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  1. On 6/22/2020 at 9:09 AM, Cernwn said:

    Might wanna double check your crossbow bolts and arrows, to verify working as intended. Getting some weird stuff with them acting as containers. Stone bolts appear to be missing from the hold-R selection wheel and the following line should be updated in Localization.txt:


    junkLeadScubaweightDesc,Gnamod,"A lead scubaweight previously used by scuba divers to weigh themselves down. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold."


    replaced with:


    junkLeadScubaweightDesc,Gnamod,"A lead scubaweight previously used by scuba divers to weigh themselves down. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold."
    junkLeadTrophy,Gnamod,Lead Trophy
    junkLeadTrophyDesc,Gnamod,"A trophy made from lead. Can be scrapped for the raw material or sold."

    Thank you Haidrgna - keep up the great work on this fantastic mod! Looking forward to A19 and your next big update.


    Thanks, I will add the missing localization for the upcoming 0.8.1 update I am working on to release later today.


    I am not sure what weird stuff you are seeing, the arrows/bolts are supposed to be 'opened' to get raw materials back, is this not working properly you are saying?

    The stone bolts missing is an interesting side effect of a recent change it seems. I wanted to have more of the special ammo available on the T1 bows, but the crossbow has no T0 so the same change to the crossbow kind of rendered the stone bolts useless. The game only allows up to 10 different items in a radial menu before erroring out, so that hard limit is what caused the issue. I guess the T1 bows will have to lose another type of ammo than the stone ones then, will have to see what is the best choice.


    Correction, seems I made a change to the UI to allow more than 10 radial menu items, so I guess I could easily make all ammo available to each of the bows and crossbows. There will be some minor overlaps on the circles but it seems to work just fine.

  2. Alright everyone, the waiting is finally over as I have just released Gnamod 0.8.0 to the Mod Launcher stable and will very soon also update the manual download packages.


    Here are some Highlights:

    - Horde Mode is back. It is part of the download from the launcher and can be enabled with the 'Manage Modlets' button. It comes with 3 maps to play on with difficultly based on the biome you start in.
    - Full economy and trader overhaul: All prices redone from the ground up, calculated prices based on raw materials. Traders have specialized stocks, lost their compound damage immunity and have more different vending machines available.

    - Fixed a load of exploits that existed in the previous version while balancing.

    - Improvements done to loot balance, progression balance and zombie spawning. A lot of the strong zombies do no longer spawn in the lowest gamestage group(s) and the daytime biome spawn also had them removed. This means a new player should see less Boss zombies, exploding ones and demolishers. 
    - Added some tuning for the difficulty settings to offset the spongyness of zombies on higher settings with a damage bonus. This does not negate it but reduce it's effect. Other factors like increased food and water consumption compensate in the higher difficulties.


    Full Changelog Gnamod 0.8


    Game Modes

    Added: Horde Mode is back. Horde Mode is a modlet that comes with Gnamod and needs to be enabled first before playing. It comes with 3 maps currently (Easy, Normal and Tough) that start you off in the center of the world next to a Beacon. This Beacon attracts zombies and you need to defend it for as long as you can against ever increasing hordes of zombies. The Beacon sells items you need, and zombies drop cash in the bags they leave behind.



    Added: New biome pond deco prefab added to all but the wasteland to offer some additional water sources.


    Changed: Redone ore distribution in all 5 biomes. Each biome is now having a primary and secondary type of ore. (Forest: Iron/Silver, Fields: Lead/Iron, Snow: Coal/Zinc, Desert: Shale/Copper, Waste: Niter/Gold). Ore clusters can be identified by their color on the map, clusters could be bigger than shown there. Going deeper means the clusters are denser. Ore clusters manifest as stone terrain on the surface but may be hidden until hit.


    Changed: Limestone layers separate stone layers. Granite is now always on the deepest layers of the map; in mountain areas this means more stone layers.


    Changed: Roads now spawn with dirt spots again. May take a bit to appear in new games or when exploring at higher speeds.


    Changed: Rebalanced mine counts on roads.


    Changed: Conifer stumps are now higher and more varied in length, same goes for the vanilla stump.



    Added: Plundered variant of lockers.


