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  1. id like to speed up cement mix is adding craft_time = "0.5" still working in a18 warzuk ?
  2. is there a Prefablist for the current War3zuk version to use with nitrogen ?
  3. we are having trouble with massive fps drops down to 8 fps since the a18 verison of the mod , the overall average fps are at 25-30 but only in warzuk any clues why ?
  4. nope these are the logs from 7 days itself not from the mod launcher and i get the same errors without the modlauncher . and the 1 fps issue it stays at 1fps and then closing the gaming without me doing any input
  5. Cant get the mod working even intalling it with the mod launcher doesnt work i get to the main menu then it goes to 1fps and crashes here are my error logs postet via pastebin output.log : https://pastebin.com/mCSE8LLs error.log https://pastebin.com/06013pwx
  6. Error (404) We can't find the page you're looking for. on the bbm version dropbox link
  7. We testet the loot further those extreme amounts only occur in loot containers from the prefabs like the pass and gas
  8. is anyone else having large amount of loot more than before like crates with 100-500 ammo plus etc ? since we started today we have way too large amount of ammunition and other loot in the crates like in a pass n gass 17k coins
  9. where do we get this dll envul is still down ?
  10. yep your envul download but my mate the owner of our server has the same problem as soon as we log of with items in those slots not vanilla they are gone of we come back online
  11. Backpack mod is making problems if you relog with items in in they are gone and youre only able to use the vanilla slots
  12. the storage chest in your mod are generic ones . but is there a way to get the skins on them like weapon or ammo ?
  13. ok thank you 2 his answeres my question . and i have to admit this mod is fun
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