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  1. Some more errors encountered during development and by players that need to be fixed. The StackOverflow being the worse on the list since it could potentially crash and or corrupt save-games. This was mostly caused by the density of grass in the Snow biome, it generally seemed to only occur there near towns. A save-game in which you already visited the snow biome will stay prone to this issue, need to either reset the region or start a new savegame to fully get rid of the issue.


    Deployed another Hotfix:

    0.7.3 C (Both to stable and latest on launcher only).

    - Potential Fix for StackOverflow in Snow Biome (requires a new savegame to take effect as it is decoration related).

    - Improve radius of deco blocks on roads so parent error messages are not occurring for small deco objects. Rare case of bus intersecting bus still exists.

    - Fix SnakeGroup having wrong name and NRE when POI wanted to spawn Snake sleepers.

    - Snow terrain updated to be snowcoated dirt instead of degrading, since its not visible currently.

    - Set roads to be fully asphalt atm since microsplat hides it and it could cause perf dips.


    Updated the manual download link to have this updated version (and all previous hotfixes) for those not using the Mod Launcher.


    Just... don't do it in the park playground. You might make a decent jacket man though.


    So for the recording, load game as MadMole archtype, put on just a Duster. Switch to 3rd person, go to a park prefab and then talk about candy there?

  3. Alright I did some investigating and it turned out the vanilla Ore blocks and rock deposits were having their drops replaced by the generic replacer code, while they should drop the Gnamod ores instead. This is mainly because when I created the mining system I did not use the vanilla ore blocks underground and there were no ore boulders in vanilla either. Since then I put the vanilla ore back in the top surface layer to prevent some POI replacing the Deposit Blocks I placed there and causing random errors because of it. I forgot to also update the ore blocks along.


    So I released another hotfix:

    0.7.3 B (Both to stable and latest on launcher only)

    - Fixed all Ore Blocks and Ore Boulders to harvest for their original materials. In the future the vanilla Ore Boulders will likely be mixed in under ground with my versions for some variety.

    - Fixed the ArtOfMiningLuckyStrike, which had no target in Gnamod it seemed. Now all stone blocks have a small chance to drop 1 or more random Ores when you have it. This includes otherwise not minable ores like Zinc and Copper, as well as Silver and Gold. This makes the book a lot more valuable as it will grant you extra resources as you mine.

  4. I will say again about the forged steel. Now it's unlocked. But for crafting it is necessary besides such things as Ferrostone (or Iron ore) and Lime Powder also Coal (chemical).

    Chaircoal (chemical) I found near building Mining coal ( and underground yet). But I can't craft Coal (chemical).

    Similar to craft 1 block Concretemix-iron rebar to make 1 block Hardcretemix-steel rebar I need 64 Forged steel ( 1 block = 16 buckets=64 steel rebar=64 forged steel).

    Coal(chemical) only be bought from a traider or loot ?

    The amount Coal (chemical) that I find is enough for just a couple of block Hardcretemix-steel rebar. :wink-new:


    As you figured out that bit of the mod slightly more complex and thus also harder to balance. Hardcrete and Stainless Steel blocks are the best blocks possible to build with, they are very hard to destroy and thus should be expensive. They might be to expensive at the moment simply because the Economics of the mod is not fully balanced yet, most of the construction bits like this have mostly just a chosen value to make it possible to get them, I am working on that for 0.8 right now, from the ground to the floor (the ground being the raw materials and the floor being their final products in this case).


    But to answer some of your questions:

    Coal (not charcoal, which is burned wood) has to be mined from deep underground if you really want to get a steel production going. The trader might sell it too (and more if you increase your barter and int skills). Coal will never be crafted and maybe in the future I might add some hard to unlock recipe for steel that uses Charcoal instead (no guarantees). There is a chance that the regular coal deposits still drop Charcoal because of a replacement I do, I will look into that and fix it if so, since ore underground should drop Coal, even the regular deposits.


    Coal spawns in the Fields biome. The good deposits spawn from 30 blocks or deeper, if you are mining on the correct spot.


    The concrete and hardcrete mixes are build in batches of 90 (using jars) or 900 using buckets. In the future I plan on returning the bucket, since it should not be consumed as it is now, only the water.


    One last thing: You do not need to build your entire base from one material, nor from cubes only. The cubes take 8 or 16 (if they harden like concrete) for a reason, because it is divisible into 8 stages, from a complete block to thin pillar blocks. So the less complete your shape is the less material and hits it takes to upgrade it. This also means it is weaker in every sense as well. But all values are chosen in multiples of 8 for this.


