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    Gnamod UI

    GNAMOD UI Hello everyone, you may remember me from Gnamod (A15/16/17), from mods like Horde Mode, Nomad Mode, Necropolis and Gnamod Base. I have been working hard to bring all of those mods back to A17 but also gotten into UI modding while doing so. Some of them have been in a more managed (Discord only) release for a while for people wanting to help out test or just have early access. While creating a new UI for Gnamod I realized that most of it was backwards compatible with the vanilla game and I also was testing it in there for faster loading (no unity assets to load). So I decided to release the UI as a stand alone version as well. So here is the first publicly released version of GNAMOD UI. I hope you will enjoy using it as it cost a great deal of frustration to get every pixel right (or right enough since not all that I wanted could be done) This is still a beta version and will be updated along the other Gnamod's so there could still be overlooked things in there. There are a bunch of windows left untouched as well, so it is not complete. This and other Gnamod's will also be released pretty soon to sphereii's Mod Launcher. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things I done, but will also add screenshots to this thread to show how it looks. - Changed the backpack to have more slots (11x8) and incorporate the toolbar slots on the top (so shows 12x8 slots, the total amount a person could have on him). NOTE that the item bar on the right displayed on the HUD is only there for display, items cannot be dragged there. Instead the top row is where you can drag stuff to. - Changed the toolbar to display on the side in a new style, removed xp bar. - Changed HP/Stamina bars to a new style, stamina is green colored. - Changed the compass to incorporate the stealth bar, added some stats to the clock (altitude and actual biome temp). Added red marker for center of compass. - Changed the crafting list menu to incorporate the output slots on the right, have its list presented as 2 columns so more is visible at once. - Changed the recipe window to allow up to 10 ingredients displayed, in tw columns. Condensed the display. - Changed the workstations windows to have up to 10 tools, 10 fuel and 10 output items. Planned is to have specialized workstations with more or less slots but with the same style. - Changed the forge input window to allow 3 items to be smelted at once (more not possible without a dll change). Condensed the display of melted items. - Changed the creative menu to display a lot more items (15x10). Slots are smaller and stack information removed as it is not needed. - Changed the item information window and modify window to support 10 mod slots for items, improved the view and hide slots when description is displayed. - Changed the character window to display bigger and keep the character visible even if stats are displayed (they are projected around him). - Changed the buff display to tell the effects of a buff and displays 10 at once per page. Not all effects seem properly supported yet, in future will see if this can be localized to not use the incode names for effects. Might not be a thing for the vanilla version though. - Changed the loot and vehicle storage windows to support up to 15x10 slots. This does not alter the vanilla slot size, but people could alter those to be bigger if needed within these limits. - Changed the vehicle info display to be in line with the item info display. Vehicles also support 10 mods, once vehicle mods actually work though . - Note that the slot increases are not actual increases to gameplay limits for vanilla or any other mod you might add this too. They are just higher max possible, so you will need to include xpath or mods to make the slots, unlocked backpack slots, storage slots etc for things higher. DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Current latest version: 0.7.2 for A18.3 b3 (experimental version). Want more Gnamod, find other players or know what is cooking: Join the Discord Channel! Notes: - The mod has only been tested with Gnamod development versions, some small modlets and the vanilla game. It could conflict with mods that change the UI such as overhauls including their own UI. If a modlet has to modify the UI to work, apply it last to see if it will work, since this significantly changes code. - The UI has been designed with 16:9 and 16:10 ratio in mind, a wider ratio should also work, but something more compact will lead to issues where windows will overlap badly. Installation: The download contains a zip file that makes installation as easy as possible. All you need to do is extract the contents to the main folder of the installation of 7 days to die you want the mod to apply to. After doing so it should have a Mods in the main directory. In this folder should be a folder Called Gnamod UI (or in future versions Gnamod Core UI). Any other Gnamod mod or modlet you want to add goes here. DOWNLOAD OLDER VERSIONS
  2. They look like wood blocks with a top texture of dirt. So does this means we can finally add the ground textures onto normal blocks as well in A18 I wonder?
  3. You will never eradicate Min/Maxing though, despite the best intend of having all different options available. What is currently stopping someone from getting the bonus from all the sources. Or do some stuff actually come with drawbacks so stacking to much on top of another will hurt as well? But I like the sound of having multiple paths to same goal, though as long as all this variety does not make itself redundant because one choise is always easier/cheaper. Why would one spend perk points at all if a mod exists that is easily found for example. Another thing I notice in many games and A17 has it as well, that at some stage going up to high does not matter as it just flattens of because you reached some artificial max. Like if you have perked to 10 str and get +2 str from some item, it will top off at 10 making that item useless at that stage of the game. Obviously it should rise above 10 (though maybe with diminishing returns).