    Changed: Loot sources like crates that are used to stack items on never produce nothing, instead they will produce cardboard boxes to prevent floating items.


    Changed: Cardboard boxes have better loot than the small brown boxes now.


    Changed: New placeholders for all existing loot crates to further randomize pre-placed loot in prefabs.


    Changed: Construction loot now drops individual parts rather than complete construction materials.



    Changed: All rewards from trader quests are redone, you will get more choices, but it is also more random. Only a small bit of money is offered but they will often offer cash as reward choice as well.


    Changed: Challenge quests are now a lot harder and spawn a lot of zombies, need to kill a lot more to complete. They reward a skill point now so should be worth it if you dare them.


    Changed: Removed Animal challenge quests because they were nearly impossible to complete.



    Added: New helpers for containers: Bags, Lockers, Small Safes and Large Safes.


    Fixed: Player craftable blocks can be repaired and upgraded using Gnamod building materials.


    Changed: POI structural blocks now all use new master blocks for strength and harvesting.


    Changed: Palisade Spikebed and Porcupine traps temporary removed from crafting due to issues with them.


    Changed: Condensed the block shape helpers into Wood, Iron and Steel. These contain doors, hatches, bars and most of the furniture shapes.


    Changed: Updated all Horde Mode Beacon blocks to work again as intended.



    Fixed: Closed several loopholes that existed with scrapping materials, opening bundles and traders.


    Changed: Completely rebalanced economics from the ground up. This means all raw resource prices were evaluated and altered, then cascaded down into everything crafted from them. This resulted in most prices now more accurately reflecting the actual worth based on their raw materials.


    Changed: Gnamod now has its own item categories and most items have been altered to fit one or more of these. Each workstation currently still shows all categories. In the future, these may only show relevant categories. Category order is still a work in progress.


    Changed: Trader stocks have been completely rebuilt from the group up. All traders have their own specialization in secret stash and the number of items they have change daily. General stock contains more raw resources.



    Added: Low tier weapons and tools now have an always unlocked recipe at increased cost.


    Changed: Reevaluated a lot of recipes during the economics rebalance. A lot of items now have a bulk recipe, especially those that would output more items.


    Changed: Weapons, tools and armor now use fewer special parts when you become more proficient in crafting them, other raw materials used in them use fixed amounts.



    Fixed: The special arrows and bolts should now work more as expected and deal damage on their explosions that is meaningful.


    Added: Multi-use items, currently only 2 exist: Rations and First Aid Kit (replaces the vanilla one). These items can be used from the belt only but have multiple uses depending on their quality. More quality means more uses. Note that the First Aid Kit does not heal as much per use, but can be used multiple times to stop a bleeding.


    Added: New set of canned food, with opened and spoiled variants. Most of these new canned foods need a can opener to be opened, the spoiled ones can be consumed directly at a risk. These replace the vanilla canned foods.


    Added: New resource items to use in crafting.


    Added: The Hoe returns as craftable item. It can be used to till the earth and upgrade tilled dirt with Nitrate so that plants can be farmed on normal soil once again. Crafting is unlocked with Living of the Land.


    Added: Arrows and bolts can now be unpacked into their core components.


    Added: Bulk items that are using for the bulk crafting recipes. These unpack in 25, 50, 100 or 1000 items depending on the type.


    Added: New workstation tools for certain crafting activities: Chisel for stone hewing, Can Opener for opening canned foods, Sewing Kit for making clothing items, Table Saw for advanced sawing.


    Added: Quest for resetting Horde Mode.


    Changed: Welder is now used in many advanced crafting and thus gates crafting the higher tier tools and weapons.


    Changed: Weapon Flashlight and Single Storage Pocket mods are now always unlocked to craft.


    Changed: Brick is now Brick (Clay) and granite for building is replaced with Brick (Granite). These granite bricks need a Chisel to be made from raw granite.


    Changed: Upgrade tools now progress rather than upgrade all. Stone axe upgrades Wood, Platedwood and Flagstone. Hammer also upgrades Scrapmetal, Brick, Iron, Granite, Steel and Concrete. Nailgun is required for the Stainless and Hardcrete materials.


    Changed: Redone stack sizes for all items and blocks according to function and need. Most consumable items will have a stack size of 10 and raw foods 50, while most resources will go 100 or higher.


