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  1. I think Prime explained it in the last A18 stream, the more connected elements the more cpu the polls that happen along the network each time cost. Especially trigger plates were expensive and best should be used with caution. I also doubt the wire would cause to much perfomance issues unless there are tons of them, but then the amount of network calls would likely still outweight them. Tho not sure they also poll when the system has no power... Hmm.
  2. Resistance is futile when your bike hits them
  3. They probably should be reaching towards the bedrock even, at least fill up under the pillars. But height is variable too, while the prefab is generally static. So can be tricky without just raising all terrain or get floating bridges.
  4. They should be formed of parts from lists though, so it can grab different mid pieces from the list and end pieces depending on the orientation of the bridge (with rotation it does not always seem to go correctly, ending up reversed or sideways because the road ended that way). Now the pieces it requires are very small, only half a socket (8 blocks long) and a fixed height (so deep lakes it needs to raise the bed). But it should be doable as long as the end pieces can be placed correctly. Which should not be a problem if they are bigger and thus can dictate more on the surrounding terrain with terrain filler blocks and how the blocks transition nicely into the road terrain.
  5. I am sure Gazz can sneak in some stackable non quality easy to make javelins from xml. As an alternative to the early game bow but not as great investment as an actual spear. Can make the spears a bit more expensive to craft even then..
  6. Making the bag more costly to craft (I usually made it cost 20 cloth, 20 cotton and 20 fiber at least), reducing stack size to 1 and not being able to pick the thing up would certainly help in this regard, force people to spend resources and think twice about placing the bag randomly.
  7. So they will get a rename to just brass radiators then? Since they no longer are unique to cars in the world now.
  8. I guess on a server this means you just not need to pick up a quest unless you tend to do it, being slow means others can beat you to the prize...
  9. Why did it need to be just one placeholder and not do it for all terrain blocks in a POI? Is it resource intensive or something else I am not aware of? Curious to why it would not work for any block classified as terrain..?
  10. It may look like that when it is mined out of the rock, but it is not yet mined out right (or did this one fall of a mining transport truck?). Just add a -0.25 Yoffset to it and maybe have some stone underneath instead. You might thank me later.
  11. Not a very good idea to balance brass availability around this kind of mechanic. In my opinion the default gameplay should not have any renewing resources that not could grow back. So plants and trees and other natural things regrowing (such as nests), animals respawning etc would be ok, but sealed pre-apocalyptic loot boxes, cars or doorknobs should not in any way. This includes loot respawn by the way. On servers some of these mechanics could exist because of the limited world size, but for single player any given world (4, 8 or 16k) is big enough to play for a long time and have all the resources needed without the need to balance around stuff magically appearing in the world again. But it probably will not be done...
  12. Could be they had the Gamma up really high, it seems to be common on streams to make the game more visible.. Will have to see how it turns out when we get to play it..
  13. Got to agree here, it is looking really solid. Just need to get those MF bugs dealt with and then it's a full grown Kraken.
  14. They could be reset when you start the quest or get within 300m distance. Same effect just not noticeable and no double dipping or harvesting stuff before taking the quest. Would also be nice if they did not delete all topsoil decorations when reset, that just looks odd when a POI deletes all grass growing on the soil in a square.
  15. It probably is the same, except maybe the terrain should be trapped so it will break if step on it for the extra scare factor.
  16. Well, I just did a test in A17, the sounds of Auger, Chainsaw or even the AK do not add anything to the heat map, unless you hit metal (which triggers the metal hit sound that adds some heat itself). So you may want to reconsider this not being an issue. I agree that it just humming would not cause as much heat as it being fired in short bursts, but either use should cause heat in the very least...
  17. Works the same for any automatic weapon, I think it is a short coming of sounds adding heat, it triggers at the sound start but the repeat sounds seemingly not. Perhaps Madmole can put this on the MF (Maybe Fix) list.
  18. I had a system of rewarding survival in A16 and it did fairly well I think. Instead of the super punishing health lowering that was also easily mitigated by perks, I had a system where health would always go back to the base 100 (or more with perks) and you would lose a survival boost buff that increased effectiveness over time (giving health regen, wellness). The wellness now was a bonus for surviving along with the buff, dying would take it away so you needed to rebuild it again. If you were bad at surviving you would just stay at a given amount of HP. But either way its mostly just psychological, giving something and taking it away or already starting off with it and then having it taken away. The first probably will feel better, as you are being rewarded for staying alive by some boost in xp gains, healing buff or whatever, instead of dropping to a lower than the average value. I am sure playtesting will reveal the best system for them (I hope).
  19. You probably have a point there, though that only applies on high level, PoE has the penalty progress as you get further in the story. But I can see this working most of the time, players that die a lot will stay at lower gamestages and the penalty becomes less of an issue as you get higher level though the amount of xp lost will be bigger. I wonder if this means the lowering of gamestage on death is getting removed, as this will just stall gamestage instead if you die regularly. I always find the lowering of gamestage on death a bit weird. Edit: I also wonder if this new death penalty is xml configurable.
  20. I am sure it will remove x% on death (10?) and if you die a lot you probably will stay at that level. Path of Exile uses a similar system, it can be quite brutal on higher levels where one death can negate experienced gained over several days or weeks. Dying a lot will mean you likely need more experience, but when already at zero for that level it should not further penalize you. At least this death penalty does not make it harder for the next fight like the others used to do. But it will widen the gap between players that are good at staying alive vs people that die a lot. But it might also prevent people from using death as a cure all or free teleport.
  21. Did not really help. I get that A18 has a new terrain shader for the terrain textures using this splat technique. But my questions was about the splat maps of the world generator translating to actual biomes.xml biomes appearing in the world and as such the kind of terrain texture that is on the top soil block determined by that biomes.xml biome. I was asking if this flow has changed since you said biomes.xml biomes do no longer determine the terrain texture aka the kind of top soil block (the first layers) of the biome. So I wondered how it does work in A18 then, are there just dirt blocks that get a texture painted on them and are biomes completely seperate or what?
  22. Hmm so how does that work exactly. Sounds very much like you went a totally different direction than all alpha's before where the terrain layers are determined by the biome there. Does this mean there is a new splat map to give the terrain a texture or does the color of the biomes splat paint x layers of that gound on top of whatever actual biome may be there? Sounds either awfully convoluted or I am not seeing the whole picture. I hope this does not mean you guys killed of custom biomes in the process?
  23. I hope not, hard locking biomes like that will surely be a bad idea, especially for any modding potential. Just a general zombie count in the world setting should do for that, biome difficulty can scale along this way. Maybe a few more for the wandering horde counts, heat horde counts, sleepers etc. Having an entirely seperate biome that exists as a mask over the city is a far better solution than even more options. This biome can then have its's own decorations appropriate for a post apocalyptic city and spawns adjusted to the density of buildings. This way some biomes could even be scaled down further (though the biome spawns are not granular enough to allow this fine control sadly, without resorting to dummy spawns).
  24. Well you are shooting guns in a city full of zombies, what do you expect to happen? Maybe clear them out first or not shoot your gun all the time. I loved how the cities in A15 had their own biome mask so you could tailor zombies within them differently than the biome. Keeping the normal biomes cool and low on zombies and the cities have a lot more and more nasty ones. Just also need to make sure the starting play can come by looting and growing in strength outside of the city (wilderness POIs, scavenging trash and bags). This way the city becomes mid-game, not something you rush to right away. You always keep referring to the Walking Dead for inspiration. Well what happened when Rick went there with a Horse? It sure was not pretty.
  25. Well looking forward to see the real deal when we get to A18. Any chance of some lifting of the veil while we impatiently wait
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