    1st of all thanks for going into greater detail about what you mean. If I understand you correctly all you want is the ability to scrap down items into more them one type? Sounds like a legitimate request but probably not a balancing concern.


    As a side note the bundled ammo serves more purpose then reduced resource cost. It also saves inventory space so it is not a bad design imo...


    After the lengthy explanation you are still kind of missing the actual point. He is not asking for scrapping down items into more than one type. He is asking for an overhaul on how recipes are defines so they allow multiple item outputs. This in turn unlocks the example he mentioned of being able to make a recipe to take something apart. But it also unlocks stuff like getting back the jar when you cook a meal. Or allowing a certain item to be needed in a recipe but not consumed, say a can opener to turn a can to an opened can and then return the can opener too.


    A system were recipes have multiple outputs unlocks so much more potential than just the examples we give here, stuff the Fun Pimps could use themselves to add new interesting things to the game.


    Granted on XML level the change is marginal, requiring the recipes to be restructured just once, but on code level it could be harder to do, considering how a crafted item and stack are cued up in the crafting UI, the code that actually decides what item to make probably needs a refactor to allow multiple outputs. But it should be possible, just likely not going to happen unless there is a valid usecase for them and I know taking ammo apart or returning jars are not (both have been discussed and dismissed in the past many times).

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    How about if the POI reset simply reset everything except the respawn timer on the loot boxes?


    Seems like best of both worlds...


    I do not think it is that easy. The reset actually remakes the entire POI block by block, including air (which is why all world spawned and player placed blocks are erased when it happens). This also causes all placeholder blocks to reset and reroll, which controls a lot of the varied content in a POI, including if some block actually is a loot container or not (open and closed cupboards etc). So they would need to change their system to make something like that work, since this reset also actually causes the quest container to spawn (the satchel), which otherwise does not spawn.


    I am sure its possible for them to create a light reset, where just a couple of things are reset to place the quest satchel and the sleepers are reset. The resetting of the entire POI is probably the easiest solution they implemented when they added these quests, but it would be nice if they would invest some more dev time to improve it and make it more immersive and less abusive.

  7. Version 0.7.3 (written below the window). Forged steel are locking.


    I was under the impression I fixed this, but seems you are right that it was not. The issue being that in vanilla Forged Steel is never locked and there is no schematic for it either, its just gated behind having a crucible, so there was no natural unlock for it at all. In the future there probably should be a schematic for it as well.


    I have pushed a hotfix to the launcher Stable branch to correct it: Hotfix 0.7.3 A

    - Fixed resourceSteelForged is now unlocked by level 4 of the Advanced Engineering perk.



  8. Hi!

    The crucible can already be done. But craft the forged steel is locked. How to open craft forged steel is not written in the description.

    Skill Intellect - 10 level, perk Advanced Engineering - 5 level. The crucible is installed in the tools of the Blast Furnace. Resources needed for crafting the forged steel are available.


    P.S. Can all ores deposite be found in every biome?

    Or just one type of ore deposite in each biome?


    There was a bug, a typo that made it not work. Be sure to update to the latest (0.7.3) version of the mod. The issue should be resolved there for steel too, if not let me know.


    All biomes have Iron in them, but every biome has a different secondary ore that can be found there. Look on the map for colored spots, you will need to zoom in to spot them, if you go deep enough around there you may find the deposit blocks there, if you find a couple you will find a good amount of ore.


    Zinc and Copper ore are not yet mine-able in the current version, probably will be added in 0.9 in the current development schedule, which means it happens in A19 the earliest.


    0.8.x is planned to drop before A19 is here and hopefully will contain the following features: (in order of importance)

    - Rebalanced Economics (This means all currently existing items will get a pass on their value, scrap amount, recipe costs etc to better balance it with the trade system).

    - Economy no longer based on brass coins but instead on dollars.

    - Starter Gear Options (For Horde Mode, Nomad Mode and maybe other add-on modlets).

    - Horde Mode.

    - Nomadic.

    - Survival.

    - Tutorials.


    0.9.x is planned to be much more a content update, but it really depends on how smoothly the transit to A19 will be during experimental.

    - Unity Asset Update

    - Medical/Food Overhaul

    - Tool/Weapon/Gun/Ammo/Armor Overhaul

    - Additional Junk/Bundle Items

    - Additional World Assets

    - Additional Block Shapes



    - Progression Overhaul



    It was also hot, had tiny ninja cacti everywhere, and had a noticeable lack of trees. Unpopular opinion here, but I was never crazy about the plains biome in its form back in A16 and before. Now expanses of relatively flat terrain is something I wouldn't be against. :)


    Just asking, what difference does one forest biome and two very similar ones make? Just curious on your take on it.