    Changed: Meats now fill up more so should be a viable meal source.



    Added: Balance based on set difficulty. XP gains are lower in higher difficulties. Higher difficulties get a damage boost to offset the reduced damage from the setting but get increases to food and water consumption.


    Changed: Rebalanced XP gains and required XP for leveling to slow progression down and reduce excessive XP gains from certain activities (selling, looting and building).



    Changed: Reworked the Lucky buff, it can now happen at any moment an action is completed and has randomly rolled values that apply for its duration. They affect dismember, damage, treasure radius and loot gamestage. Effect last 1 minute and cooldown lasts 9 minutes.



    Added: Traders now show up on your HUD if you are within their influence and you get a message if you enter or leave it. Traders do not like it if you stay in their influence for to long.


    Changed: Redone all 5 trader settlement POIs. They are no longer immune to damage, except for the block the trader stands on. They have been fortified with traps and have more vending machines added.


    Changed: Traders are now specialized in what they sell in their secret stashes. They have 1 primary and 2 secondary specializations, which can be discerned from the vending machines at their settlements.



    Changed: Zombies are no longer ragdolled on spawn, instead they show as if shocked. This is to randomize their walktype.


    Added: Journal tips for Geology, Blueprints, Building Materials and Workstations.


    Changed: You now start with 1 torch, 1 bedroll and 1 trader advertisement on your belt and you are gifted Rations and a First Aid kit.


    Changed: Player backpack now uses the yellow bag and is 1.5 times bigger. This should make it easier to find and recover gear.



    Changed: Rebalanced spawning to give the very early game a bit more of a break. Removed Arnold (demolisher) and radiated zombies from lowest spawn groups and daytime biome spawns. Reduced counts of special zombies in these groups as well and removed the exploding zombies from them.


    Changed: Wandering Hordes now come with an initial spread out horde and repeat a set of spawns every 2 hours to repopulate the wilderness.


    Changed: Bloodmoon hordes have been redone and now repeat a couple of waves and include more animals and stronger zombies at the start of each wave. Each stage has a very high-count group at the end so the horde will not stop early, these are limited to lower alive at once and weaker zombies.


    Random Gen

    Changed: Worlds now contain a higher level of water so there will be lakes and ponds in the world naturally.

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  3. Just a small update.

    Gnamod 0.8 Alpha 3 including Horde Mode as a modlet is out on the Mod Launcher for testing and tuning. If people want to give it a spin to try out I appreciate feedback on the new balance for both the Core mod and Horde Mode. My plan is to push it all out to stable before the end of this week, most likely sooner if I do not encounter any breaking issues.

    Once that happens I will post a proper update here with release notes on all that has been changed and altered and also restructure the download on the Mod Launcher. I noticed that having seperate downloads for CoreUI on there is only confusing and thus I will be removing them. Instead there will only be two or three downloads there: Stable, Latest and possibly an experimental or temp download version for testing/releasing.

    The Mod Launcher and modlets in general allow relative ease of finetuning for the user and I will further use this in the future. This means a Gnamod download will include all the modlets associated with it (Currently: Core, CoreUI, CoreUI Classic Toolbelt and Horde Mode). Classic Toolbelt and Horde Mode will both start off disabled and be optional for users that want to play these modes. There is no real need to require multiple installs for what is essentially only a couple of simple tweak files (As 99% of the mod is still in the files of Core). This also means people that just seek the UI can either just turn off the Core mod or use the modlet version that is hosted by my friend Ragsy and available through the Mod Launcher manage modlets. 

    In the future I want to expand the modlet selection for Gnamod Core further by adding back modes such as Nomadic, Last Stand and Necropolis and perhaps other tuning mods for difficulty such as a more Survival oriented or Romero style gameplay. But this all will happen somewhere after the full release of A19, possibly around 19.4 most likely. I will of course start porting over the mod as soon as experimental is out but I estimate it will take some time like it did when A18 was released. 

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  4. 54 minutes ago, Amrath said:

    Good work buddy, if you do manage to get it complete let me know cos we are looking for a new MOD to play and I remember Horde mode from A17 it was excellent


    Yeah when it is stable I will post here and update the post for it as well. It's getting real close, just ironing out some bugs and inconsistencies.

