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  1. Are those new zombies going to completely replacing the current model of zombies or will they be added in addition, or are they going to be those special radiated ones? I know the Wight and Spider models are pretty old so could use a redo, but others might not need to.
  2. Well it would be cool if it worked that way so a player would need to put down torches, campfire or maybe electric heaters to prevent fog in his base
  3. You can say criticize everything, just not say the truth. If you get an angry reaction back you know you are right since they cannot handle properly founded criticism. Just keep your critique flowing even if not everyone appreciates it, some do!
  4. Cool, does this include xml control, for say people that wanted a less or more foggy world?
  5. What about the fog though, kind of takes away from the sunset
  6. You could take a look on how Red Dead Redemption 2 does the meat. They have a lot of different animals but the meats are grouped, so some animals drop Venison, others Stringy Meat, Pork, Mutton or Game Meat etc. This way you can have maybe 4-5 varieties of meat and the recipes for them. I would also not go for having a grilled, cooked and charred variation of each with how currently the recipes work because indeed that would clutter it up badly. Probably should just be one, like cooked or prepared and then the recipes using only one type of meat. The kind of meat could determine the fullness it gives, in RDR2 the meat from the big predators gives the best effects. But even better would be if you guys could consider recipes to have alternative ingredients, so rather than needing a certain specific item, it could take a list or category of items instead, I think Fallout 4 uses such a system. So a recipe for boiled meat could then take any variant of meat but always give the same effect, since you are just boiling the meat and not preparing it as a special recipe. Obviously this would have some complications for the return item if applied to say boiled water that could be made from a variety of containers (cans, jars, bottles etc).
  7. Oh you meant the currently existing declaration of the 'city' biome that never spawns anywhere in the game of which even the spawning xml clearly states it is no longer being used (actually a relic from before A16). So A19 will have the same non-existing city spawns, check.
  8. City Biome huh, I cannot say I believe it until I see it. At least that makes 6 biomes we can use now..
  9. Haidrgna


    The mod comes with a disabled modlet called Gnamod CoreUI Classic Toolbelt. If you enable that it puts back the normal toolbelt on the bottom of the screen.
  10. Powered workstations, make it happen
  11. Haidrgna


    Good to hear. I hope that bug does not happen again, if it does let me know and how it happened so I can maybe track it down.
  12. Haidrgna


    I am not sure what happened, but Gnamod does not really alter vehicles so it must be some exotic bug you encountered. There are two things I can think of that may help: You can try killing or teleporting your character if nothing else seems to work to get off the vehicle. Both methods should force a respawn of your character and hopefully get you out of the vehicle. You will need to open the game console (by pressing f1). Then type in lp , followed by enter. This should give a list of players, likely only you and a number. You need this number since it is your entity number, this likely is 171 or 172. Then you can try either the tele (teleport) or kill command on yourself. Teleport also needs a location, x z y, so: tele <number> 0 -1 0 would put you at the map center. The kill just needs an entity number and will deal enough damage to kill you. kill <number> is the syntax. I hope either of these does the trick, otherwise I am not sure what I can do since I have no info how you got there in the first place.
  13. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    There is no difference as far the UI is concerned between b3 and b4. But I will update it. Also if a Stable version breaks there is always a Latest version to load up. The latest version I keep up to date with any experimental releases, while the stable stays behind to remain compatible with the last stable release of the game. People seem to be scared of the latest or dev releases, but those are usually the best versions of my mods, just may also contain some style issues in case of the UI.
  14. Thanks, yeah that will help know our report has been processed.
  15. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    I have pushed the 0.7.2 Version to the stable branch now that A18.3 has hit stable. If you ran into issues before using this modlet try updating it (on the Mod Launcher that is). For the manual download you can install the Latest version, but I will update those shortly as well so the stable version is clear what it is.
  16. It may not be compatible with A18.3. That version brings a lot of changes to the UI side of the game, most notably the new font. So you could revert back to that version if possible to make this work until Sirillion updates it.
  17. Good to hear that it is paying off and worth the effort. Just need to put off investing to much time in Unity until the kraken hatches
  18. Any idea how Unity assets are holding up to the changing to Linear Color Space? Are a lot of changes required to make it all work or do a lot of things work after just changing the project settings?
  19. Here are two examples of Ignore bug reports: Note that all bug reports before and after are clearly answered. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?136445-A18-2-b5-stable-bug-report-thread&p=1074494&viewfull=1#post1074494 https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?136445-A18-2-b5-stable-bug-report-thread&p=1076565&viewfull=1#post1076565 The fact that these two reports have not been answered to at all while the rest is, that is what sets me off and makes me think: Guess they do not want MY reports, even though valid.
  20. Haidrgna


    Added in some new images to the main posts to spice things up and give a preview of some of the mod's content.
  21. Yeah same, I reported two of them in the 18.2 stable thread and they did not even bother to reply that they received the reports. Not really encouraging to report bugs. Like the one thats been around since A17 where if you get stunned and reload at the same time you move backwards (or reload with broken leg).
  22. Haidrgna

    Gnamod UI

    Ok I was not sure you talking about the plate exploit or actual floating blocks, since both are a thing. Floating blocks just give more problems, the plates are valid for SI, but the AI has issues with it. I rather stay away from such exploits and build a real base.
  23. Haidrgna

    Mod List

    Yeah Gnamod has not been on there for a while, only older versions. I am not sure this thread/list is still updated?
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