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  1. Hello, some of you may know me from the Gnamod overhaul(s) but I sometimes also release modlets, usually when I find something that should have been in the vanilla game and simply want to share it with everyone out here.


    I was chatting with some people about the lack of ability to hide pieces of clothing or armor on characters and how other games supported such feature and got me thinking this game already supports a cosmetic item that makes something invisible. So I tested it and it worked, so I decided to make it into a simple modlet for people to enjoy as well.






    This simple modlet adds 1 new item and English localization for it called Invisible Dye. It can be applied to clothes and armor (but not shades, as they for some reason do not count as either.) If you add it to the item, it hides the UMA layer of that item and then makes whatever is under it visible, though I have not extensively tested what happens with overlapping clothes and hiding only one piece. As you can see the player model becomes visible with all pieces having the mod.


    It is added to he dyes lootgroup and will appear in clothes sometimes like other dyes do. 


    Terms of Use
    Anyone is free to take the code of this modlet and expand upon it, use it in their own overhaul or modpack or create a modified version of this modlet for personal use. In anything published to the public it is required to tell people you used this modlet in its creation, a note of credit to me or an entry in your mod's readme file is usually enough.

    This mod likely will remain working for as long as the game keeps using UMA for the character model, when they stop that it may also stop functioning.


    Note: I have not checked if someone else already made a similar modlet, if they did us theirs instead and let me know :)

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  2. On 1/9/2021 at 8:38 PM, bachgaman said:


    is there way to play only horde mode? i mean tower defense with vanilla recipes, zombies, etc?


    btw I was discouraged by one-shot full hp spitting birds on the second night

    how i have to play this?:D difficulty 2 haha




    Horde Mode is an add-on to Gnamod and gets its balance and implementation 95% from Gnamod Core. Separating it to work with vanilla would be a totally different mod, something that is very far from what I do. 

    Playing this on Insane may indeed prove to be very very hard, not recommended if you are new to Gnamod and how it works compared to vanilla. On default the birds should not one-shot the player, though they are still very nasty.

  3. I have been working a bit on a next patch, 0.8.2c, which will be released in a moment to the launcher and then to the manual download. Most notably it will fix the annoying UI bug where the craft action was on the wrong spot causing it to overlap with the first slot in the belt. There was no real change that needed Gnamod to update to make it compatible with 19.2, so this version is compatible with 19.1 and 19.2 still.

    - Minor rebalance to amount of usable world vehicles (seemed it was still to high now that the on

    -hud icon reveals them from much further).

    - Replaced vanilla vending machine with proper placeholder like intended. You will now not find one that gets restocked outside of traders.

    - Changed some items and blocks to different item groups that are more clear (like bundles of ammo components to ammo etc).

    - Bookshelves and Electronic shelves now properly degrade on looting in a puff of smoke to an empty shelf.

    - Fixed display issue on some food items.

    - Fixed issue where dropped First Aid kit would not be very visible, now drops as a sack item.

    - First aid bandage now has a proper price that is equal to 1 bandage + 1 cream item. - Torches, Candles, Schematics, Quests no longer stack.

    - Plantfibers uses the correct hand and drop model again.

    - Changed icon of starter note to that of a quest so it does not look like the useless Duke note of vanilla.

    - Localized Cook/Mix/Craft all to the English 'Make', and Drink and Eat to the English 'Consume' so these actions are more generic. (in other languages they are not changed). - Some tweaks to loot balance, most notable the contents of technical trucks has been balanced towards more construction and resources and less to tools.

    - Removed duplicate Juccajuice recipe and moved Juice and Smoothy to campfire. Added a recipe for cornmeal from Supercorn.

    - Did a touchup to the trader POIs (Most notably fixed the rock in Rekt's place making a hole and made Joel's place use stronger materials on the supports so it does not collapse when you place or remove 1 block).

    - Added A17 icon for Blunderbuss ammo and restored A18 Ice block icon.