  5. 9 hours ago, Amrath said:

    Hi Haidrgna, Did you release Horde mode in the latest update?

    The latest update is not out yet, there is only a very early Alpha of it on the launcher but that is so behind on what I have in dev right now.

    I am nearly done with all balance changes I am doing, need to finish up a couple of localizations and other issues caused by my generic code. I am aiming to clear that all today and get the Horde Mode vendors redone. Once those are done I likely will release a test version pretty soon, my aim is to have 0.8 out on the Latest branch soon and move it to stable sometime after if no bugs pop up. This update will surely break savegames so it needs to be good before it goes to replace the current stable.

  6. 2 hours ago, Amrath said:

    I have just noticed SMX MOD has been installed on my clean copy so am going to delete my master copy and then see if that sorts things out...have tried to re-upload the image but get error code 7???

    If SMX was still installed that would do it yes, that has a different way of dealing with UI stuff and thus likely will interfere with GnamodUI. Perhaps you can link a screenshot uploaded with steam the next time (like how I do the pictures on the first page).

    Also it is good practice for everyone when using the Mod Launcher to keep your original game copy clean, use that for vanilla gameplay and do not install mods there unless you are low on disk space. The Mod Launcher makes a copy of that installation so if it is modified (or worse has modified dlls from another mod) weird stuff will happen. The Mod Launcher will use this copy to install any mods on, and an Overhaul mod like this only works on a clean installation.

  7. 5 hours ago, Amrath said:

    Hi, I use the MOD launcher to install and have both mods (Core and CoreUI) but this is what happens when I try and launch the game and no matter the resolution, fullscreen or not it does not change..

    ingame.png 0 B · 1 download

    I think something went wrong with your attached file, its got nothing in it (its an empty file of 0 bytes).


    I will likely also need to see your game's log files and maybe some other stuff that might be the cause of this to rule out any assumptions. You are so far the first to report this issue, so there could be something else at play here:
    - An old version of windows or non windows OS messing stuff up. (unlikely)
    - Additional screens connected with a different native resolution causing the game to do something odd. (unlikely)
    - One or more other mods are installed that mess with the UI/HUD causing it to misbehave. (possible if you had mods installed on your base installation)
    - Somehow incorrectly installed as you do not need only install Core on the launcher and it will install CoreUI along with it.(unlikely if you only used the launcher)

    A video of the problem could help too, or you could join my Discord so you can link and drop stuff there and I can investigate. But without info I cannot do much.

  8. 5 hours ago, Amrath said:

    I have just recently downloaded the mod to try on our multiplayer world, however when launching the game all the UI is sat in the middle of the screen and nothing I can do changes this...is there a command to reset it all...would really love to play this...

    I have never heard of this before, could you post some more information, maybe a screenshot of the problem you are facing? As far as I know the UI should always scale to the settings of the client, I tested the UI on various resolutions and it worked on all 16:10 and 16:9 aspects. Perhaps you have a configuration I am not aware off or some modlet installed that changes stuff up as well?

  9. On 5/24/2020 at 10:20 PM, Ihmislehma said:

    This might be a long shot but... is there any chance of having the Zombie and Animal randomization only somehow? I've been wanting that, especially for the zombies, for a good while now, but am not looking to change the current gameplay as much as gnamod otherwise does.

    If no, I completely understand. I'd try my hand and doing it myself, but lack the necessary skills.

    Not for A18 with A19 being so close. I cannot rule it out for A19, but it currently is not on the roadmap for me. Separating the zombies from the core is not easy and if I would do it, it would become a seperate modlet the core would use as well. Gnamod does not just mix up things a bit, it is a total rewrite of entityclasses.xml, spawning.xml, gamestages.xml and spawninggroups.xml for the zombie and animal bits alone. They also use bits in other files to work. 

    But there is always the off chance in the future for me making modlets that contain watered down features from Gnamod Core, such as a Block Shape pack, zombie rewrite etc, but the way I generally make this (total rewrite) makes it incompatible with other modlets and I do not really want to deal with people getting upset because a Gnamod modlet does not play ball with their other favorite modlet.


