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  1. Hey, is anyone else missing the max alive zombie count setting? 


    I am playing 64, and while I know the number does not jump up super fast, my last video was only like 8 zombies, when I was expecting at least 12...


    Then I go and look and I no longer see the max alive zombie setting...


    Is it gone now or did I miss something?

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  2. 1 hour ago, Lord Morphleyes said:

    I have a suggestion for Spears.  Remove the ability to throw them. And instead, give us javelins!!! They could stack up to 10, have a cost that is low enough that  you are ok with throwing them but high enough that you actually try to retrieve them.  They should ignore armor and pass through to hit a zombie directly behind your target as well. 

    THAT would be cool!


    Another thing that would be cool, would be like a chain mod you can put on your spear, and if the inventory space it occupied stays empty for X seconds, it returns to your action bar. 


    It could be a perk or book or whatever, but I think a chain/rope mod would make more sense and be less likely to @%$# people off. 


    Then I could actually run around on horde night spamming my good spear, instead of never using spears ever, lel. 

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  3. Hey MM, you fixed bows... now do spears!!!


    I think an interesting fix might be to make the last rank or so, of the spear skill, have a really high headshot damage multiplier... for throw damage only. 


    Since spears are so wonky to throw, it would probably not be OP.... but it would make it one of the best 1 shot weapons in the game, if you can land it... and viable on insane.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, meilodasreh said:

    Nothing to fix there 👍


    Oh, well mine do it sometimes on horde night... or uh, night.... anyway... they are still alive and crawling around in the ground, inside the floor tiles voxels. 


    I usually just have to try and hit them when the hitbox raises up out of the ground.  Kinda annoying, but also not a huge issue. 

  5. Hmmm, it seems like the devs and most other people do not care about the blocks I was talking about.  I thought more people would see a problem with them.  Noice. 


    I am going to take that as, they see no problem with them, and that I am okay to abuse them any way I can think of.  😉


    Great update guys.  I am enjoying it. 



    Oh, before I forget, is anyone else getting the zombies glitching into the ground issue? 


    It is not a huge deal, but it happened in my friends multiplayer world as well, so it is probably not just me. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Laz Man said:


    Depends on what the AI does.  If they can attack those blocks, there is still the trade off of losing an entire wall vs a 1 voxel space of block.  So although you can cover a larger area, you are also somewhat more vulnerable.


    That is why I could see them maybe not nerfing and leaving it... but covering a larger area can only really be seen as a plus, since you can just treat it as 1 block and build much larger for cheaper. 


    The other thing is that I can use it to basically make my fence base, for only 3 blocks. 


    The idea behind it is that most zombies can not jump 1.5 blocks without climbing another zombie, so you can usually safely stand at 1.5 and just melee a zombie. 


    If a second or more zombies show up, then you jump up on one of the side blocks, which is then another 1.5. 


    So with a design like that you can just keep moving and splitting up the zombies and fighting them 1 or 2 at a time. 



    I do not really care if they nerf them or not... I was just wanted to find out before I start using them all the time, and get used to it being in the game. 

  7. Okay, I was not going to do this, but I am starting to use the new OP blocks, and I just want an idea on if they are getting nerfed or not, heh. 


    It is not really something that needs to be nerfed, but it lets me make something similar to my fence base for 3 blocks, instead of 36 blocks, lel. 



    I show an example of what you can make at the point marked in this video. 


    Like I said, it does not really need to be changed, but you can make really strong fences that cover a huge area for very cheap. 


    I would not nerf it any more than making it 2 or 3 times more costly... but not nerfing it is fine as well. 


    I am just curious if you Devs are okay with this, before I start using it all the time, and get used to having it. 

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  8. Hey, do you guys have any plans on nerfing the blocks that are larger than 1 voxel? 


    They are kinda OP, but not really that big of an issue.  Mostly just really efficient for building large bases or fences. 


    I just figured I would ask before I start using them a lot.  They are fine as they are, but if you do nerf them, it should probably only be to make them 2, or maybe 3 times more costly.  Otherwise they would probably be kinda useless, heh. 

  9. I would not mind seeing living off the land rank 3 changed to where you get a seed 100% of the time, but reduced food harvest, so that it works about to about the same thing. 


    The main reason is that the RNG makes it so that I have to remember the number of farms I have, and craft that amount of seeds extra every time, which can also get confusing when crafting constant farms, or switching plants. 


    I find that when I am playing in multiplayer, my partner is rushing me while I am wasting a bunch of time crafting seeds and counting my farms. 