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  4. Hotfix 0.8.2b released to the mod launcher and manual download, this is a bit of a bigger hotfix than usual because it has the UI changes in it needed to make it all work with the changed toolbelt. I have done some more patch-up and fixed some of the recently reported issues:
    - Fixed Scrap Iron hatch upgrading/repairing with the wrong material.
    - Fixed Iron Railing block to have same HP as Iron Bars and same repair material (since it works identical to it).

    - Changed Shale drops to be higher, so mining shale will give you more, up to twice as much depending on your luck. This should address gas being to expensive late game a bit (changing recipes would also involve economics rebalances that take to much time for a hotfix).

    - Added (back) three missing cooking recipes involving Pumpkins. They somehow were lost in one of the updates.

    - Fixed Shotguns, but also a few other guns, had wrong tags and thus gained quality from the wrong perk when crafting.

    - Added Progression to Physician perk to allow it to give quality to crafted First Aid kits.

    - Various Localization fixes to remove references to non-existing items, additional spaces etc.


    Changes for b8

    - Added the 3 newly added vehicles to the road and POI placeholders so they spawn in the world. They are a bit rarer than the military vehicles.

    - Added 2 lootlist, 1 for the Utility vehicles (containing whatever Stiff or MoPower boxes can contain) and 1 for the Ambulance, which is medical item and tool oriented.


    UI Fixes

    - Map Screen changed to fit with changes to paging header.

    - Quest Screen changed to fit with changes to paging header.

    - Removed info on compare that was on a weird place, will be added back when I redesign that window.

    - Fixed title of vehicle container name text being really small.

    - Fixed vehicle fuel/hp bars grey overlay to match the other bars (it was pushed off-screen). I will upload this all to both branches, which makes this stable and then update the manual packages. Launcher info will be updated, but likely will not be visible until the launcher updates it's records.


    This includes all the changes listed in the post above on the UI and zombie skins that came with A19.1.

  5. I am working on updating Gnamod to work properly with A19.1 Experimental and will release a working version shortly to the Latest branch on the Mod Launcher. It is not finishes as some windows are not entirely correct and not all things are properly aligned yet. I will release it as a Hotfix 0.8.2b because I expect the experimental to be short and likely not last long enough for me to finish 0.8.3, which I want to fix all of the outstanding minor UI problems and redesign a certain amount of windows that were not done yet or no longer look correctly after all the changes.



    - Removed old skins of the 4 new zombies and loaded the new skins (Stripper, Businessman, Builder and Hawaiian).

    - All HD zombies now load the feral skin for certain special versions, this is a placeholder for now as replacing eyes does not work on them. In the future when all HD zombies are done by TFP I want to revisit making new skins for them and integrate Mumpfy's new work. This may not happen before A20+ though. No point spending time on this when its so much in flux still.

    - Added 10 slot belt to Gnamod (sidebar, inventory and classic toolbar). Added 10 extra slots for editor (this will in the future probably be replaced by an actual editor add-on modlet with a lot more belt slot and removal of useless HUD elements.

    - Backpack upgraded from 88 slot to 110 slot, total unlocked slots at start reduced by 2 so it unlocks 3 rows. All windows have been moved to left or right, but this is still a wip since some may need further work to look good. This also means 16:10 will find windows falling of the screen, but I do not think many still use this aspect ratio, 16:9 and wider screens are more common these days.



  6. Hotfix 0.8.2a
    I have pushed a hotfix update to both stable and latest branches of the Mod Launcher to fix an issue with the Medkit and Ration items that happen when you touch water blocks with the equipped and cause NRE spam that will not stop until you leave the water.


    Other fixes:
    - Quests were not awarding next trader quests options after completing a tier, it should now offer them again (I have not completed 10 quests to test, let me know if its not fixed).
    - Lucky Looter level 1 was giving to high bonus on search times.
    - Display issue where Spoiled Rations did not display how much food they gave on eating them (causing people to throw them away unneeded).
    - Horde Mode: Sleeper zombies were to blind and not reacting to the player, should not react to the player again.


