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  1. Through motion sensors and turrets, players look through textures. How can this be prohibited? Link to the video https://skr.sh/v6rJgGbbHDt?a
  2. Good afternoon, tell me why these errors occur in the log: RAT Last, BCM Last! Error parsing: {"tag":"RAT-BC-FRIENDSLIST","dat{"tag":"RAT-BC-FRIENDSLIST","data":[{"SteamId":"76561198416327468","Name":"Vladimir27r ","Friends":["76561198217621907","76561198136596009","765611981 09203292"]},{"SteamId":"76561198217621907","Name":"Anatoliy. M","Friends":["76561198416327468","76561198136596009","765611981 09203292"]},{"SteamId":"76561198041050775","Name":"Qwars","F riends":null}]} Error parsing: {"tag":"RAT-BC-FRIENDSLIST",""Name":"Anatoliy.M","Friends":["76561198416327468","76561198136596009",
  3. Please tell whether UABE Mod installer.exe startup keys in hidden mode
  4. I saw this in Mod Menu_Custom Vehicles. I just don't know how to use it. if you can see this mod on the link. There's a UI folder with a UIAtlas texture. https://github.com/manux32/7dtdSdxMods/tree/master/Manux_CustomVehicles
  5. Hi, tell me how you can make a Mod texture UIAtlas, Font Atlas?
  6. It is visible that the font itself has changed the size I'm doing localization with working anti-cheat Therefore, it is not possible to change UIAtlas.tex! and one more plus of translation of the text in Cyrillic, there is a possibility of search of subjects through the search panel in Russian
  7. this is done by replacing UIAtlas. so it looks so beautiful I do not mean to change the font itself (I only need to reduce its size at least in the Action menu) In standard appearance, it changes automatically based on the size of the column
  8. font size for localization mod Good afternoon! He began to localize Undead Legacy in Russian. I can not understand where you can reduce the font size. how to reduce the font in windows.xml? pictures attached.
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