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  1. Ahhh ok that makes sense, thanks for the response!
  2. Playing with a friend, he can craft a steel club using only 7 parts, but I need 12. What perk is it that allows this? TIA!
  3. Did a clean install and still getting this. Anyone going to create a bug reporting thread??
  4. Yup, i run a dedicated server from an i5 4460 and 16GB RAM
  5. You want 100% GPU usage while playing games. Why have a GPU for gaming if it isn't being used to its full potential!
  6. So I finally got a more permanent base built, 6 forges on the go and torches for light. Took the screamers about 5 minutes to start showing up to the party!
  7. No we've barely modified the POI at all, we have 2 forges on the go most of the time. I'm currently building a proper base so i'll make a bunch of forges and light them all and see what happens
  8. Started a fresh server due to previous bugs, on day 28 and level 50 now and not had a single screamer?? Been in the same base since day 1 (we run to another building for horde night so it's not overly built). In my old game which was 18.2, we were getting multiple screamers a day. Bugged??
  9. Yup, this fixed it, thanks very much!
  10. Sorry, meant terrain, not texture. The terrain that appears to be completely vertical, is not actually there. You head towards it and it disappears in chunks... making it pretty much impossible to see anything in the distance. It's been doing this since Alpha 18. The first screenshot was from a server I ran for a while and the 2nd pic is from a brand new server install and fresh random world.
  11. Hey guys, I run a dedicated server for me and a friend and ever since Alpha 18 the texture load in is crap, can't see any distance etc. Screenshots show what I'm talking about. Is this a known bug? Or is there a setting I have not changed/missed? https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/764984402027785641/6353BE19F6186875BBED676CB34958658B54CD4D/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/764984402027770202/569B9052CB7196E0947D8FD01B352A5D746E2013/ Edit: 18.3 server is a brand new install, doesn't seem to have helped
  12. I think the cotton and goldenrod are just unity assets (goldenrod i've seen in empyrion). They may change it at some point when they've finished adding content
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