    Manual downloads are also updated and will show 0.8.2a in the title.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

    I was just thinking it would be a nice way to officially welcome GNAmod into Alpha19.  😀

    The images are all loaded from the Textures folder of the mod so you can grab any for promotional purposes if you want.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Laz Man said:

    Great job!!!  Definitely need to sit down and give GNAmod another spin in the near future.


    Have any of those new loading screen images to share?  😀

    They would not make much sense outside of Gnamod I am afraid, they have a logo and feature a lot of Gnamod specific deco and scenes. But you can easily make your own from in-game screenshots and I can tell you how to load them as a modlet too if you wanted

  9. Gnamod 0.8.2 for A19 is leaving Experimental and going to stable after a long periods of updating, testing and balancing it is finally ready to become the first Stable version for A19.


    The Mod Launcher download and Manual downloads have been updated and the A18 version of the mod has been moved to a Legacy branch. You may not see this change on the Mod Launcher right away and might take a bit before its updated by Sphereii's code. But the Experimental download currently there has the exact same version so you can play that in the mean time.

    Changelog for 0.8.2 with all changes since the 0.8.1 version that was still A18.4. A lot of changes for a minor version but since it was pretty much all balancing and adapting to the new changes there was no reason to advance to a major version yet. Content updates to Gnamod are planned but not in the near future, likely first work will be on 0.8.3 where the focus will be on cleaning up the UI, localization and accesibility of the mod (by this I mean tutorials, hints, journal entries, item descriptions and a possible 'easy mode' modlet).


    ==Changelog 0.8.2==

    Gnamod 0.8.2 is aimed to bring Gnamod to A19 and further improve all aspects of it, fix pre-existing bugs and improve overall playability and quality of the mod. There is no longer any distinction in downloads on the Mod Launcher or manual between Core/UI/Horde Mode. All available downloads will contain every part of Gnamod but certain stuff will always be disabled by default (Like Horde Mode and Classic toolbar). In the future more optional modlets will be added along side the Core download to allow easy customization. Most of these modlets will be small and needing an entire new copy of 7days just to get them seems to me a waste of space and effort.

    Fixed: Knuckle parts could not be looted or traded.

    Fixed: Arrows/Bolts should proc a bleed effect again since they were referring to a non-existing buff.

    Added: 50 new Loading Images for the loading tip screen, these replace the 4 A19 vanilla ones and there are 10 for each biome. They are all shot in Gnamod Core.

    Added: New UI icons for Smelter, Worktable, Oven and Cement Bucket. Ported over some additional borrowed icons from A18 that were deprecated as items in A19 or expected to in the near future. Additional icons for new items added as well such as Murky Water and Clean Water.

    Added: HUD now displays Food and Water since A19. The bars have been redone as well with a shadow effect for better readability.

    Added: In Godmode an updated HP bar is shown for any entity the camera points at. It is possible to enable these all the time, high chance any modlets doing this work on Gnamod CoreUI if they load after it.

    Added: Improved localization for all interaction prompts (picking up, looting etc). These have been improved and colored for readability. This applies to English only.

    Added: Gnamod specific UI display entries for food, sealed food items and multi-use food items so their stats are always displayed properly. Sealed cans show the stats of the food item they are when opened so you know in advance what you get.

    Added: Development only biome distribution plans to generate Horde Mode maps instead of doing manual painting.

    Added: Recipes for A19 newly added items that fit with the rest of the items.

    Added: Recipes for some of the doors and powered doors that were missing.

    Changed: All prefabs are now using A19’s system where they can load from the Prefabs folder in the mods, so there is no need for them to be copied over anymore.

    Changed: Horde Mode now has 4 Maps replacing the old maps. Normal, Expert, Hard and Extreme. Normal is like the Easy map before etc, while Extreme is only Wasteland and extremely tough.

    Changed: Updated the Main Menu graphic for Gnamod Core and planned for the other modlets in 0.8.3. 

