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  1. I've seen several buried treasure and/or buried supplies quests where the circle migrates each time it shrinks so the eventual chest location is outside the original circle. One time it was very noticeable because the slope the area was on meant I kept breaking through the surface. Final hole was at least 15 blocks from the original circle, SW I think. Surface looked a bit like a checkerboard with one corner where the original circle's center had been and the other corner where the final 1-meter-diameter circle and treasure box was. Was originally dismayed to find treasure boxes were locked now but it makes sense and I've gotten over it. I understand where you come from with that but I'd like a key to do a bayonet-stab or (for guns w/o bayonet) butt-stock bash as an option when you want a melee hit but don't want to switch weapons. Shoot, zombie goes down, starts getting back up, butt-stock bash to finish, move on. Sure, I can switch weapons and do it without that, but it'd be a nice touch if it were a possible thing.
  2. I found a18's traders rarely had anything I wanted to buy. Early game, food was my most common purchase. Mid-game I was mostly selling stuff to them and hoarding the profits. Late game...never did see solar panel bits and had everything else I wanted already. Long story short it was perfect IMO. I'm encouraged by the loot balance change you describe. Way too fast in a18, and a18 was an improvement over previous a's. Goggles do appear in a18. If you have good starlight conditions they're pretty good, but getting just the right amount of light can be tricky. I've used them on blood moons. T5's and T5-grade non-quest POI's are too tedious for me, too, and they're all cheese-able. Might I recommend not storing the end loot on/near an exterior? Even Dishong can be cheesed by a non-stealth character.
  3. So, if deco blocks that can be picked up from POI's isn't on the roadmap, could a deco multi-choice block be made with them instead? Along the same lines as the furniture multi-choice block, frame shape multi-choice block etc. but for the more interesting stuff like pool tables, ceiling fans etc.
  4. Sewing kits would be an abstraction of the materials and equipment for stitches/sutures. Games abstract a lot of things.
  5. I look forward to additional uses for sewing kits. I find them much faster than I need them in 18.4. The first part of the quoted text, though... we used to have different repair materials and it was almost all simplified down to "repair kit" - and then THAT simplified to only need iron and duct tape. I'm glad we're seeing a reversal of this one. As convenient as the one-size-fits-all repair kit is, it feels "gamey" and that's sometimes a bad thing even IN a game.
  6. Since an a18 tactic our group wound up using on blood moons was, once you were low or out of ammo and most of the spikes had been destroyed, get on your bike and run over all the zombies...this is good.
  7. The a18 RWG is half placeholder code because a18 RWG wasn't ready to ship so they pasted old code in such that it was playable, if not pretty. It's been discussed to death.
  8. In a couple worlds I had a magnum for special purposes such as rad remover. Kept the main guns as optimized as I could for DPS.
  9. The "auto shotgun" idea makes me think of Stick Fight - The Game, where you can easily propel yourself across the map with some of the guns. Amusing but not particularly useful as a means to stay alive.
  10. I can't speak to late-game progression because I'm not one of those concrete mega-tower-defense guys. Early game progression is most definitely not 5x slower. I have had 3-4 different firearms and at least green armor if not blue (mostly for the mod slots) by day 4 in every game I've started this alpha. Food has stopped being an issue by day 3 in every SP game although MP it continues to be ...probably wouldn't if the other guys put in a bit of effort towards food gathering. I'll never know. They aren't going to start any time soon. I tend to go for smaller PoI's especially early game, avoiding major fight scenes until later when the toolbar is better equipped for them. I don't build much if at all early game. I don't even build that much mid-game usually because the way the game has evolved building seems to be discouraged. Better to use disposable PoI's for blood moons. To put it another way if anything I level and progress slower than I would if I did more combat and/or building. I suggest making weapons about 80% less likely to be in loot. I've opened end-room loot to find 3-4 weapons so many times I am surprised if I don't get that. I've gone straight from stone spear and wood club to pistol, double-barrel shotgun and AK all from a single building. That's not 5x slower, that's instant next-game-chapter.
  11. I'm straining to remember but I think every RWG trader I've found this alpha was within sight of a town, or at least close-ish. Some right on the edges, some a gravel road away, but all less than 2,000 meters from the edge of the town. One of the first things I tend to do is explore a bit while the early game temperature protection is active and I usually wind up visiting 2-3 towns before day 4. Workbenches aren't too hard to find if you know some PoI's that have them. Whether they're working or not is another matter. The smithy is the easiest for me to spot at a distance and most towns have one. Functional forges are the hardest for me to find. Wait...just thought of one map where the burnt trader was quite a ways down a path from town. Oh, well...most of them have been close.
  12. I agree with the above but not with the remaining two paragraphs of his post. At the very least the wings should be hitboxed and a subtle sound. Many owls have near-silent flight. Most other birds make noise. Somewhat related, I also miss the old stump model. There are two similar-looking stumps IRL on my approach to work that I've had the urge to go loot ever since I saw my first 7D2D stump. The new model...not so much.
  13. The existing wood stove would be a nice alternative to the campfire for within player bases. It already exists so all that would be needed is to make it interactive so "e" opens the same campfire-type cooking crafting menu, and of course making it player-craftable (or player scavenge-and-placeable) - pardon me if it already is, I haven't played for a couple weeks and my last game was heavily focused on antibiotic scavenging, not aesthetic base elements.
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