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  1. I am honestly surprised TFP hasn't set this as default, as MM has flat out stated several times how Stone Axes shouldn't be able to break open safes, but yet on their dev stream, they do it day 1. I searched around for a bit but unable to find an existing mod that sets all stone tools vs any metal to zero damage. Also looking for a way to set stone tools so they do very little damage vs stone... I mean, common sense here, why would Stone vs Stone yield net positive results?? o.O The goal here is to make stone tools useful for breaking down wood, and simpl
  2. Never been stopped by vultures while driving a motorcycle or the Jeep, and frankly put, you can easily outrun them on both of these motorized vehicles. You cannot outrun them if on the moped, but again, learn situational awareness by using your left mouse button to free your camera and let you look around while you drive the moped. IF you see a vulture swooping towards you, learn to dismount your moped while in motion and turn to face the vulture, either gunning it down, or use a spear, or even a club to beat it down as it gets close. It's honestly not hard at all, an
  3. We have been receiving new updates every Friday, but haven't seen any update notices yet for today. Is there a section I am overlooking to see if/when the next experimental update is taking place? I ask because our server wants to wipe, but not until the next experimental update.
  4. Playing on a PvP server with lower loot drop rates and finding that sewing kits are more rare than we want, but do not want to increase the overall loot drop rate. Looking for mod(let) that adds the sewing kit as craftable, by either a dropped recipe, added to the trader loot list, and/or added to one of the tailoring books you can find. Can anyone help? TY
  5. I think part of the issue is that TFP hasn't gotten close to fleshing out what "end game" should look like, as the complaining I see stems around current late/end game T5 missions, when in reality (depending on loot settings of the server or single player game) you may already have many of the rewards being offered. Loot scaling with your level and having the POI respawn it's loot tables is the benefit, but maybe not so much when most servers have their loot respawn set to something like 3-5 days (every 3-5 hours IRL). The game in general feels like folks rush through
  6. I am hoping TFP will address this, as currently you can't really hear another player on any motorized vehicle until they are practically next to you. The only time I can hear a motorized vehicle from another player a short distance away is when they first get on their vehicle and it starts up. It would be nice to have some way to easily adjust this value so that you can actually hear motorized vehicles 30-50+ meters out. I noticed they do not even attract near by zeds or aggressive animals unless you are next to them and then stop and wait for the AI to recognize you.
  7. This is of course, your personal opinion, while many others like myself feel they are just fine and "balanced" pretty nicely with A19 currently. The AI for the vultures make them smarter, as they wait for players to turn their backs to them so they can swoop in for a surprise attack. Learn how to shoot them down, or pull a spear once they come down for a range advantage. Overall, we need more creatures that are AI smarter and capable of becoming a real menace, annoyance, challenge, or whatever word you choose to use. I do not see where they are overpowere
  8. Gonna stop you right there. Don't go into the whole "it could happen in real life" none sense. You want to go down this path? OK, how about the fact that IRL, people cannot break through solid stone with their bare hands. It would be impossible for zeds then to ever "dig" their way into a mountain as they would never get through solid stone. Neither would any living thing be able to break solid iron or steel bars. So many things wrong with this game in terms of any form of "realism" Players able to somehow use stone axe, iron picks or even steel ones to break through
  9. I haven't been around for a while and not sure when this change took place? I remember that shooting or hitting the red barrels would result in them exploding, and were ideal for setting them up during horde nights or within a POI to use against groups of zeds. Is there a reason why shooting these barrels no longer cause them explode, especially when they have gasoline in them?
  10. If folks want to complain about any form of realism, then you should take a hard look at why we can break through stone walls or even hardened stone ground so easily with a stone hatchet, iron pickaxe, and steel pickaxe. This is a game first and foremost, yet many folks seem to want certain levels of realism for very specific things while ignoring the same argument for everything else. If you don't like certain features, learn to mod or work with modders to obtain the results you are after or as close to it. The only immersion I am really looking out for
  11. OK, I hate to say it, but "get good" and learn to deal with ongoing threats. All I see here is your need/desire to simply dumb down the game from any challenges because the vultures "annoy you". It's GREAT that they mess up your horde night, especially if you decide to run around outside trying to lead zeds over traps. The game isn't meant to be easy street. Sadly, many players like this one require easier settings and lack situational awareness. The same type of folks who complain about sleeper zeds when these folks run through POI's in heavy armor, thinking "Why do all the zeds
  12. Would it be possible to create a modlet that greatly reduces the drop rate of quality 6 items for all weapons, gear, tools? I understand we can set a lower universal drop rate (looking at setting drop rate to 25-30%), but unfortunately we see way too many quality 6 items as if they were common drops rather way too soon. Example of goal: If the leveled loot gives a 10% chance to drop a quality 6 item, I would like this dropped to 3% chance (essentially cutting the chance by around 75%) Also looking for a modlet that greatly limits what the Traders' have available
  13. How are T6 items "special or unique" when they drop fairly frequently once you cross the lvl 40+ range? The only way to make them truly unique and special is to make them very rare, and add in another function into generating maps that lets you fine tune the drop rate % for each tier. Sure, you could lower the general loot drop rate from 100% down to 25% which would effect everything, but you shouldn't have to do this. From experience so far, Tier 6 items simply get added to the leveled loot lists and standard drops once you cross a certain threshold, which is again,
  14. So in game design, they could have also easily created new rare items that are needed to craft the Tier 6 weapons, gear, etc. As things are now, it takes out the desire to even craft gear, because the game drops it so freely like candy as you progress and lvl up. The only reason to even put pts into heavy armor, or light armor, is to get some of the benefits from what those skill lines offer, and nothing to do with actual crafting. As I stated, it is a lazy way to go and was brought up before many times years ago, but for "reasons", TFP continues to make choices to water down the
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