    Changed: Updated the Mod’s Unity bundle to the latest version the game is using and Updated to Linear Lighting. Zombie skins did not come out to great from this but are usable still. They will be replaced in one of the upcoming versions of Gnamod, likely to integrate the new work on the HD zombies by Mumpfy when done. New HD zombies currently only have the default skin.

    Changed: XP and Item notification moved to the bottom right of the screen and they will appear staggered after the action gaining them ends. This way its no longer possible to determine if a zombie is dead by the xp gain.

    Changed: Nav objects (on screen icons) do not snow up within 10 meters of the player.

    Changed: UI updated to incorporate changes and additions by A19. Some windows are still planned to be cleaned up after the merges in 0.8.3

    Changed: Updated Traders to sell A19 items and name changes. Also rebalances to stock, stock refresh rates and items for sale. Trader stocks reset every 4 days while their vending machines restock daily.

    Changed: Slightly increased zombie spawn rates in the world.

    Changed: Slightly lowered the heat build up from sounds in the world.

    Changed: RWG improved to create on average bigger cities with more space for bigger buildings. Changes to POIs make Skyscrapers appear in the map more often as well.

    Changed: Rebalanced Crafting times for bundle items and certain other items to be less extreme than the auto-calculated recipe times. 

    Changed: harvestWater item replaced by Clean and Dirty water variants. Toilets always have dirty water, but some containers can have clean water in them. Clean water can be drank safely or bottled. More containers dealing with drinks or water have a chance now to just drop these items.

    Changed: Worktable recipe now requires you to hold a hammer to start crafting it. This replaces the recipe consuming the hammer.

    Changed: Quests have been updated to the working of A19 and changed where needed to make this work.

    Changed: Starter quest gives and opened can of emergency water and the trader advertisement will send you to the closest non-wasteland trader.

    Changed: Progression updated to the removal of Yeah Science and the changed effects of the Advanced Engineering and Lucky Looter are updated to reflect the actual effect they have in Gnamod.

    Changed: Doors have their own material now, making them heavier so they need support but not offering any support (no floating bases build on them). HP of doors have been adjusted so they are stronger than blocks in general.

    Changed: Loot has been adjusted and rebalanced according to changes in A19. New entries added for new containers and new blocks made lootable. Certain shelve blocks will degrade to empty shelves on looting, eventually more containers will get this behavior.

    Changed: Turned out Melee weapons were massively underrepresented in loot compared to guns and tools. All containers have been rebalanced to favor melee more and guns less, you will see them pop up at more places and especially the loot boxes at ends of POIs.

    Changed: All tools, weapons and melee weapons of T1 and higher will scrap into parts also used in their recipe. Some did this already but others did not, this is now all streamlined.

    Changed: Updated localization for T0 tools and the hunting rifle to reflect changes done to them that were confusing new players. This is for English only.

    Changed: A19 made crossbows and hunting rifles do not reload automatically, but Gnamod has them automatically reload. Only the blunderbuss will not do this.

    Changed: Updated zombie and animal hands to work with the new critical system.

    Changed: The Blimp now has a placeable item, but still limited to Dev creative.

    Changed: The Fireworks block has been updated and works mostly without errors, but it should never be used in an active game. It is limited to Dev creative.

    Changed: Gamestaging has been adjusted to work with the new settings where difficulty is no longer a factor. Wandering Hordes have been changed as the last system was not working as intended.

    Changed: Boss zombies no longer explode when they die.

    Changed: Arnold (demolition) zombies do not appear in Biome spawns anymore and are moved to higher gamestages for all other spawns. Multiplayer games will still see them earlier due to higher gamestage.

    Changed: Zombie puke now has a chance to add a debuff on the player that drains some health over time. This buff also has a chance to ragdoll the player, be careful on roofs and edges.

    Changed: Vultures now always have the ability to puke.

    Changed: Updates to AI of animals that make them behave more consistent and make certain variants less aggressive by default. Before certain animals were standing still or going after the player/zombies like crazy. Most animals will still fight back if attacked.

