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  1. Yeah its all part of the block culling for optimization. Its similar to what minecraft does now but more aggressive. It will only load what you are directly looking at I have also noticed connected textures will sometimes disappear too when upgrading. Its all part of that balance for video performance and it actually looking nice. What annoys me is the graphic blur as soon as your FPS tanks.... Like I can hit when I cant see anything. Sad part is it tanks on a 1080 ti.
  2. The running out of ram generating the map I have never seen. Granted I am running 32 GB but I have run out trying to load a game that was 8k. As for the wasteland it was intended to be a fallout zone where it got nuked hence the whole "radiated zombies" those explosions tend to be a circular area so I cannot fault the generator as its not a biome but a area effected by a outside force. Also you can go in a modify the settings for buildings and if you tweak the sliders in Nitro it will cause those effects too. I have never had issues with no houses unless I tweak the city stuff to maximum settings. Its all trial and error.
  3. Ram has very little to do with actual generation time. It is all CPU bound. If you have a under performing CPU it will take longer. I would suggest generate a few in Nitrogen. You get all of the removed POIs back. and you can fine tune and even get a full map of your world.
  4. Usually its people who are good at scripting and connecting the Twitch channel chat to a RCON or Controller for your server. I saw the developers doing a stream where they were experimenting with adding this officially but it is still in prototype.
  5. Personally its not a huge issue for me. They are adding a actual progression to the game. I am still finding pistols in toilets day 2-3 and muskets take care of most zeds. The horde nights are also scaled so if you dont have alot of progress in the gamestages the game is not crushing you. It really has not changed how I play cause I know the game is scaling the zeds. Except for that damn Day 2 dog pack that crap can go to hell.
  6. I was honestly about to look for a V8 drink to get me standing straight again. (old commercial reference )
  7. My video is now working sorry for the block on it
  8. Lets play a game and share video or screenshots of bugs that have happened to you. Mine was today https://youtu.be/Q9Fxwr8H0Uo Camera locks with no up down controls..... then you jump into a block and your on your own amusement ride.
  9. Yeah they cant seem to avoid messing with people's IRL disabilities. First it was that high pitch whine now they wanna strobe us to death. Airdrops are now off in my game. They need a option to turn off strobe lights
  10. Ok love so far the direction of the game. My only issue seems to be the lack of population in the world of Zombies. I dont know if it was a balancing choice or a system resource choice. I know by tweaking the XMLs i can get 50-60 zombies in game with 0 hiccups but then again I am running a overkill rig for this game. I also know your trying to keep the game within the requirements laid out when you launched. It might be be necessary to update those requirements to progress the game outside of its original vision.
  11. All you really need to do is build in a way where there is nothing to catch them. Bigger base = more danger of wrecking crew . Also use spikes and such so damage is less to your base. The hordes honestly have done this as long as I can remember the game only plots a start and end point for the wandering horde then releases them if they sense you or reach endpoint. I usually build a 10X10X20 tower and fight them at range for the cheap and easy XP never have a issue with any damage till horde night unless I trigger a rage effect
  12. If your getting overrun with zombies in the first in game hour your leaving the radius of the 5 hour safe zone. You should not have to travel far to complete the full questline. Also avoidance is better than full on confrontation till you have shelter,bed,and claim block down. I mean hell they literally walk at 1/3 the speed of you
  13. Also were skyscrapers removed? I have not seen one this release except the construction site one
  14. Also cutting down XP gained is a way to slow down growth
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