    Not a huge deal, but if i get 100% seeds back, then I can think about it less and play more. 


    If it says the same though, you should probably remove the clay requirement for making mushroom seeds.  Made sense before, but now it is just kinda annoying.  Gotta keep an extra inventory slot filled with clay when farming them. 

  10. It might be OP, but a weapon mod that increases headshot damage, while greatly or totally reducing body damage, could be fun. 


    I would probably use it on insane mode to make some of the weaker weapons more viable, and better ones kill faster. 


    It is not super hard to get headshots though, so maybe it would just end up being a buff.  Although, spider zombies and vultures... heh. 

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  11. 5 hours ago, Tmodloader said:

    This game is weird, I see so many complaints that it's too hard but I frequently find it too easy but upping the settings any more makes the zombies become bullet sponges which I don't like either. It took me a few runs to get going but I'm almost on my second blood moon in permadeath with nightmare speed at night and run speed at day with 300% block damage for player and AI (including horde night).


    My biggest dilemma lately is whether to try feral sense or not to see if that makes it feel tough for me without bullet sponges. I fear feral sense will make me want to go guns blazing everywhere instead of trying to sneak around.


    You should try nightmare run speed at all times.  That is probably the setting that made the biggest difference for me.  I would try that before feral sense. 


    I would also try insane difficulty again.  It is true that they become bullet sponges, sorta, but it is actually not that bad.  I did not want that either when I started insane, but after playing it for a while I found it to be just about right.  Any more and it would probably be annoying though.  Depends on what weapons you like to use. 


    If your computer can handle it, try upping the number of max alive zombies.  I go with 64, but it does not really start to matter until later hordes. 



    I had the same thoughts about feral sense... I am not going with it at the moment, because in a way, it could almost be easier.  I would probably just find myself luring zombies in a larger area to a kill zone, and then being more safe when I go out. 


    The other thing you could try is horde every night.  It is not as annoying as it sounds, but it will probably make night time quests impossible lel.  Or just make it more frequent. 

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  12. Have you guys ever talked about moving rule 1 cardio back into the agility tree? 


    I like fortitude as well, so it does not really matter, but if cardio were in agility, it would probably be my perfect insane nightmare attribute, when I do not feel like going strength first.

  13. 1 hour ago, schwanz9000 said:

    We didn't have a really good way to display the HP in the shape menu and decided to pull it for now.


    Yeah, that was the main bad part about it, other than the costs not scaling. 


    If you put it into the shape menu it might look wonky, and you want to let the new player know that the block is cheaper and weaker. 


    If you really want it in the game, you could add it to the starting quest and have a toggle block hp button. 


    Be like "build full hp block, and toggle hp", then "build half hp block and toggle hps"... 



    Although it seems like a bunch of work to me, when there is not really anything wrong with having them all 100% anyway. 

    40 minutes ago, Gazz said:


    Yeah, we had talked about that 1-2 years ago. Our "forge" is a smelter, not a forge. It doesn't even make sense to craft anything that isn't directly cast like the ingots themselves and even in that case it's pointlessly complicated and silly. You don't keep 5 different materials in a smelter and magically keep them separate. 😃


    Yeah, I thought I remember you guys saying something about having everything done with the workbench, and having some of the stuff like the cement mixer as upgrades to the workbench to enable crafting.  Kinda like the cooking pot and grill, etc...


    I actually looked for it when I started playing A20 and was like "Oh, I guess that did not happen yet", heh. 


    A20 is pretty great so far though. 

  14. 17 hours ago, faatal said:

    Already changed that today. Upgrade, repair and harvesting all scale.


    We are still testing and thinking about these changes like many parts of the game. I'm currently leaning towards two buckets. 25% (or 33%) and 100%. The 25 being the obviously flimsy/weak/small blocks that should not be stopping anything from breaking through and anyone should be able to look at and say that is not going to protect me.


    Bars were intentionally excluded because they are primary window and elevated defenses. Plates would probably move back into the 100%, but we are still discussing. Changing stuff to see what happens is what game development is about and some major changes can and do happen during experimental.


    That would work, although you should probably put the weaker blocks in their own category, under the blocks menu, as another poster said.  Or something like that. 

  15. I do not really have time to mess around with it right now, but it looked like the feral fat chick was doing 200 damage to all blocks, on insane difficulty.  Not sure if that is right since that should 2.5 shot a wood block, but maybe... Just seemed kinda high, but does not really matter much the way I play anyway. 