    Changed: Update the zombie pool to include the new Mechanic (Mel) into the mix. The new crawler currently does not exist in Gnamod until I figure out what to do with it as it does not fit my system of zombie generation at all.

    Changed: Adjusted how the Trader opening and closing buffs work. You now get a notification when they are closed flashing red, staying there will mean more zombies will spawn and you will start suffering bad stuff if you keep doing it. During the day you can stay there shopping for hours without any bad effects. An icon indicates you are in range of a trader that is open.

    Changed: Reworked the Lucky buff, it can appear from any action taken and lasts for a short while. In this period, you get a random boost to a couple of stats, including a loot bonus.

    Changed: Updated the corrosive arrow effect to show up the same way as the corrosive effect from Puke. It is just as deadly to players as zombies, so do not hit yourself with it.

    Changed: A lot of corrections have been done on blocks to conserve vanilla behavior, making it possible to repair them etc. Doors now all work according to the same rules and all of them can be build by the player from helper blocks. Doors downgrade through their path like vanilla and have additional HP based on the reinforcement. They can also be repaired and reinforced by the player.

    Changed: Harvesting rocks now gives a small part of powered version (so either fine aggregate (sand blocks), coarse aggregate (stone blocks) and lime powder (limestone).
    Changed: Incorporated new deco blocks into the placeholder mixes and added the newly added placeholders. Clothes and shoe piles will now appear in POIs and roads.

    Changed: Number of mines has been halved in POIs and on roads.

    Changed: Number of Big vehicles and full cars reduced compared to the amount of wrecks. So, the amount of them on roads is the same but more will be wrecks.

    Changed: Biome file has been fully integrated since there will not likely be any new biomes added for a while with just xml.

    Changed: Adjusted item prices for Core and Horde Mode in an ongoing balance effort.

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  10. I pushed a new update to Gnamod Experimental on the Mod Launcher only. It should make it fully compatible with B180 (only thing that really broke was the wine barrels not being lootable anymore change).


    I have updated localizations of many starter items to match the changes in Gnamod so they properly tell you what you need to repair for example and that the Hunting Rifle uses .44 ammo. I have started updating perk descriptions as well but this is still ongoing. I added a new loading tip and plan to add more, added Gnamod specific loading images, 10 for each biome instead of the vanilla loading images.

    On the UI I made the interaction dialogs better, they now go over 3 lines depending on the context, the button and action will be on the first, the interaction subject on the second and if its untouched or locked etc on the third. I also renamed Mouse Button 4 etc to MB4 since it took a lot of space when you bound these keys. Note this is only on the English localization, if you change to another language you will get the default again.

    On the note of localization, if you want to help out make a localization available in your native language, please join the Gnamod Discord as I am still looking for people to help out with that. Currently there only is a Japanese localization made by Chiko, you can use this as an example.

  11. 2 hours ago, ZehMatt said:

    No. Also it seems that the time I posted this A19 was updated to B180, I will probably update this today or the next coming days. I've also discovered some code that saves about 300 MiB memory, no idea why its done like that.

    Are you going to make this available as a DMT mod instead of redistributed dll? Could be that if your optimizations are easy enough the Fun Pimps could pick them up and implement them to the core game. It sounds promising that this may just allow a bit more zombies on the screen at once which is always a good thing,

  12. Update:

    I just pushed a new version to the Experimental A19 on the Mod Launcher. This version 'may' break earlier savegames because I removed all the Wood blocks and upgrade items. Why? I felt that the wood blocks were to niche and to costly compared to what they offered. The palisade set will be improved in the future to fill the gap it leaves behind with some more square filling variants that are stronger and possibly frame/low level blueprints kind of shapes to fill in like the other blocks. The first materials are now Platedwood (metal) and Cobblestone (stone) that require blueprints but can still be worked on with the stone axe. The other materials all need hammer or better.


    Building in Gnamod is supposed to be a mid-game activity, early on you can build with the blueprints and materials you find or buy from the trader but it will be hard to grind out your own for a proper base. This is because player build blocks are strong and especially higher end materials will last much longer than the vanilla blocks, while POI blocks are all very weak (old). 

