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  1. Hi there, I just wanted to say how much fun the mod is, it's a great overhaul and the new weapons and creatures and that are awesome. I do have a couple of queries: Is it compatible with King Gen? Can you just generate a map and it works or do you need to add a certain prefab list? Is there a way to disable blurry textures? I think it's the texture streaming option that TFP's introduced earlier in the alpha causing it, I can use the console command to disable it, but often it comes back. This is the only time I've had an issue with it, other mods have been OK as has vanilla. Just wondered if there is a permanent fix? Thanks again for the fun mod.
  2. I'll give that a try, cheers 👍
  3. Hey there, I'm having issues loading my 19.3 save. I play through the mod launcher and I've checked whilst loading up that the game version is 19.4 and the mod version 3.4. So all good there. When loading the save though I get the unity error on screen and then a CTD. Not sure if I missed step somewhere but I synced the files and then just loaded it up. I've not used the mod launcher to go up a version before so just wanted to check I've not missed something. If I have to start again it's no great loss as I love your mod but would rather not if I can avoid it. Thanks!
  4. Thankyou, this will save me a headache, top man 👍
  5. That's the thing, I didn't finish the quest and I think rank 3 of the huntsman perk says it become available upon completion of quest chain? I'm still new to it so not sure.
  6. I've been playing this a few days and I got to say it's such a difference to vanilla, really enjoying it. One small issue I have encountered. I took the Hunter skill and was working towards completing the quest line, I was on quest 6 but when I've logged back in it's vanished from my quest list. Definitely not competed just not there, is there any way of getting this back as I believe without it being complete certain perks won't be available?
  7. I've had some luck with this following a bit more playing around, I removed all the mods and memory usage went to about 10gb max at the same location and performance was smooth again. Unfortunately I now have null references locking up the game when I open the forge or fire. But it's progress of sort!
  8. Thank you for this. That does make a lot of sense. I am confused as to why it was fine for 2 or 3 days and only now starts acting up. I guess I'll have to try moving!
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I've removed them completely and reinstalled this morning as new and I'm still having the same issue. My base is at bedrock which I had no trouble carving out the last couple of nights, but logging in now I'm having the huge frame drops. It's not crashed since logging back in and I've tried reducing all gfx settings to low, which boosts the frames, but it's still freezing. It does get better when I move to the surface, so I'm wondering if there is some issue with bedrock bases? That said the previous map I was in a random poi and when I logged in the performance tanked and crashed. I've run some unigine benchmarks and they are fine. Other games also seem fine, as do other maps on 7 days.
  10. Hi guys, I've been having some technical problems recently I'm hoping can be fixed. Recently when loading in some maps the game has literally eaten up all my memory, 16gb DDR3. (I know, old but still normally does the job) when I load the game in FPS drops really low and performance is horrendous, to the point where after a minute or so I've run out of memory and it crashes. I know it's a memory issue as I've been checking the task manager. I junked a previous map as I thought it was a buggy POI from the compopack. The map in question was all burnt biome. The map I'm on now was generated in Nitrogen and is all wasteland with vanilla POI's. On other maps the game normally runs fine, hence my confusion. I do have some mods installed, but I seriously doubt they are the problem, however they are: JaxTeller718_BirdsNestAndTrashDestroyOnLoot KHA19-12CraftQueue KHA19-60BBM KHA19-HPBars KHA19-LockableInvSlots KHA19-ZombieStutterStop Riles-HUDPlus1.07 Valmars Ammo Dismantling Valmars Animal Snares Valmars Reuseable Cooking Bowls My PC specs are i5 4670k @ stock, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 980ti The game is installed on an SSD and my OS is Windows 10. I play only SP, not running as a dedicated server. This should be a link to the output log if that helps, click here Any help would be really appreciated and sorry for the long winded post. Thanks!
  11. I'm assuming if you generate a map with this list though, their won't be any new A19 POI's on the map?
  12. Hockallz

    Pille's Prefabs

    Hi do these files just get chucked in the prefab folder I assume? I really like these, especially your crane pack. Nice work.
  13. Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't find a definitive answer by searching. Does this work with 18.4, I;ve recently updated from 18.3 and generated a new map last night and some buildings and blocks looked off, like they were covered in a near translucent block you couldn't see through or destroy, but could walk through. I didn't have this issue with 18.3 so was just wondering. Thanks.
  14. Nevermind I think it was Firefox, working in Chrome. Cheers
  15. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but when I try either link nothing downloads?
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