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  1. Well i always played 16k maps and i did not have any problems what so ever that being said i do have 1 issue and that sometimes when i generated one i could not load into the map but thats about as far as the problems go.
  2. does anyone know why i can generate a 16k map in 9 min but when i try to play it it just crashes to desktop with sometimes a unity screen (error or something) and most of the time nothing? i have a rx580 8gb grahicscard with 16gb 3000 ram ryzen 2600x and its running on my crucial mx500 1tb ssd. before i had it installed on my m2 samsung 970 and even there it wont load. any help would be great because even the 14k maps wont load and it did work nitrogen maps but that was in alpha 17. and yes i have all my drivers up to date and windows because i installed it today EDIT: well it was the vir
  3. generated maps Just use nitrogen>>>> https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD<<<<< Tons of options to make your own maps and as a bonus its generated outside the game with way nicer looking roads its not difficult at all so try it out. After i tryed this i never used the standard rwg ingame anymore. Besides if your good with pc stuff you can even make your own hight map and also inport a real world map to play on(if you find out how and can make a step by step guide please show me that i would love t
  4. Well if you find a guide to make your own terrain map or even real world terrain map(the guide says its possible)(i would use a certain place in the mountains in zwitserland where i went allot when i was young) please let me know because i am okay with doing much stuff to let it work but i really need a step by step guide with pictures or vid to understand how to do it xD.
  5. But with alpha 17 it worked just fine, i will try your solution its just when loading the map to get ingame that it wont react or says run out of memory. it generates just fine.
  6. anyone know what i do wrong ? i can generate a 16k map in 15 min but when i go to new game and start the map it always says run out of memory or something like that when the console pops up. I would love to play a 16k map and i did in the alpha 17 but is this because i only have 16gb ram and a 8gb graphics card or ?
  7. and next question is there a way to make a hight map from a specific area in Zwitserland? and if so does anyone know how to use that one? ow and i use the tool nitrogen to generate maps for 7 days to die and they say its possible but there are no tutorials on YouTube how to make a hight map and how to use it in nitrogen so :S if anyone can help me out that would be great because then i can play a map what me and my brother recognize a bit from our youth.
  8. Yeah but i generated it and the maps he downloaded (those i made) from when he tryes to join my game are not in that map so should that work?
  9. Is there any way to share my map with my brother (who i play coop with)after i made a new map ? now i takes about 15 min or longer for him to download it and i cant play while he does that because we want to level up together. Sorry if i did not see the answer if someone else also asked this. For the rest its a great generator for maps and 16k maps only take 16 min to generate but that is with world smoothing on smoothest and with few road. Keep up the great work:encouragement:
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