    So in the first week if you build it will likely be palisades if you are building at all and not using a pre-existing building. From then you should be able to manage building once you gather or unlock the proper tools. The worktable (low level workbench) is now unlocked by a Hammer held in the hand and no longer consumed in the building (before you needed 2 hammers because most wood stuff you also need the hammer as a tool. It should be possible to find at least 1 hammer solo in the first week of the game to get basic crafting set up (campfire, worktable, smelter and cement bucket). 

  13. 56 minutes ago, dan3000 said:

    Thank you for your help. This mod is the hardest I have tried and love it!


    Got any tips to find "Niter" and coal? The journal says to just dig anywhere 

    And the antibiotic sells for about 30k. Dunno if that's intended


    Thanks again, it seems like you have put a TON of work into this!

    Thank you for taking the time to notify me of a bug :) And yeah lot of work went into getting the mod to this level and a lot more will be needed polish out the rough edges :D

    You can use the world map to find ores, niter will appear as grey/whitish and coal are dark/blackish spots. You will find coal in the snow biome (or some POIs have it, like the coal dump and SM factory). Niter is found in the wasteland biome. I am not sure what Journal entry says anywhere, I guess I need make one for mining in Gnamod specifically to overwrite the vanilla one.


    Journal tips and tutorials etc are on my list but likely going to happen once the game is stable enough and the mod is mostly feature complete. I want to have some kind of optional tutorial missions for people that have a rough time with the mod. It is so different to vanilla people often get stuck on what is changed.

  14. 9 hours ago, dan3000 said:

    I did a delete complete about 8 hours ago when i seen the b178 update. I get a NullReferenceException when i try to select the chem station or oil from my personal crafting menu or the work bench(not clicking on chem station since I dont have it yet). Should i try another delete complete? I had to restore from a save, maybe the save files are old? Im only using the core and core Ui

    If you are loading a save from an older build that could have corrupted things or broken them. Have you tried it on a new save, it will likely work there.


    It sadly is the nature of Experimental to break saves, even if the mod may not the updates the Pimps do to the game usually require a new game to be started.


    I just tested clicking the recipe and it gives out an error, so I will look into this further and see if I can fix it.


    Addition: I found it was caused by pointing to a no longer existing Yeah Science perk for unlocks on Oil and Chemistry station. It will be fixed in the next update.

  15. 2 hours ago, dan3000 said:

    Seems like the chemistry station does not work. Clicking it causes null errors

    I have tested it both on B178 with Gnamod Core and only with Gnamod CoreUI and on either the chemistry station opened just fine without errors, showing recipes like it should.


    You may need to provide with more information and make sure your game is at the latest build and the mod is the latest version uploaded (when in doubt let the Mod Launcher delete it all and reinstall).

    If that does not fix the issue, please post your log files and other info like reproduction steps to the problem you are experiencing so I can track it down. Just stating something does not work is sadly not very helpful :D

  16. I have uploaded a zip file to the A18 download link (currently the link you follow in the first post to Download) to contain a zip for the A19 Experimental version of Gnamod.


    Since it's mostly ready to go and I am expecting A19 to go stable soon its time for more people (and people not using or having issue with the Mod Launcher) to have access to it.


    Note that this is the exact same package you would be getting for the Mod Launcher, it comes with Horde Mode and Classic Toolbar disabled and you will need to manually enable them if you want to use them. Installing should be as simple as unzipping into the game's main folder (making a copy of the game to add mods to is preferred and the method used by the Mod Launcher).


    If you run into any issues or bugs feel free to report them here or on the Gnamod Discord, I will add them to my list to look into for the stable version once A19 is stable. I will currently only patch mod-breaking issues from updates or changes I did not realize they negatively affected the mod.

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  17. 9 hours ago, slowleakage said:

    Love the modpack man.  Running the latest GNA mod for a19 off the launcher and the first object I attempt to loot throws error:

    warning GUIWindowManager.remove: window "looting" unknown!
    NulReferenceException. Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Any help would be appreciated. 


