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  1. Hello StompyNZ,
    Sorry to bother you, I'm coming to the "BCManager" news.

    Do you think who will be available this week?

    Thank you for your essential program!
    Thanks again.

    1. Toriga


      hi i wait the update for bcm A19.3 too.

      Thanks a lot for your work.

      and sorry for my bad english .

      Have a good day. 

    2. StompyNZ




      Ive given Trekkan permission to host the version that runs with 19.3


  2. what is a shame is not informing the community of the progress, we could have "wipe" last month suddenly instead of waiting if we had been informed. Now I tell myself that if I wipe today in two days there will be the update: s
  3. finally for two modification it is very long! one month that we are waiting to wipe not report on this update, we have to think a little about the community! thx 😨
  4. Is it time to take it out there? ....
  5. +1, very happy to see that someone is interested! Do not hesitate to come back and inform me of your progress :)
  6. Hello, thank you for your answer. I also tested this method. But I would really like to have the 14 slots dedicated to a mold, and also being able to leave them all in the forge. Currently its working very well, the only concern is that when I place a new forge it duplicates the last forge that I opened. Basically all the molds present in the last open forge are reproduced in the last. "Except the three 1st" 😥 here is my code used. <window name="windowToolsForge" width="228" height="280" panel="Right" cursor_area="true" > <!--#$-I
  7. Yes, I looked everywhere to be able to correct the problem but unfortunately I did not find it. Think of a solution?
  8. Hello, I am currently developing a small mod. The goal is to be able to have molds in the forge to be able to melt resources, as with the crucible. I managed to make my molds and also to make sure that the forge is the locations. But there is a problem! When I place a new forge it duplicates the elements of the "last" open forge! Except the 3 1st mold. Someone may be where it may come from. Thank you.
  9. Hello survivor! Is there a date for the release of alpha 19.3 stable? We are on the verge of wipe, but in view of the arrival of alpha 19.3 it is better to wait (depending on how much time remains to wait). Thank you.
  10. Your knowledge of a server is very limited, sorry to tell you. I gave as an example the counter strike, which allowed garry's mods, but in reality I could have mentioned all the games under the hammer engine, which still offered the possibility of downloading mods via the server. This has allowed millions of players to play games in the game. Either you just don't know or your honestly greatly desired leaves dare to say direct download is not the top, it's crazy! And yes indeed I would like to add custom unity items that provide a much more advanced game experience.
  11. Hello, Thanks for your response Telric. Know that I have been managing my server for 7 days, for more than 5 years and I can therefore tell you that yes people do not know! Either don't know or search for the link. Either they don't know how to install it. Either they just don't want to do it! And this for more than half of the players. Then it's too easy to tell that it's up to the player to do all of this because the developers seem unwilling to work on their games! They can add the option, and players are free to activate it or not! this option has existed for
  12. unfortunately I will never see the day or finally we will have the right to share mods with our communities on our servers ... because you prevent us from doing so ... I think you haven't worked on the game for years now, you just can't seem to set up a system that is simple and efficient ... mediocre ....
  13. I understand what you are telling me about security, but as I said above, I have been downloading from servers like Counter Strike 1.6 for 20 years, I never cared about having a pirated file. Anyway at worst the file will remain inactive on the pc, at best it will be deleted by windows It is absolutely necessary to set up the system whatever the solution, leave the servers free to be able to start the download via their server and the people who decide if he accepts to receive files via the server. Today, I would like to take advantage of a lot of magnificent decord (3D unity model) for p
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