    Need to make room for bandits and special infected and I didn't say we won't add more zombies that make sense. You guys want more zombie variety, well it can't be a football player, but it could be something much more believable and that is called bang for your buck. I can guarantee you ever new player will never even see a football player, but everyone will see more gen pop zombies. So we're removing some snowflakes to make room for stuff that makes sense. The stripper will be a gal in a dress because its stupid to make a zombie only good in one POI in the game. Nurse will wear scrubs instead of a party nurse cosplay outfit. Won't feel out of place anywhere then IMO.


    Sounds very sensible to want to have believable zombies that are more generic and usable in many different settings, though does this mean that this is the situation in A19, as in is it on the road map that they will all be replaced with new skins by the time A19 becomes stable (19.4) or will you just remove them for now and leave a gap while they could just stay around until the replacement is ready? I am just wondering why they should be cut out when no replacement is available yet, is it because of the Linear Lightspace changes or something else?

  11. This was a fun feature to do and took less than a day:


    Added AI head tracking to movement or target positions.




    Thanks, you rock for working these features in that will greatly add to the game's immersion.

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  12. Steam name: HaidrGna

    Hours recorded: 4704 + Hours spend modding

    Started on Alpha: Alpha 9

    Discord: #4726

    Native Language: Dutch (But quite fluent in English).


    I am the Author of Gnamod for 7 days to die, so I am familiar with the inner workings of the game and the struggle to balance it. I am also a professional web developer, test automation engineer and specialized in software quality.

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  13. I dug hundreds of blocks in the horizontal plane, dozens of blocks up and down in the wasteland and found only a significant amount of iron ore deposit. It seems that there is only iron ore deposit in version 1.7.3


    Damaged items such as wood bar, iron bar, solar bank cannot be repaired.Some wood spikes can be repaired after damage, and some wood spikes cannot be repaired.


    Despite the previously described bugs this mod gave a new feel compared to the vanilla version of the game.


    Thanks for the feedback and reports.


    The issues you describe here are going to be adressed in the upcoming versions of 0.8.x. Finding Ores need more help, its hard to actually locate the nodes underground even though they are there a lot of them, I am still thinking on what will be the best approach, but there will likely be some more surface tells as well more clustering of them around these tells. Currently Iron is pretty much everywhere so its hard to locate, the other ores are clustered but the tells are only visible on the map since the rock textures are no longer shown in biome floors.


    Repairing and upgrading of certain POI blocks will also come back, its disabled on all blocks, even blocks it should not be on. Repair of spikes is complicated as what looks like repair is actually upgrading a broken stage to a different stage. This can only be done if its at full HP and sometimes the blocks take damage so they cannot be upgraded until repaired, breaking them a stage down is the only fix atm.


    I am hoping to get it out before A19, but it is all taking more time than I thought it would be, I am fixing a lot of unbalances as well that take me time and energy to comb through. There is a chance it will all be pushed to A19 if it drops soon, but I think there will be time.

  14. Hi, Haidrgna !

    I want to show some moments of the game. Version latest at this time.


    1. When connect wire tool to electrical device ( for example, generator bank) then FPS fall down with values 2...8 units

    Before connecting and after connecting:


    1. I have done no changes at all to the electric system, not sure what you are connecting, but it likely is a lot of different things. I know certain things like the solar banks cause fps issues for certain user in vanilla too as well as the electric system in general being very taxing on the system. I cannot rule out its something in the mod, but without knowing how you build your base and what you are connecting, what biome etc. Essentially I would need your savegame to test and see whats up.


    2. This is a known issue in the UI where the slots are not properly cleaned during creation of a new workstation, it can only be fixed with a code patch I have had no time yet to look into. It is either accepting this can happen or reducing the amount of slots. Best is just to toss out the duped items for now.


    3. This is a display issue and I fixed it in the upcoming 0.8 version. They have quality and its not showing it because it lacks one xml property.


    4. Stack sizes is odd yes, I will change how stacks of items are created in 0.8, you will make bundle items instead of a recipe gives more than 1 item generally so you always know what you are going to get and it allows me to have certain recipes output multiple items.


    The crashes in the Snow biome should have been fixed in the latest version, I have not seen them happen or had reports from people that experienced them. Are you running 0.7.3 C/D or a version from before that? If you updated, did you play on a world created and played on before 0.7.3 C? If so than that is likely the issue as the amount of grass in the biome is the cause, you would either need to reset the regions to get the lower count or avoid those regions you explored before the update.