    This error seems like its likely related to the changes done in B177 to the UI (for the addition of the stash buttons they made some changes to looting, backpack and vehicle storage windows. 

    I updated the experimental version to that yesterday so you may have been running an older version when you started your game. I suggest allowing the Mod Launcher to re-download or pre-sync so it has the latest. I will also test myself to see if there are any issues in the Mod Launcher version to be sure.


    This also means you need to delete the install of the game and update it to B177, since that could also be the issue that the mod is ahead of the game's version as the Mod Launcher does not update the game unless you reinstall.

  18. The difference is: in A18 sound was bugged on the auger so it made no hit sounds at all. A19 fixed the sounds being played again. You would need to alter or remove the hit sounds for it to be like A18.

    I am not sure why people complain. Such a machine would be loud and offensive in real life too, hence people wear ear protection when operating such a machine. Maybe mod that in haha, you can use the stun effect to make all sounds more hollow :)

  19. 1 hour ago, dragonslayer770 said:

    what folder do i put this in the prefab or the mods folder.

    Just extract it to the game folder and it will deploy a mod folder (or insert itself if one already exists). It is a modlet running from the mod folder.


    You could also deploy the prefabs directly to the vanilla prefabs and overwrite, but that is so A18 :D

  20. 40 minutes ago, krave said:

    I generated about twenty 8K worlds with this, and none had installation_red_mesa, which is industrial zoned. I'm a complete noob, but I tried editing the skyscraper xmls for the mod to remove industrial zoning from them. That seemed to result in reverting back to having at best two skyscrapers per map, and still no Red Mesa (though I only fried a few maps like this.) Too bad, as I wanted more skyscrapers, but also Red Mesa because I've never played through it.


    At any rate, I was getting a dozen or more skyscrapers per map with the mod as is, so this will definitely get you the big buildings.

    I will take a look, as I think Red Mesa was spawning normally before to make it appear more. Might need a mixer modlet for it. Maybe I will tinker with that and offer a more advanced version that can put a certain minimum amount of these coveted buildings on the map.

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  21. I am sure people still playing RWG have noticed by now that Skyscrapers are rare in RWG and you may see only one on an entire 8k map if you are lucky. This is mostly because of improper zoning in their XML files. They are set to only spawn in Downtown, a small area in the center of the city that they may not fit in or be competed by other smaller easier to place buildings. 

    This simple modlet adds each skyscraper back in through the new Prefabs folder functionality of A19 with only a small alteration to their XML files to also allow Industrial and Commercial zoning for them. This results in them being placed in more of the cities on the map and as you can see in the screenshot below also in a 4k map there are multiple visible in the preview. 




    This modlet adds no additional code and is free to use for everyone. If you want to add this to your Overhaul or Modpack, please make sure to add credits for it, thanks :)



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  22. Alright a small update from me while the A19 Experimental rages on.


    I am proud to announce that Gnamod is fully ported to A19 and ready to be played via the Mod Launcher. Please note that while I say it can be played, does not mean it is ready nor that it will stay working when a next update to the EXP branch is released by TFP. 

    You can find it under the A19 tab of the launcher and only has an Experimental version. This comes with all modlets, so it also includes an updated Horde Mode (with slightly changed maps), the UI and the Classic Toolbar.


    I am still actively working on the 0.8.2 version that will be the next stable soon after A19.0 becomes stable. This is only a minor patch because it does not fundamentally alter gameplay. It might add new things but mainly does make sure all new elements from A19 are incorporated into Gnamod and all changes to core systems taken care of. My focus is mainly on the UI which had some changes under the hood since A18.3 that made things come out weird or a bit off. I want to use the remaining EXP time to finish this up, update or alter some more windows and clean up the XML code a bit. Once this is done the UI thread on the forums will get some updating as well with A19 screenshots to replace the no longer valid A17 screenshots there.


    I have been enjoying the A19 experimental so far and I just played a bit of Gnamod A19 and it played very solid.

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