  4. I hope at some point this could be an option or perk if you guys manage to get it sorted and decide what it should be. I think a perception guy could maybe get some kind of cat-eye effect going to make the night less dark for him (like the cat potion int The Witcher 3). Nights should be dark, but people will then turn up gamma to make it bright again though. If the nights are dark light will make more sense as well and so does being detected or not when you use it or stand in it. But A18 is looking sharp, are those new steel arrows or just the icon changed?
  5. Nice work! Does this also include light from the sun? I am not sure it still does it in A18, but sunlight used to penetrate into underground tunnels. There always was this noticeable shift and band of light visible in them.
  6. I am sure perception is not just about sniper rifles but also bows right? Some Ideas. Powershot (bows, maybe rifles): Skilled in lining up a good shot, if you take the time to aim you can zoom out further and possibly deal more damage for that shot since you took the time to aim. Maybe a 2nd bar under the first one will fill up to show that you are aiming and zoom in your sight even without having to press the zoom (which could also still be used alongside). This could very well also extend to rifles. Conservationist: Your arrows are more likely to stick in the target and do not break as often. Even arrows that would normally break you can still recover a part such as feather or tip by breaking it off the zombie. (effectively almost all arrows stick but some recover as part(s) instead). Called Shot (bows, rifles): You can aim for the legs to cause enemies to stagger or trip over on a good hit, reduce the attack speed/damage of fists/zombie hands when you strike that or cause bleeding if you strike the chest. Chance can increase with multiple levels. Scrounger: You know that valuable items are often hidden in plain sight. You can loot containers that are seemingly looted or empty and have a chance to find some extra loot such as bullets, coins, dollars, small parts etc. (Effectively this perk allows you to loot containers that appear as opened and cannot normally be looted). Alertness: You have much better senses than most people and this translates in better chances of detecting hostiles earlier. Close enemies appear as red blimps on your radar. These blimbs are not super accurate on lower levels of this perk, showing off a bit or blinking out on random intervals. But they give a hint some hostile was nearby that your character sensed. Could also be a screen effect that flashes and gives a general direction where you detected something.
  7. I have noticed that if you give every weapon it's own type of ammonition rather than sharing it on multiple guns a gun will never feel useless. Since 762 rounds are shared on 3 guns in the game, essentially means everyone will take the best one that shoots that ammo. Even just changing the hunting rifle to be a .44 caliber rifle already makes it feel way less useful (and no need to add new a new caliber). Why? Well because if you play survival and you find rounds for every kind of gun but only limit yourself to use just one gun, you either need to invest a lot in making that ammo or run out. Having ammo of every gun makes them all relevant, even if they are just a backup weapon to conserve ammo.
  8. I must say that I agree, if the version is playable enough for some test runs already it should be doable to get some form of Experimental going for it as well, in experimental features missing could be added. But I guess this is a tough call and you always lose. Release early with missing content and people complain, wait to long people complain. It all boils down on how easily this missing content can be added in during experimental, some content probably can like a prefab that was just finished by a level designer. Missing perks and weapons a bit less, but also should be doable within a new build which require new save game's anyway. Experimental is good for this kind of thing where you can still bodge some stuff up. Though it generally is not really perceived like that sadly.
  9. I have been using suicide (exploding zombies) for a few alpha's now, they make excellent gameplay as long as there is a chance to kill them before they blow. In A16 it was one of the things to balance out a lot of tricks people could use to cheese the AI. Though I guess for some people it could be to much to have a lot of explosions going off around their bases
  10. I am sorry but it seems you might be missing what is actually being asked for here. It is not about scrapping ammo into it's components. We had that before and yes it was OP to be able to do. But does not mean scrapping could not yield more than one kind of item, neither would getting more than one kind of item from a crafting recipe. Most items are not made from just one material, a scrapped bullet could yield 1 lead and 1 brass for example, instead of either lead or brass (as it is now). I agree that when scrapping is concerned it should not ever give back something that can be used in crafting the same thing back again. It should just yield base materials that need to be processed again or turned into more usable materials first and give back less than it would cost totally. But I get, and probably are right, that you do not want to invest time in a feature that will be mostly be utilized by modders. Just one question though, you spoke earlier of a new feature to unpack an item to get stacks of things, does this allow multiple items to be granted (so 1 of itemA and one of itemB)? If so this could probably be used for the same purpose.
