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  1. I thought maybe it was but most likely not. It's been a while since I've used turrets or a base at all. I'll try that next time I play.
  2. I was using powered turrets aimed above my head. 4 of them fully powered. Not a single shot fired but I certainly had heaps of vultures flying in their range. I even had it set to shoot zombies and had em all turned on. I'll try again when I get back around to it.
  3. My turrets aren't shooting at them either. I'm starting to think the turrets don't even target them. Sucks because I invested in several turrets to cover over head and they did squat.
  4. RIP Super Corn - From 20 food to 3. I vote to rename Super Corn to Glue Corn.
  5. My only beef is that it's the same two POI's over and over. Hopefully more come for RWG.
  6. I think that would put this whole perks and who uses them to bed. I also think that's probably the most accurate way to get a good feel for how the perk system is performing outside of use few forum goers and our feels. I have been spec'd for all manner of things since A18 and A19 (rich in dukes!) and I certainly have found things entirely useless for me. That's just for me though.
  7. Hey Madmole, Do you think you guys will be using the data being collected from this alpha to adjust perks? Didn't I read that you're using a company to collect and aggregate datat?
  8. I already feel like an 8k world is too small. Once I've got a vehicle everything seems very close.
  9. I used bulletproof glass to make an underwater base in A18 and I was disappointed when I found out that looking out of the glass made the water disappear. I haven't used it since. I didn't realize it changed...
  10. Thanks! That makes sense. I expect odd things like this with experimental builds.
  11. Have you guys been running into invisible zombies? I'm having to keep a junk turret with me to kill them or I can't finish quests.
  12. I don't think I've had to actually make a wheel in the last two alphas. Acid just stacks up in my base.
  13. One of the devs has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence.
  14. Roland is right on that front. Once stealth got put in the zombies because a non-threat unless you wanted them to be. I think in a17 you could crouch walk right up on the random one out in the night and they wouldn't even see you. Sometimes you could have them see you, walk a couple blocks, crouch and they'd lose you. I used to love tagging one with a pistol while crouched and watching the whole horde run past me because I was basically invisible.
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