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  1. Sounds like something is clashing for you. Whether it's RH or one of the other Modlets. There are no recent changes that would trigger an issue in the skill tree. Can you give more information, please: Sorcery version (check console: F1 on startup), Mod Names (other than RH). When did you notice the error and when did you update RH/Sorcery? I know RH was also recently updated.


    Ok, found the error with Jaga's help. Ended up the HD modlets series caused the issue even though they shouldn't affect skills.

    Appreciated the assistance from all.



    Also, sorcery mod is one of the best thing to come since Valmod and Ravenhearst, Had been playing for a long time

  2. Hi There, hoping someone can help. Probably a very obvious answer but I cant work out fishing. I have a rod, click on water, get fish, then click on ground and a bucket appears. But no fish? I destroy the buckets with tools, but still no fish. Am I missing something?




    fish is not 100% loot rate. I only got a fish every 3-5 buckets

  3. I know in vanilla you can get them in the wasteland biome just laying around on the ground. Hitting them with a pickaxe will collect them.


    Lol, nice trolling. remember not to miss out the candy cans too :)

  4. I've been stuck on the bow and arrow tech til day 8, what's the best way to get into firearms? I'm level 10 and ready to place a forge and start building a base but it would be nice to become a bit more offensively effective!



    It is still a long long way to go. I playing with 2 friends and we are still using arrows and bow, spike club at day 53. x-bow requires a lot of things and only can be made on a metal working bench, requiring level 50 for engineering.

  5. Running screaming like a little girl and hiding in a closet is a legitimate play style in True Survival and sometimes is the only way to stay alive. :)




    **For any new players there are suggested game settings in the Intsall/Settings File that come with the mod


    I did saw the suggested settings. Issue is playing at lowest difficulty and lowest spawn rate and the whole maps are crawling with zombies too. lol.

  6. Just climb a roof of a POI and block/destroy the ladders.


    won't they destroy the base block and cause it to collapse? unless u meant like the roof of a house :x

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