  11. This placement issue mostly happens with blocks that are considered terrain decoration (like spikes) but always seems related to the block snapping to something nearby (like grass, uneven terrain, other nearby blocks). If the ground is flat and free of grass is happens far less, but when in a hurry to place spikes in a grassy uneven field you bet you will misplace a few of them and might get one planted where you stand.
  12. Luckily Arrows deal no damage to any earth terrain block, so they are safe from that at least. Explosions however, or random missed punches
  13. Mantis shrimps.. So we are getting power armor? or power fists
  14. Limestone is a good choice to add, makes more sense and makes cement making a bit harder as you will need to gather limestone, crush it and then process it. It also has other uses and could even contain Flint to make stone tools from. Well maybe to much for the vanilla game to have to gather Flint instead of 'stone', but hey. But any similar to stone textured 'stone' could do honestly, players need to not be forewarned more than they notice the stone being weaker. Might also be good to add more denser (more HP) stone deeper down where more ores are, so mining deeper will require the stronger tools (which could get a bonus to this denser stone). Then miners need to take care to support their tunnels as there could be veins of weaker easily falling stone around to crush them and going deeper is not something that people can do early on unless they invest into mining perks early/get lucky with finding good tools.
  15. Removing gravel is a good move, it never really fit in with the rest and always felt weird having to use a shovel when mining. I do hope instead you will add some terrStone block that has about the similar capacity of holding blocks as the gravel had. So it can still collapse on you but without any kind of warning, meaning you will always need to take measures when mining to secure your tunnels. A simple thing to make it more dangerous.
  16. The messy XML part is only because of all the copy pasting of those sub-biomes for ore and decorations. If the biomes.xml file would support some extending it could quickly become a really clean and readable xml file. Biomes has everything to do with RWG, it is the soul of it if you ask me, empowering it. POIs are the icing on the cake though, together they can make great things happen. I am looking forward to what solution you guys come with though, since there are many routes to take to make the random world into a wonder. I am already happy that RWG is in scope for A18 as core feature
  17. Again, biomes do not need to visibly vary that much, just because the only remaining biomes are visibly completely different does not mean all of them have to be. Take a forest biome as base, one has only pine trees, the other only has oaks, another has only small clusters of trees and no boulders/rocks, the next has a lot more grass and trash littering it with some burned patches and buildings. You get the drift, it is not to hard to come up with biomes that are distinct enough to notice but not enough to 'not fit in' so to say. Sub-biomes could accomplish this same thing as well, but would always be tied to a master biome. There are only so much of them you can cram into a biome before it becomes weird too, though maybe better control helps. I just would not limit this to sub-biomes only and make more variations with the same building blocks. Example of multiple biomes together: (3 in the screenshot)
  18. Doesn't a good solid RWG equal one with compelling visuals and variety, not seeing the same assets/pois over and over again? I know the plains in A16 were not that great, but having more biomes at your disposal only creates a better RWG, not a worse one, it all boils down on how you use them. In A16 they were not used that well at all and then instead of doing something to make it better A17 made it worse by removing them, fixing the world into a small square. Now you want to be able to have more control over sub-biomes to get back that variety, but you could already accomplish that and far more by adding in new biomes. You could have 10 forest biomes, one dense, one more pine, one more grassy etc and have those make up the same one biome you use now for that. You will get a visually more compelling world and do not even need to re-invent the wheel. All it would is some different ground textures and some variety in plants/grasses and maybe some other props like varied broken trees/stumps to make the world even more compelling..
  19. I would say make the starter quest completely optional and reform it into a longer tutorial questline and give people the chance to go straight to the whiteriver questline once the factions are in. Instead of giving the quest outright the starting player could recieve a note or prompt and if he skips just gets the skills and can do his thing. The current starter quest is a joke, it does not really help new players at all (they just rush ahead into trouble anyway and require a better kind of tutorial mission or map) and players that done a few games either ignore it or do a manditory chore to get their starting skillpoints.
  20. Poor Arlene, always the first to get the new stuff used against her..
  21. I would like to see the xml rule for entities that allows them to target specific blocks. Would make modding so much easier (or is that something that is coming in A18?) I hope this means the event system is being extended upon to blocks in A18, where a block can have tags just like items and entities can have now.
  22. Yeah something like that could work, a similar way to how Left 4 Dead did it where horde zombies where just more grey and hardly stood out, while the special infected did have a specific appearance to stand out, and gaining a performance boost, more zombies on the field as a bonus.
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