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  1. Anyone know if there's any planned use for snowberries in the future? They really made them pointless once they were taken out of the yucca smoothie recipe, and just curious why they're still a thing when basically pointless now.
  2. Any possibility to bring in Zombie children? With the different scaling size of the various zombies, I don't think it would be hard, and it might make the school buildings a little more trippy.
  3. It May have already been covered, on the main 7 Days site they say "We have improved Random Gen in A19 to use every POI possible in the game so players will see the breadth of content". Every map I've generated so far fails to have at least one of each of the largest buildings, but yet can find room for 9 each of the weapon and food factories. Is this going to remain SOP, or is it going to be fixed somehow? Not going to use any mods, I prefer my games the way the developers design them.
  4. Any world seeds that have at least 1 of every building like the devs promised? Sick of 9 shotgun messiahs and 9 shamway factories, but yet it can't find the space for a single skyscraper.
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