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  1. I downloaded the most current Theme park (from here https://github.com/stallionsden/StallionsPrefabs/tree/master/Theme%20Park) and it is erroring out and I cannot seem to even load this version of Theme Park with my zombie.exe editor. I have downloaded the map 3 times. Same deal. Could the source file possibly be corrupt? Any ideas? Thanks, -Dino
  2. Pile, By chance is there an AAA_A16_TO_A17_CONVERSION_HELPER file available? I have some older POIs and they are a complete mess. Maybe if there is also a A15 to A16. I have some *really* old ones, too. Thanks!
  3. I imported that version and in all honesty, I can actually work with that. I am curious about using the in game converter on some other pois I have created like the arena I created. I cannot seem to find any info on it. Is there a document out there to explain the process?
  4. My POIs may be older than I imagined. I found that early editors show the blocks and modern ones do not. It shows either no blocks or sometimes just some of the land. The version I am comparing are 0.2 and 0.7 I'm looking to convert this POI I made of my house in real life: https://www.dropbox.com/s/st50t6owkk2meyx/aft_home%284%29.zip?dl=0 Here is a video of my house in real life. I think you can see why I'd like to convert the work I did.
  5. I tried searching for a thread where I can find a rule map (.rules) for use with the editor. Specifically looking to convert 17.0 to 17.2 Is there such a thread or is that right here? If this is the place, has anyone made a .rules for converting pois yet? I have some personal ones I would love to change over, Thanks!
  6. Same error, unfortunately. It happened when I was in the application, it reminded me that there was an update. I closed out of the program and hit the update button. relaunched and have not been able to run the program since I tried looking into replacing the kernel32.dll but my computer has it in multiple locations and I am unsure which one yours uses. Would you know? Thanks in advance, -Dino
  7. After updating to the latest editor, I cannot run it anymore. Seeing this error on a Win 2008 with 18 gigs or ram. Tried the following without success Delete the zombie directory and reinstalled Win updates Installed (a suggested from the web) dxwebsetup.exe Rebooted I even tried older versions of the editor. None of them work now
  8. I would like to contribute a POI built by me for your Compo Pack It is a coliseum / arena where we often had run PVP events on a PVE server. The arena can even be used to have player vs zed(s). There is an easy way to open a door while standing above it. It has the feel of a roman coliseum. I have placed it for download here. Please feel free to add this if you like. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5l7sk4i3fe30gtj/AfternightArena.zip?dl=0 -Dino
  9. Curious; Does the SDX mod include BBB commands?
  10. Curious; What was the command you ran? I am revisiting this after trying to find any info on how to install a dedicated server through steamCmd and not finding answers. In my case I am running a Windows server. But my server line does not seem to be loading A17. I keep seem to be loading 16.4 [ATTACH=CONFIG]25414[/ATTACH] Although I have been changing up the command in an attempt to get a different result, roughly, what I have been using is: steamcmd +login STEAMLOGIN STEAMPASSWORD +force_install_dir ./steamapps/7_Days_To_Die +app_update 294420 -latest_experimental validate +quit I am also starting with a blank folder to get a clean start. Am I shooting myself in the foot by using an "update" command rather than an install command? Final question: Once loaded and or running, is there a way to tell which version you have without having to attempt to connect to it? Any help is greatly appreciated -Dino
  11. Great info. Thank you. Changing ports on my dedicated. Curious if you know the command for loading a dedicated server. I am close, but seems that I keep loading 16.4 rather than 17. steamcmd +login LOGINNAME PASSWORD +force_install_dir ./steamapps/7_Days_To_Die +app_update 294420 -app_update 294420 -latest_experimental validate +quit
  12. Where can you find the command for Windows Dedicated server to load the beta unstable? I'm, close, but I keep seem to be loading 16.4 The code I used is: steamcmd +login LOGINNAME PASSWORD +force_install_dir ./steamapps/7_Days_To_Die +app_update 294420 -app_update 294420 -beta latest_experimental-unstable validate +quit
  13. Can Botman and CBSM work on the same server or are there conflicts?
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