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  1. If you did not want to combine charismatic nature and barter... another interesting thing for charismatic nature would be to have the last rank increase your melee range by like .5 or 1. Have it say something like "your charismatic nature has increased your ability to reach people, even when hitting them with a stick." I would snag the hell out of that.
  2. It depends on what the buff or whatever is... If it was something like 10% barter, probably a lot of people...
  3. Well it is still actually being balanced for solo play though. They just removed single player because multiplayer is basically the same thing when no one is in the game heh. The skill probably should get some type of bonus for the person investing in it at the last rank, cause it is completely useless solo atm. They probably planned on it working for pets and followers, which might not make it into the game. The balance for it is way off though... it is probably the most OP skill that almost no one ever uses. It is balanced so that it is just a completely dead perk line for solo, and when it would actually be useful, in a large group, is completely OP... I would be shocked if it did not get changed heh.
  4. Yeah, but the skill will probably still get changed, because it will be useless for most people, and also extremely OP in large groups. The last rank will probably get changed to give a small buff or something to the person who takes it... some reason to use it. The last rank later game can be as much as 15 levels worth of skill points to every person getting the buff... probably should not exist lel.
  5. Sometimes I like to farm resources at a quest poi, so I can start the quest later and get rid of all the ugly holes, and have the resources back if I want. I had a mine at a tier 3 POI, but last time I played I said screw it and I am strip mining it to bedrock, and plan on collapsing the entire building... Should be amusing when I finally start the quest.
  6. What planet did you come from? We do not need your kind around here spaceman.
  7. It is probably going to get changed. I doubt MM is going to leave it like that. The way it is right now, no one is going to get it playing solo, or possibly duo, but at the same time it is probably really OP in a large group. At the very least, the last rank will probably be removed and changed to something that gives the solo player a small benefit.
  8. LOL, yeah I had a little more time and I was playing it not that long ago. It is funny because I am usually a pvp guy, but 7days has that tower defense feel and some danger that keeps it enjoyable. I had some serious fun in rust though... I had this funny 8+ c4 solo base and another base across from it with a turret hidden behind a regular door, so most people would not suspect it. The turret shot down a guy trying to offline raid bases and he came up to mine on a gyro and got shot, and lost all his crap to me, but you know how no lifers are, they get butthurt and just keep coming back with more stuff, lol. So for like 3 or 4 days I wasted a lot of hours defending it, and his guys kept losing crap to me... at one point they were flying around my base in a chopper and I managed to chase them off. One time the guy killed my turret in the turret base, i think with nades, but somehow he screwed up and died in the airlock... so i just shut the door and looted him and he had like 5k raw sulfur and a bunch of gear on him... and i was like... wut?... why? why is this on your body?!? Eventually I needed sleep and I just let them have it, so they could see there was almost nothing in it and the base was a trap to draw attention in the first place heh. Good times, but now they have nerfed the loot in the safezone, and they have a phone app so you can like watch your base or get raid alerts... so there is just no way to play it casually now, so I doubt I will play it again any time soon.
  9. Yeah, although if you are actually playing stealthy you are usually moving around slowly and doing POIs slower, so the exp would be as a reward for going slower and trying to get every sneak attack kill you can. I have not played a build like that for very long though, so it might be overkill, or there might be better ways to balance the exp gain in that type of build. It was just a thought.
  10. Yeah, I always want to skip strength and go wrench instead, but it is hard not having that extra clay, stone and wood gathering. I might try just my perception intel build again, but start 3/3 miner/motherload... or maybe just 3 motherload, then go wrench right away. A good steel spear I found is making me rethink using a melee horde base again, with melee turrets heh...
  11. I still kinda like the idea of from the shadows giving an exp bonus for sneak attack kills. Then I might actually try agility first instead of going miner first like I always do, heh.
  12. It needs an early game weapon, and it is possible that junk turrets could use a buff when you are shooting them manually(still testing it), but intelligence is pretty good. Advanced engineering lets you get the forge cement mixer and crucible early, if you are unlucky, but it also lets you get 33% more of anything out of the forge, and around 50% more steel. The extra resources is nice and helps you power level faster. Once you start questing, barter and daring adventurer are both really nice... especially if there is a rare schematic you are looking for... they are both really good for that. Next thing you know you have most of intel, so you might as well pick up physician for extra healing and some rare crafting before you leave, heh. This is basically the story of my str/intel build. If intelligence had the wrench skill, I would probably go straight for intelligence, and it would probably be OP.
  13. NB4 screamer is patched into the game as a 60,000 hp buzzard
  14. That would be funny, although I can picture the the shifting hitbox and wonky movements now lel... like a giant weird dog that is even harder to hit on uneven ground, cause the hitbox is all over the place.
  15. I mean people do float though... You usually drown because you can not swim and you panic and force yourself down by your movements, or because you are shifted to where you are taking in water. Then you get lungs full of water and can probably sink for a while. Even if you are exhausted, just about everyone can turn on their back and just float around... unless it is the ocean and there are lots of waves, you should be fine.
  16. ACTCHUWALLLY.... ... ...guess you better call the space police.
  17. What you mean is that you love them so much that you think they should have their own separate spawning mechanic, so that when you play 8 zombies alive, you can also have 8 vultures alive.
  18. LOL, I was just about to talk about vultures for real... So I did my day 35 horde, and I did not get any cops this time... mostly soldiers, normies and irradiated spiders... but I also had A LOT of spitting vultures. It was pretty great TBH. Even with a turret covering me, with maxed out turret skill, I still got an infected booboo. A slightly more annoying buzzard with good block damage would take care of a lot of cheesy builds. Just have a swarm of annoying pos buzzards eating away at your base from the top.
  19. I mean, most people float in general because of body fat and stuff. Lungs full of water sometimes help you not float as well though.
  20. We Americans are horrible trolls and copy whatever dialect we want, while also being so sarcastic and or ironic that even we are not sure if we are being serious or not most of the time... just as god intended.
  21. You were supposed to tell me how to nerd pole after nerd poling was removed. We were going to have a beautiful paradox joke, and you ruined it.
  22. How do I make a nerd pole without nerd poling?
  23. Yeah, I mean he is sometimes upstairs in the loot room or something and I am like, "be right there", and I just break the ceiling and crap and come out of the floor right next to him.
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