question .. Is the map light ( the amount of light that is shown when you open your map ) controlled by the UI .. tried to adjust with gamma .. but it is much brighter than before, don't know if you can adjust .. but thought I would let you know.

    *** Like taking a 60 watt bulb and replacing with 75 watt bulb *** not sure what happened and hoping you know what I'm trying to say. ON Both version Launcher and this one.


    Thank you and But _ error is fixed .. that part is good .. the Old Gamer … :02.47-tranquillity:


    I know what you mean and I have no idea what causes it, it happens sometimes on games, other games it does not. The map is rendered somwhere in code and in the 0.7.0 version I have no adjustments to that window. The dev version has some experimental new map but its awfully limited and much seems hard coded on the map.


    All I know is the very bright map also happens on the vanilla UI and could be a (rare) UI bug.

  20. Is this server side only I'm hoping?


    You can install this modlet on a server, it should work for clients to, but they might not see the Gnamod Icon if they have not downloaded the modlet themselves. I have not really tested it as server side only, the UI relies on a few added localizations that the vanilla UI did not have localized as well so those may be missing as I do not think localizations are pushed by servers.


    But I guess you need to test to see if it works or not and let me know, there might be options to make a fully server side working version.

  21. Using COMPOPACK 42 by Magoli in both games and also getting it on the launcher also version, Just under A 18.2 b5 Sable only .. (A 18.1 b8 is fine)


    Edit .. I just doubled checked the Launcher version ( UI Stable ) and with Game Version A 18.2 b5 Stable .. I still get the error message.


    Thank you for your hard work .. the Old Gamer … :02.47-tranquillity:


    Probably because I had not yet deployed a hotfix (was at work until now).



    Added a small hotfix to the Stable version of Gnamod UI that should fix the Light Properties menu from bugging out after the backend of the window was changed in A18.2 (b5).


    The Dev version on the launcher also has this fix but other currently still experimental changes.

  22. Thanks for reporting, this is fixed in the dev branch (launcher only), it relates to a editor part of the UI I think, so unless you are doing prefab edits it should work for other menu's. I will push a fix later today to the other branches.

  23. Quick question ..


    When will this be Updated ?? You have a Updated version on the mod launcher, but I would like to have one here also for the Vanilla game .. when not using the mod launcher.


    Thank you


    I am currently working on the 0.7.0 version of this, currently only in Dev for the launcher. Once that is done, hopefully the end of this week, I will update all the manual downloads as well. The next version will include a new player window (done), Map window (done) and I will try to also get the Notes window, shape selector and progression window done. Possibly also include some dev windows (for the poi editor).


    I want to release a full and complete version for the 0.7.0 release and then update this thread (and the Gnamod base thread). So until that is done the launcher will only have the latest version.


    Does the current version have any bugs, things not working in the stable release? If so I will update he manual download version (As not much did change since A17.)

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