  15. Hi I'm interested in trying the mod but I can't seem to find any link for a direct download of the files. LOL I probably overlooked it but I prefer to manually install my mods on separate game directories. :)


    The link is on the main page, quite large with Download here, but you have to scroll past a few images to get it. I guess I will put one right on the top too.

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  16. Deployed a small hotfix patch:

    0.7.3 D (stable and latest, launcher only).

    - Remove tablesaw schematic from loot.

    - Fix recipes using tablesaw as tool.

    - Fix recipes using vanilla fat instead of Gnamod fat.


    I used to have nearly 100% grass in the plains biome, so maybe its something to do with under water.


    I have a feeling a recent change might be responsible, I used this amount of grass for a while now without issues either. It happened mostly near POIs, no water nearby at all.


    That sounds like a separate issue, and did you experience this in a vanilla game?


    Nope, it was modding related, hence I did not report it as a bug. But I thought you should be aware. I spend 5 hours trying to find the cause of this, it only appeared in one of my biomes and only nearby POIs. I removed all deco and then the issues stopped, when re-added the grass I got the errors again. When I reduced the amount of grass total in the biome the bug also stopped from appearing.


    That isn't going to help.


    Yeah the bit of grass under the small bits of water are not really going to do much when removed. Though I recently discovered that To Much grass is a thing and causes the stability calculator to go crazy and throw Stack Overflows causing either a client crash or the ChunkGenerator to exit (which means falling through the world). So they do have an impact on the performance of the game.


    Plains might be a better sub biome of the wasteland, helping to blend the harsh change of scenery.

    It could include splat hills with grass on top but rocky looking cliffsides. (and a verions of those could go in the wastelands as well to add some much needed interest.


    Kind of like mother nature is taking back the outer edges of the wastelands.


    If the biomes are dithered between each other in like early a17, you would get some nice random blends almost making the blended zones looking like even more biomes.


    That replaces some of the world diversity we lost.


    Wetlands could also then could be a sub biome of the forest.


    I hate how the wasteland has these hills and mountains made out of broken brick, which are not actual piles of brick but just hills and mountains with a top layer on them. It does not really make sense for it to look like that. I would say a wasteland should be a sub-biome of any other biome instead. This way you could find mostly flat subbiomes with piles of brick and other debris there and these could even mostly be on the same spots where cities could spawn so some cities would be ruined ones and only get ruined buildings because of this sub-biome.


    O the dreams of having actual working biomes and sub-biomes in the game that made sense and looked visually pleasing..

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    I assume voxel limitations then.


    The Trees in this game are very detailed, they have a lot of Tri's so to say. This means if they get to dense the GPU will have to work hard. I have been told they also have a lot of overdraw which is bad for the GPU as well, making it do a lot of extra work for nothing. It is possible to get more trees and decorations in the world, they just need to be lower poly to make that happen. The Witcher 3 uses SpeedTree trees and likely low poly ones. And yeah those games also have no voxel underground so they can go with even denser forests.

  22. Some more errors encountered during development and by players that need to be fixed. The StackOverflow being the worse on the list since it could potentially crash and or corrupt save-games. This was mostly caused by the density of grass in the Snow biome, it generally seemed to only occur there near towns. A save-game in which you already visited the snow biome will stay prone to this issue, need to either reset the region or start a new savegame to fully get rid of the issue.


    Deployed another Hotfix:

    0.7.3 C (Both to stable and latest on launcher only).

    - Potential Fix for StackOverflow in Snow Biome (requires a new savegame to take effect as it is decoration related).

    - Improve radius of deco blocks on roads so parent error messages are not occurring for small deco objects. Rare case of bus intersecting bus still exists.

    - Fix SnakeGroup having wrong name and NRE when POI wanted to spawn Snake sleepers.

    - Snow terrain updated to be snowcoated dirt instead of degrading, since its not visible currently.

    - Set roads to be fully asphalt atm since microsplat hides it and it could cause perf dips.


    Updated the manual download link to have this updated version (and all previous hotfixes) for those not using the Mod Launcher.

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