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    Ah, that's a shame, it looks like a lot of fun.
  2. TreebGaming


    Will this be updated for A18 at all? It looks amazing and i'd love to use it on my server.
  3. Treebs WAR3ZUK Server (PVE) Discord https://discord.gg/zPUPbZ6 Game difficulty Normal Day Night Length 120 minutes Day Light Length 20 in game hours Drop On Death Nothing Max Spawned Zombies 80 Max Spawned Animals 50 Loot Abundance 100% Loot Respawn Days 7 Air Drops 24h Land Claim Count 4 Land Claim Durability Infinite 2 Teleports per player and a community horde base with rental trader machines. Claiming POIs is NOT allowed. The zombies aren't too taxing and move slow but they are everywhere!!
  4. I'd like to join but it seems that the direct download link has nothing in it.
  5. Which perk is to increase the quality of forged items like minibike frames and advanced workbench items like the minibike seats?
  6. Is the bandit spawn rate and zombie spawn rate linked? What I'm thinking is can I decrease the amount of bandits by turning down the overall zombie spawn rate in the main menu?
  7. Oh ok, i'll do some research into it, thanks anyway. BTW love the update, the bandits are crazy man, especially a little naked female midget shotgunner one that I couldn't get rid of........she's a beast lol
  8. Hey dwallorde, I seem to be getting pretty bad lag from time to time when using the updated mod, it's forcing me to go into my graphics settings and just hit apply to get rid of the lag.
  9. I've been using the mod in a new let's play series i've been doing for my YouTube channel, in the comments section of the first video it's been noted, amongst other things, that descriptive text is coming soon via a localization update. (also, something even more awesome will be added to the mod in the near future )
  10. wow, i'm seriously looking forward to using this mod man.
  11. Great work and feature request. hey man, fantastic work on the mod, makes the game sooo much better. Could i request a possible feature? If it's at all possible to do, would you be able to make it possible to scrap items from within the container you find them in instead of transferring them over to the inventory first?
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