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  1. Once I’m established it’s less of an issue, but at the start at least, snow, desert, and burning forest bioms are, imo, unsuitable for basing. Sure if you get lucky with some loot one may be ok, but at that point your pretty much just gambling. Maybe this is appealing to some, but dying because I screwed up is far preferable to dying by random chance. The biom temperatures also discourage exploring, which I enjoy. Basically if I want to go explore I pretty much need to fill my backpack with equipment for all weather types. Again, once established, I can work around the weather, but it’s tedious and annoying when I find some gun shop I want to loot while out exploring with a backpack full of clothes. For me, the bigger issue is basing though. Once one gets established in this game, with a reasonable base and such, there is really little incentive to move camp, so this pretty much just makes these bioms irrelevant at best, annoyances at worst. This is probably more annoying to me than to others as I used to prefer desert bioms as my base, and was also fond of snow bioms. Each biom has its own character and surviving in each had its own tactics and difficulties. This was great. I was quite fond of this diversity of gameplay and problems. Modding out the weather, which I only started doing the last couple days, has brought all of that back for me. I also think weather breaks the immersion. Sure it makes sense that one can't run around naked in the snow or wear a parka in the desert, but one also doesn't walk for a couple hours an go from desert to snow. We just don't encounter that range so we don't think about it and when a game makes me need to think about it, it breaks immersion. Maybe if snow bioms were in the north and south extremes of the map and deserts in the center (of by n/s, e/w should not matter) this wouldn't be so jarring. "I'm headed north' I should pack for cold". This, however, introduces another problem because, to my knowledge, the random gen maps are infinite, so there is no northern or southern extremes. For me it’s a question of tradeoffs. Sure weather adds a new problem to the game, but is the problem fun or worth it to overcome? What is the cost of this feature? Does it add or detract from the gaming experience? In my view, having diverse environments that one can settle in with distinct advantages and challenges adds much more to the game than weather does. If weather is to be part of one of these 'distinct' challenges, there needs to be some means of overcoming it at the start of the game (before one is established) and more temperature hostile bioms need some incentives for a player to over come this to settle there. I've found -nothing- that would entice me to settle in a burning zone, even without the extra heat.
  2. Yeah. I eventually stopped wasting my time, and just restarted immediately unless I spawn in a forest or grassland area. Now, Instead, until they fix it, I just set all the temperatures to be the same in the bioms xml. That is working well for me now. It allows me to actually play in different bioms, which is great!! Sad I had to hack the game to enjoy other bioms. Love to hear your feedback after making it past the first couple of weeks. From your post it's not clear if you've made it to day 7 with the new systems. Being hard is not bad, but having to restart because of the types of things you've describe, IMO, is bad. Agreed, there are lots of things that, IMO, are not too 'hard'. Once one gets the hang of the bow, hunting and killing zombies is not that bad, though dogs are a bit rough and bears are death. Fair amount of towns to scavenge and find initial shelter. Food is scarce enough to keep one's attention unless your town has a food store. I still like the game and think there is a lot of things that 'aren't broke. Which I agree that this is what a default setting ‘should’ be. This is what I'm advocating for. Unfortunately, I just don't think the experience fits the description. It's an alpha (beta?, Something pre-release), so the team may just be tinkering with systems and causing some issues, I don't know. All I can do is post my feedback and experience and hope the game gets better.
  3. Stop. Just stop. I stated that I've been a long time fan of the game. I've no idea how you misinterpreted my critique or concluded that I didn't understand that figuring things out is part of the gameplay (one of the fun parts at that). I don’t really recall when I started, but I recall enjoying alpha 11, so it was some time before that. I'll try to clarify my criticisms: - Challenging gameplay is a good thing for this fiction, but default settings should not be tuned to be challenging to veteran or hardcore players. They should be challenging to players experienced in the genre, but new to the game. If this is not the case, new player acquisition will suffer. Hard core players often want the game difficulty to be high, and will often advocate for this, because they enjoy being among the few to be able to overcome the challenge, but this is what higher difficulty levels, and modes like iron man, are for. Harder difficulty settings and game options can make the game harder for those that seek more challenging gameplay. This criticism is about the default level of difficulty, not the max difficulty. - The beginning of the game (first two weeks) is not where the problem with game difficulty is. IMO the problem is that once one has defenses, guns, and a garden, the game becomes less fun, because things become easy and repetitive. Making the game more difficult in general is not fixing this problem.
  4. Weighing decisions is about options and knowing what they are. It's not like I didn't look for a water source or clay. It's not like I didn't know heat stroke was a possibility. It's a matter of adding all of this up, when none of these changes brought anything to the game. I can get around all of this, but not in a way that is fun or is in line with the immersion of the game. And as I stated, this was on the default game mode (nomad I think), not even a hard setting. I don't really know FP's motivations, I've just seen lots of game teams cater to a vary active but small hardcore fan base. I worked in the industry for about a decade and have seen this tendency destroy many games. The default game modes should be accessible to players experienced in a genre. The fact that I've 2k hours and still get frustrated enough to question whether I want to continue playing, despite my fondness of the game, makes me seriously question the 'make it harder' direction no matter where it's coming from. Part of this is (of course) me wanting to enjoy the game, but part of this is wanting to see the game be successful so other game developers can get funding to make similar games. Nothing like this would ever have been funded if it were not for Minecraft demonstrating the appeal of crafting base building games. The success of games like this, which I like, makes it more likely there will be more. If this collapses into a niche survival game with a miniscule band of hardcore players it would be bad for FP and the genre.
  5. Pleass stop listening to hardcore players, they are the minority I generally agree that vendors don't really fit the end of the world fiction. However, I disagree with the original posters perspective on the games difficulty. I've played this game a lot, and used to love it, but the last couple of times I've started a new game, I've become completely frustrated. The game keeps getting harder and harder but not in a fun way or where it could help. The first few weeks of the game were always the most interesting because after that the game gets repetitive and easy. The changes over the last months have been making the start harder, which is ruining the best part of the game, while adding nothing but tedium to the later game. I used to play the game on harder settings, but now I play it on normal and it's still ridiculously difficult, and I've over 2k hours experience on this game. How is a new player even supposed to have any chance? In my most recent game, I made it to day 7 dying only once, but I have not found any water source nor any clay. On day 7 I went into a burning zone to get a drop crate, got heat stroke and spent most of the day getting out, leaving no time to prepare for the 7th day horde. You guys have got to stop listening to people who tunnel to bedrock and complain about being board. They do it to themselves. Please stop listening to these try-hards and focus on making the game interesting at all stages.
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