    Also, anyone wanting to use plates, there are a number of blocks very close to the shape of the plates with full hps still in the game, which makes the change even more silly, heh. 


    One is the flat pyramid shape, that I like to use... then there is the almost flat one under triangles... then there are a few of the pipe pieces... probably others as well... and if you do not like any of them, the old half block is probably well enough...


    Block hp nerf be silly yo

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  16. 19 minutes ago, Roland said:


    There have been some measured responses and good feedback given. But there has also been wailing. You are wailing. You probably need to take a break until experimental is over since you seem not to have the temperament for it. This voluntary beta is for those who are willing to test changes and give things a fair shake and not rant or make overly dramatic sweeping and untrue statements about TFP competing against players and how they build.


    I can promise you that there was not one single conversation about "we gotta stop these guys from building in the way that they love to build muwahahahahahahaaaa!" No mustaches were twirled or capes flourished or damsels tied to railroad tracks.


    What even makes you think that the current state is the final state?


    The reason we don't say that people should play a certain way is because we don't believe that. You are making wild accusations and assuming the worst possible motives which tells me you're a bit emotionally compromised about this change. 


    How about you opt out of the beta and go back to A19 until we get to about A20.4 which will be the golden age of A20 that when some future player hates a change in A21 will say, remember when things were great back in A20.4?


    This guys...


    Sorry to quote you so much, lel, but experimental is the perfect place to test stuff like this. 


    I doubt they will keep this change, but just give the actual reasons and try to not rage at them, lel. 


    Pretty sure MM is going to be like, "Oh yeah, we should probably change this back". 


    If anything you guys should maybe nerf the new 3x3x1 blocks... not that I really want you to, because they are perfect for my needs. 


    I already made a video about it which almost no one will watch, heh. 

  17. 9 minutes ago, Roland said:

    I guess. Blocks are so cheap now. I’m understanding of disappointment over the change. Just a bit disbelieving if the phrase “TFP has made my base impossible!”


    I have no problem with you guys experimenting with it, but I think you are going to find you are just confusing people and making certain shapes undesirable. 


    I can picture your average player, that does not invest a large amount of time playing a single game, maybe having fun building with a friend, getting super confused when they start seeing the hps of blocks when they need to repair. 


    Then maybe they start seeing that some steel has the same hps as concrete and getting annoyed with their choices in life and decide to make Amish soap.  This would directly affect my Amish soap business, and I am not happy about it!!!

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  18. 8 hours ago, Lord Morphleyes said:


    As a new player I found it inconsistent with my expectations when I discovered that poles and posts had the same HP as full on 1 meter cubes.  My expectations were based on, you know, reality and I found it immersion breaking.  I thought it was just lazy programming I excused it because the game is in Alpha.  No way in hell I would accept that from a finished product game unless it only cost like $9.99. Its just dumb. 


    As far as costing less materials, that totally makes sense and would be a nice (although not necessary) adjustment. By the time I am getting fancy with my bases I am not micro managing my materials like that since they are more than abundant. I much rather TFP spend their time on making crafting viable.


    To you all the are complaining about the materials cost not being adjusted down to match the HP, your level of butt hurt 7wood, 7cobblestone, 7......  really makes me question the sincerity of your argument.  It seems like there is something else you are not saying and it makes it difficult for me to recieve your opinion with the gravity I hope it deserves.


    I haven't been able to get in the forums in awhile so...



    The blocks need some way to be able to see what their health is for newer players.  If the block health is relative to the amount of space in the voxel they fill, that would probably be fine, because most newer players would assume that and figure it out pretty quick. 


    It is highly unlikely that they are going to put that much work into it though, and then the costs would still need to reflect the amount of health they give. 


    This has nothing to do with me exploiting or using them... I do not think they messed with my melee horde base at all, but it is very inconsistent for a voxel game and has really just made a bunch of shapes inferior. 


    I usually just run around without a base on horde night anyway.


    The funny thing about this change is that there are now some new huge OP blocks that only cost a normal amount to upgrade, lel. 

  19. 8 hours ago, Roland said:

    The overall costs of upgrading seem so much cheaper to me now that its hard for me to feel any outrage over this. Especially if it is smaller specialty shapes and not the regular shapes you would use for the direct defenses vs zombies pounding. To me everything still costs the same that they did yesterday so no big deal. I guess if I end up using something as a defensive structure and it gets ripped apart in no time I'll be screwed because I can't really see myself checking every block for HP. 


    I just wonder how big an impact this will have in actual practice on horde nights or is it just the principle of the thing that offends?


