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  1. Sorry I tried doing what you suggested and have not got it yet. I am rather computer savvy but a novice at modding. I created a shortcut and looked to "and adding -configfile= as a parameter" and nothing was evident. Isn't there a way to change the modlauncher so it doesn't look to update anything? For those of us that had no problem with the our current version of the game we don't need to update.
  2. Could you please let me know how to start the game without the modlauncher working? I can't play and that's a bummer.
  3. Thank you for looking. Is there a way to start the game without the modlauncher play button?
  4. So can I circumvent using the modlauncher play button? And yes you are correct they are saved in a different spot. I tried moving the save to the other folder and that didn't work. Attached log file - - - Updated - - - Ok I think I attached it. Format is a little different since the last time I did this. 7d2dlauncher.txt.txt
  5. I have used all 3 exe files where my modded game is located and none of them are recognizing my current modded game. They are recognizing other saved games which is weird. Just an FYI
  6. Just used 2.9 and getting the same: DMT Scripts Detected. Downloading DMT... SDX Downloaded. Checking SDX Dependencies. DMT not available. Download failed. Can't I launch my game without the modlauncher. Can't I just use the .exe file?
  7. Yes I am using 2.8. I just updated to it. I looked at the modlets and it looks like they are all back. Some of them required updates but the updates failed and just when I thought it would work the same .dmt error.
  8. Same here. Just downloaded it and same error. A note when I looked at installed modlets I only had to installed. Before modlauncher update I had probably 20 modlets installed and it worked like a charm. And thanks for your help.
  9. I am sorry I have been working all week. So it is an updated version. I was using the previous version for quite a while and then when it updated I received the message.
  10. I never had a problem until this last update. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for this great modlauncher. Since the update I am getting a "DMT not available. Download failed." message. Any ideas what I need to do?
  12. HAHA... just thought of another question. So first day on installation using the modlauncher went perfect as well I used the manage mod button and activated several cool available modlets with no problem. I wanted to go back today and look at possibly activating other modlets since the initial experience went so smooth. I have tried for 2 days and when I hit the manage modlets button it does nothing. I mean you can tell its trying to launch but never does. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks for answering. WOW one person... intense. Nice job! Well you certainly have my attention.
  14. Ok so I have a question I am looking through the forum and don't see any instructions on how to make a fire hammer or core. Any ideas?
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