    The Plains biome was probably one of the weakest biomes, but as far as I am concerned it is not about any specific biomes, it is about the fact that we had: 13 biomes we could use and add to any given world, modified to our liking, now we have 5 and any others just look like a purple alien landscape no matter what you do. We had a lot of different terrain textures to choose from to build the biomes from.


    In A17 we even got the ability to add completely new biomes, build from scratch up and would work flawlessly in the RWG mixer. Now any such biome hopelessly crashes the mixer because it only accepts the hardcoded biome names of the original ones, of which only 5 are actually looking the part.


    It is all about variety, we had 2 different forest and the plains, they were all mashed together. We had different wastelands and a radiated wasteland, only one remains. It is all about variety and the ability for anyone to add in even more variety. The current biomes are but a shell of the variety we had and all we seem to get is that they may have plans to maybe add sub-biomes. Sub-biomes as they exist now are just sub-par to the ability to add in new biomes.

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  10. An update here on Gnamod CoreUI:


    I just updated all of Gnamod Stable to 0.7.3 which includes some features that were planned for Gnamod 0.8. But since A18.4 has gone stable earlier than I thought and the features were essentially ready and included some minor fixes needed to make the UI work properly for 18.4 I moved them over to this version, the last 0.7 release for any Gnamod.


    The release includes:

    - Player Window: The player window is now bigger and streamlined with the rest of the UI.

    - Map Window: The map window has been enlarged and more space for waypoints around it and the information. Placing waypoints has been made more streamlined as well.

    - Journal Window: Completely remade to work with tabs on top showing the header in yellow if unread. Selects the pane with info under it utilizing the entire window to show text. Selected line shows which tab is opened.

    - Quest Window: Completely redone to fit the rest of the style and to offer a more streamlined quest management and info window.


    As well as some fixes and improvements to existing windows, most notably the sidebar that was more dark than intended in A18.4.


    Just know that Gnamod CoreUI will no longer work with A18.2 or lower anymore, the stable version for A18.3 already did not but some people try it anyway. All of Gnamod should be used with the latest Stable version of the game.




  11. Alright, considering that A18.4 went stable today and most of the changes done in the 0.8 Alpha 1 in the Latest branch, which already included the changes needed to the mod (mostly UI) to go to the new version I decided it would be best to release the 0.8 Alpha 1 as 0.7.3 to the Stable branch as the last version of Gnamod 0.7. This also applies to CoreUI which also had some new features ready and waiting in the Latest branch.


    The full list of features can be found in the readme.md file included with all downloads.


    This does not mean that 0.8.0 is postponed at all, I am still working on the framework to get that done, most work currently is going into a new part of my Modding Tool to calculate item economics. I need this to balance the item values, scrap, disassembly and recipes better. Horde Mode relies on a solid balanced economy and being able to easily tune this. The amount of complexity in the mod is to much to just do it by hand alone, a tool to gather data and calculate values from 5 different xml files is required to properly do this in my opinion. Currently Gnamod has over 13000 items, a lot of which are block shapes and dyes, but excluding that its still a ton of them.


    Unfortunately there is no map in the world files that defines the biomes in more details.

    If the biomes map would define sub biomes (using the biome assets in varying densities), I could make some nice things with that.


    Currently the biome decoration is procedurally placed according to the xml and code rules. (not in the world files)


    No offense, but I hope that stays that way. Subbiomes are the domain of a biome's xml properties and should stay that way. What you want is just more biomes that work, then you can arrange and sprinkle them around the world to create the same effect.


    A sub biome has a different decoration set is all. By allowing larger sub biomes and being able to assign a stamp set to it, plains could be achieved by flattening an area and changing the grass textures IMO.


    Well if you can manage to tie biomes/subbiomes to terrain and/or stamps during generation of a world, count me in, since that would also allowing to set snow covered peaks and other cool features like an oasis of green with water in the desert and what not.


    The plains or any other biome before were never really tied to a biome, even in A18 they are not, the terrain and biome are just arranged in such a way to appear together on the map (because biomes always use the same map and world always uses the same select set of stamps). I wonder if this has improved as well in A19 with the random biomes, that they can be tied to terrain of a stamp.


    The plains can be recreated as a sub biome down the road. There was nothing interesting about it. Go knock all the trees down and level the hills and you can make your own plains biome lol.


    Your currently use of Microsplat says something different, no sub-biomes with a different soil is possible unless you change it (please do), hell no new biomes can be added without first disabling it.