    It is confusing for a voxel game. 


    It will probably confuse newer players and annoy them when they find out they used inferior blocks, with nothing to let them know it is inferior until after it is upgraded. 


    If it was done to stop melee bases, there are probably better ways to nerf them.  I doubt it will affect my melee base much at all, but it will make me never want to use these inferior blocks ever again, unless I need them for other reasons, where their inferior health does not matter. 

  20. Pretty sure I said this before, but maybe not...


    Since the usefulness of stealth comes up every so often, it would be cool if bows, crossbows, and maybe knives, kept part of their sneak attack bonus, when they are sneaking, but have been discovered. 


    Maybe something like 50%, or whatever balance dictates.  Maybe on the last rank of a skill. 


    That way stealth is still useful on horde night, and also works when POI triggers auto break stealth. 

  21. 16 hours ago, dcsobral said:


    I don't know, man... Maybe so, but I'm a hell of a mini-maxer and Strength will only get the odd point for quite a while. Combat skills are unnecessary, unless you are playing at higher difficulty levels -- in which case the argument should be "strength is optimal at higher difficulty levels", which is not, of course, the default. Until you put a lot of points into it the combat skills pale in comparison to the actual gun, and Intellect means better guns faster. And experience??? Upgrade. I usually do one point in Sex T and one in Miner 69er and then wait until get the cigar. One point in Sex T so I don't get tired all the time, one in Miner to unlock iron tools, dig buried supplies and break crates faster.


    Do you think a 5% increase in combat effectiveness translates into faster zombie killing? How many hits does it take to kill a zombie? Two, three? How likely it is that 5% will push it to one or two? Not very.



    Yeah, I do usually play at maxed settings now, but that was not what I am basing it on.  At those settings though the sledge is probably be best melee, because it gets a lot of 1 shots and can quickly kill even the hardest zeds on insane. 


    The main reason I say most optimal builds will get strength is actually for power leveling by mining and building.  If you really go for it you can hit level 20 pretty quick. 


    You can just dig a bunch and spam your base much faster than normal while also using less food.  The stone axe is also not a bad weapon early on, so you can just use that, even on insane. 



    As I said though, they did a pretty good job balancing exp, and if you just do a lot of questing and buy or loot materials from quest locations, you can still get a good boost to exp.  Depending on your luck and how fast you kill, it could probably be debatable if going strength first would be optimal. 


    Just saying generally if you are going for optimal speed leveling, you are likely going to invest in some strength for mining early on.  The points wasted usually pay for themselves in faster levels. 

  22. On 10/25/2021 at 1:56 PM, Roland said:


    If you are looking for a straightforward simple game of attack the zombies by direct damage then yes. The strength build is like classic and basic gameplay. The tools for mining and harvesting, the recipes for food, and the basic club that the tutorial starts you with are all in that build so it is very easy and obvious-- a great build for your first playthrough as a noob or for someone who just likes things straightforward no matter how many times they play.


    Choosing a different build and ignoring strength for the most part brings new challenges and a different way of playing if you so choose.


    Yeah, basically from the experimenting I was doing it seemed like no matter what you wanted to do, you should invest in strength first.  At least if you are trying to be optimal. 


    Strength is pretty strong for both combat and building, and you will usually power level with strength to make up for the points wasted on it, even if you primarily want to focus on intelligence. 


    That said, the experience and stuff from killing and questing is balanced pretty well, and it probably would not be super hard to get most of the trees balanced almost equally, if you guys wanted to do that. 


    For instance, if the secret stash perk allowed you to buy infinite amounts of materials from the vendor, or at least enough to where you could rely on it as your primary way of getting materials, then you would instantly have an alternative for strength. 


    At the same time, if wrench farming were tweaked, then you could invest in that instead and make looting with the wrench your primary source of building materials while questing.  At which point you could bypass strength again. 


    The current balance is pretty good though, but most optimal leveling builds are going to use strength first. 


    It would be cool if intelligence turrets were buffed in some way while using them as a primary weapon.  They just are not very good as a primary weapon atm. 


    A stone tier crappy melee turret would be more fun that a pipe baton, probably...


    A melee turret like the current rust turret could be fun as well... where it is basically an arm and you can put any melee weapon in it and have it attack... Ranged would be cool too, but probably too much trouble. 


    Or you could just bring back the feature of the drone being able to hold a stun baton, but limit it to the last level of the robotics perk.  Make it unusable by someone without it until the weapon is removed. 

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