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  1. MacOS Catalina - Still crashing during play The crashing problem with the MAC still exists. i played for about 20 minutes and really thought that it had been resolved, and then boom. The game disappears... I'm attaching log files for your review. https://pastebin.com/K4M92WRt MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac14,2 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 3.5 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 8 MB Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled Memory: 32 GB Boot ROM Version: SMC Version (system): 2.15f7
  2. Has there been any work on the crashes on MAC? Turning off EAC doesn't make a difference.
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