    No, let’s call a spade a spade. I’ll stop calling them exploits when there’s evidence the developer intends for the player to be unreachable in these situations. Not just “we didn’t catch that” or “we don’t have a good solution for that” but “yeah, that’s how we want it to be.” Though again, they’ve already done work on a majority of the exploits I listed.


    Being a smart thing for a player to do doesn’t change the fact that being unreachable breaks the game. That was the second point I was making. The base building element if nothing else encourages player ingenuity, so it’s only natural for players to seek out advantages, and AI exploits are the ultimate advantage.


    I do apologize for my brevity. When I said can’t fit between certain-shaped blocks, and can’t walk on certain-shaped blocks, I was really referring to cases where the AI thinks it can traverse these spaces, but actually misjudges the space and so gets stuck. For instance, I recall designs based on pillars or poles rotated just right, so that zombies would never squeeze through nor attack the blocks. I don’t think that happens anymore, and if so, the game is better for having that exploit removed.


    Of course they can bring in a type of zombie you can’t stay away from, if they wanted to. Zombie ghosts. They float straight to the player character in any direction, through any type of block, as fast as necessary, and the player character dies when a ghost touches them. Bam, player loses. But of course, that would swing from unbalanced for the player to unbalanced against the player. Which highlights what it’s all really about: balance. When the player’s unreachable, the game can’t be balanced. All the levers and knobs you can adjust for balance - zombie numbers, zombie HP, zombie damage, etc. - don’t matter.


    That’s why treading water is an exploit. Even if the lore says zombies can’t swim so it should work without a hitch, balanced gameplay demands that the zombies or something needs to be able to counter that tactic. Since the big water update has been so long coming, I’d speculate that’s part of why the worlds are so much drier than in the past. The devs likely recognized water has this and other problems, and so wanted to at least reduce the incidence of it until they work on the robust solution.


    Threading water luckily is one of the exploits that can be fixed relatively easy by taking a look at reality. There are not that many people that can thread water all night in their soaked full gear with backpack in cold water. Hypothermia, stamina loss and then drowning are usually the results in such situations. I remember a streaming using it once to beat my mod and then I added some buffs that made swimming for longer times very dangerous, causing hypothermia among others.


    But I agree overal, exploits need to be addressed and turned into something that could work for say a limited time or against a certain challenge only. It is not necessarily a bad thing zombies cannot get to the player all the time, but when a big horde hits they need to have some ability to get to the player, damage him or bring the player to them by bringing down the structure they are on. There are improvements to be made to those things for sure, its better than it was, yes, but you can easily still climb on any POI roof and be safe, even from a bloodmoon horde.

  16. Pushed another hotfix today to the Stable repo to fix some more recipes not working. I made some typo's in the workstation name of the Blast Furnace. Thanks for reporting these issues, since it is something that happens later game I myself had not yet encountered it (and probably not many before them either :)). This should make all steel and steel items actually craftable. The hotfixes are only applied to the Mod Launcher repo currently. Since I am mid-way into creating the 0.8 version of Gnamod the manual downloads will not be updated. If you encounter the problem on a manual download version, you can resolve it by replacing blastfurnace with blastFurnace in recipes.xml for all instances (yes it was literally 1 capital letter missing for some recipes).


    I also pushed Alpha 1 of the 0.8 version to the Latest branch on the launcher including some of the following changes:

    - Loot for starting characters has been rebalanced. They will have access to a unique lootgroup on some containers like cars that boost the finding of gear to get started such as bandages, low grade armor pieces, food/drink etc. This means I could also reduce the sometimes exorbitant loot in them, especially later game.

    - Gamestaging altered due to this change. Difficulty settings have slightly different gamestages, Level 1 will be at 0.75% and Level 2 at 1 (from 90 / 95).

    - Luckily Looter applies its bonus to lootgamestage based on your level, you can only receive the bonus equal to your level. This prevents spamming it for early gains.

    - New perk added: Bring it On. Increases gamestage when you take it. Will thus also increase looting, but also increase the challenges you face the entire game.

    - RWG tweaked slightly, it was not generating any water in worlds due to an error on my part. Now it will again create bodies of water in the map.

    - Loot abundance setting in game menu altered to a range between 10 and 120 %. Gnamod already has a way to reward players with loot and generally drops more loot than vanilla in a different way. The changes recently to how loot abundance works (rolling twice on a container on 200% rather than increasing stacks like before) make it super strong, basically doubling all guns you find. 120% will provide a boost where about 1/5 containers drop double loot. Increasing the game's difficulty will also increase overal loot due to the gamestage increases they offer since loot amount scales in Gnamod by gamestage.

