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  1. Also you might want to check your mouse settings in windows. Turning off pointer precision can help in advanced mouse settings cause it does not play nice with some games.
  2. Ah you must be new here. There is a reason the system is the way it is. It used to be the system was WAY broken. It could be snowing in the old days and your clothing would cause you to be dying of heat. Honestly it used to be constant clothes swap. So here is the question do you want to play the game or constantly have to shift clothing. I already am spending too much time in menus trying to figure out what damn status effect is on me. I think we need to gauge what the game is... what is the primary danger players need to worry about. Is it weather or zombies I think the balance is correct as is. Make us drink more when hot and use more food when cold. But you can die still with the right mix of conditions. If your wet and cold you will still die.
  3. Ok so we limit path finding. Then we are right back to horde cubes. Unpredictability is nearly impossible to make a effective threat with the current Zed skills. Concrete can survive any solo zombie minus the Demo. Now a demo that random blows up would add some fear. But is that fair gameplay? Splitting the group of Zombies by adding idiot zeds just makes the death corridor more effective. Honestly we need some Zombies with skills to manage around. Like if the cop spit actually could penetrate bars and spread. Have the burner have a napalm type move in later GS, A zombie that could rip you from a open space. ( I know very L4D2 ). The party girl shooting Pool Balls ala Zombie Strippers lol. but that is honestly the only way I could see adding challenge without removing traps and such.
  4. Problem is nothing is solved changing just the rules of Horde Night. All things are defeated with time for preparation. There is literally nothing the Devs can change about that event to make it harder that cannot be undone with player preparation. The balance is about time management. We are given 6 3/4 days in game of pretty much free reign. There is only one wandering horde I actually fear early game and those are the animal related ones. Those are limited to once per 24 hours so can be planned around. The place to fix is that 6 and 3/4 days we have to prep.
  5. Here are my suggestions. Bring back the smell system. If your carrying raw meat it should be drawing attention even from the predators Sleeper Zombies should have better sense in wake conditions . Scare closets work only once. Sleepers should only be effective for stealth builds. Otherwise activity in the building should wake them easier and less warning. Zombies screaming everytime they are aggroed leaves zero chance for surprise and single path structures make it impossible to sneak behind the player. What made A17 good was there were still open plan houses where zeds could take multiple paths and be quiet. And stop the conga line timed wandering hordes. Make them more like Screamer Hordes they come from all sides and spawn based on GS. Biggest issue I have is players are given too much leeway to prepare for day 7 because there is no pressure days 1-6 cause everything is predictable. Making day 7 hordes too easy because there is no real threats looting besides maybe a early dog POI. And add POI kill conditions to the final loot chests. Have a hidden system that rewards players who actually clear a POI rather than loot room skip. If POI has a known amount of Zeds then make the chest require X percentage to allow for good loot. Otherwise if that is not met make it a garbage chest.
  6. We have already had that. Go back to A12 and it was just dumb zombies trying to get to you. It adds no randomness or scalability because every entity still has to be calculated by the CPU. The number of zombies will always cap in Unity because of resource management. Right now you can go into the XMLs and remove the one line that makes them look for weakness first. You can actually test anything your wanting here as the coding is not hard at all in the XML. The issue will always be the never ending war of player and dev trying to outdo each other BUT still be fair and balanced within the bounds of what Unity allows. I am looking at this not only as a player but as someone who has broken this game doing game night mods for my group. I know the limits of what it can handle on a beast of a rig.
  7. The issue is 100% minimum system requirements. If you actually look at the XML for feral hordes you would actually find they do what you want them to. The issue is players have found ways to break the AI and simplify horde nights. It used to be you build a cube on the ground and you were ok because they were dumb and would beat the whole base equally. Then they added weakness detection to the AI . Now to beat it you just elevate and do a catwalk cube and once again your fine. The playerbase will always find a way to break AI because the more you have to add to the AI the less zombies you can actually have spawned because every "Smart" Zombie drains resources as the CPU has to calculate every possible path. Even a basic AI will cause the same drain on a system. So because of player free will while building there will always be a way to break the AI simply because of the limitations of Unity and the Minimum Spec.
  8. So because something is offensive it must be removed? Lets go down the list of everything possibly offensive to everyone and remove it all. Welcome to Hello Kitty Island Adventure. We would not have a game if we bend to the will of everyone who might be offended. They exist in the real world. And the whole line of bull about "If it was made by women" I just point to masterful works like Batwoman for instance. A show made by a full team of lesbians that made Batwoman get more clam than Bruce ever did in one season. Women are just a degenerate as men and should not be assumed that anything would change. If anything they should be adding Men Strippers to even it out cause lord knows the Zombie apocalypse happened on a Tuesday. Side note as a parent you should know this game is Mature Rated or will be. Meaning the themes are not meant for your children without context. What are they going to do in the real world once they leave your home and realize these places exist and your censorship actually causes more harm than a actual discussion about the world.
  9. Yeah its all part of the block culling for optimization. Its similar to what minecraft does now but more aggressive. It will only load what you are directly looking at I have also noticed connected textures will sometimes disappear too when upgrading. Its all part of that balance for video performance and it actually looking nice. What annoys me is the graphic blur as soon as your FPS tanks.... Like I can hit when I cant see anything. Sad part is it tanks on a 1080 ti.
  10. I smell a little bit of BS. Because the game was released as EA or Preview status I thought the rules of breaking game saves was allowed because it was released as a preview product. Unless it actually was released as a gold product then that was interesting considering how game breaking each major alpha is there was no way to continue porting new systems or the massive overhaul. The port was not ready and should not have proceeded for a quick buck when the game still has alot of development to go. Hence why most devs wait till a game is complete to port so there is little parity between versions
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