  17. Localization.txt still says to repair the flashlight with a repair kit. But you can't repair something that never takes damage, and the flashlight never takes damage if you can't swing it. So I'm leaning more towards this being an oversight.


    As far as I know both should either be a melee weapon or not at all. The torch currently is a very OP as a starter weapon, only balanced by the fact it causes rage more often. It never breaks and deals a dot while also not costing to much stamina to swing.


    All items usable as melee weapons should have durability and break. The torch used to have a chance to break every hit in A16 and before, but since A17 it does not break anymore when used as a melee weapon. I would even go as far to say it should lose durability when equipped over time, since its being burned, but that would be spoilage and we cannot have that :)

  18. I dont know if the decoration (trees in particular) on slopes is a bug or intentional. But in the end, since A18, slopes are much more aggressive to prevent vegetation placement than in A17.

    This leads to even relatively narrow hills to be completely barren.


    It looks ok in the desert, but not at all in the forest biome. (visually having boring empty and grey hillsides)


    -> You should check the logic at what slope-angle vegetation is blocked from spawning. Its should allow trees to spawn up to slopes of 45 degrees in my opinion.


    As far as the code goes it is a deliberate change to the decoration manager. Certain objects that before were tagged to be able to decorate slopes are now ignored because the slopes are all tagged as no-decoration, rather than to allow small decorations at least. This means not even grasses, bushes and rocks can spawn there.


    As far as I know the way decoration worked prior to A18 already did a good job preventing steep slopes from getting decorated by large objects such as trees, but did place some if there was a plateau higher up. I hope they can take a look into the code and check if the current behavior is the intended behavior (and if intended to reconsider or allow more control through xml somehow). The completely barren slopes created by cities when the terrain is flattened for example look really bad.

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  19. I took all ingridients for the craft crucible at the Blast Furnace. But crucible don't craft. In the description crucible does not say what tool is required.

    May be a crucible is needed to create a crucible? )


    I took another look, the Perk Advanced Engineering unlocks crafting the Blast Furnace as level 4 and Crucible at level 5 (which is the same in the vanilla game for the Crucible), and that is working. But on the recipe I made a wee tiny spelling error (blastfurnace instead of blastFurnace) so it has no actual workstation set where it can be crafted. I will create a small hotfix on both branches on the mod launcher. For those using the downloaded version can either fix this in recipes.xml for now or just exchange all materials in the Creative Menu as a fix.




    Just deployed the hotfix to the launcher repo of Stable and Latest:

    Hotfix 0.7.2 A

    - Fixed Crucible not craftable

    - Fixed: 3 recipes using wrong materials (scopes).

    - Changed Workstations all have unique icons: Blast Furnace uses Ibeam icon, Cement Bucket uses Paintbucket icon, Chemistry Set uses Cookware icon, Workbench uses Tablesaw icon (since that does not exist in Gnamod). Oven already had a Spatula icon set. These icons are placeholders until I properly do icons for the UI side of the mod, but should allow more easily to identify which recipe is for which station.



  20. Thanks for the mod. Seems to be the only one i've been interested enough in to stick with. I have 2 questions.

    Does the crucible even exist? lol we have the skill but it is still wanting us to have the schematic as well I believe which we haven't found



    and the second question. I have had no luck crafting some things. Such as things that require broken glass. Because your mod does not call it broken glass it doesn't register in the workbenches.


    Thanks for the feedback :)


    The Crucible does exist and should be craftable. The descriptions of Perks can still be misleading, I did some changes to stuff they unlock but not on their descriptions. I will take a look at it as well to see whats up.


    Like you encountered most items in Gnamod are different from vanilla, the vanilla ones exist but are replaced. If you find recipes that require the vanilla item let me know which so I can fix those in a future update or hotfix. Possibly the recipe of the Crucible is such a thing or you are trying to craft it on in the wrong place. I will have to fix workstation icons to all be unique, there currently is overlap between some causing confusion.


    Edit: I looked it up, the Crucible is indeed crafted at the Blast Furnace, the high tier forge. So make sure you get that first. Steel is very end-game in Gnamod and can only be crafted in a Blast Furnace.


    It's not unity that's causing the problem, it's the methodology used to generate the map. The built-in map generator is far more complicated and slower than NitroGen's method regardless of the engine.


    I have no doubt their method is more complex, but I am afraid it is mostly because they need to jump through extra hoops to make it work in and with Unity. Especially the map previewer they use I think causes extra overhead during the generation proces. Repeated world generations can cause all sorts of errors in that section to appear. If the generation was just that and the preview was a separate tool it likely would already increase the speed of generation. But it seems they have their minds made up on this one so I will leave it at this.

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