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  1. happens to me too running a private dedicated server and i use nvidia geforse experience aswell..... i see the ghostblocks on my client pc when i play on the server and so far im the only one that sees them... use gforce on client pc aswell
  2. the back pack mod 96 without foodand water dosent work for me ... comes up with error out of bounds and after closing window or leaving an inventory the inventory window(secure storage chest window) stays up and wont go away an alt+F4 only option
  3. hi i use "S420_SimpleUI-BiggerBackpack120-PlayerBuiltStorage" wich is an a18 mod .. it works in 19 (no errors) but the windows dont line up ... have been trying to get it to work just for my self but im not really a coder. anyone that can tell me what file and what section that needs to be changed in order to fix this? this is the window.xml for that mod <configs> <!-- Looting window --> <append xpath="/windows"> <window name="S420windowLooting" width="378" height="378" controller="LootWindow" panel="Left" anchor_side="bottomright" visible="false" cursor_area="true" > <panel name="header" height="43" depth="0" disableautobackground="true" anchor_left="queue,0,-3" anchor_right="queue,1,0" > <sprite depth="1" name="headerbackground" sprite="ui_game_panel_header"/> <button depth="3" name="btnSort" style="icon32px, press, hover" pivot="center" pos="21,-21" sprite="ui_game_symbol_loot_sack" tooltip_key="lblSortContainer" sound="[paging_click]" /> <label depth="2" name="lootName" pos="39,-6" width="172" height="32" text="LOOT" text_key="xuiLoot" font_size="32" /> <label depth="2" name="takeAllLabel" width="32" height="30" font_size="30" color="[mediumGrey]" justify="left" pos="260,-8"/> <sprite depth="2" name="takeAllIcon" style="icon32px" sprite="ui_game_symbol_hand" color="[mediumGrey]" pos="220, -4"/> </panel> <sprite depth="0" name="gridBackground" color="255,255,255,1" type="sliced" pos="0, 0" globalopacity="true" on_press="true" /> <rect name="content" pos="3,-49" > <grid depth="12" name="queue" rows="11" cols="13" cell_width="75" cell_height="75" repeat_content="true" controller="LootContainer"> <item_stack name="0"/> </grid> </rect> </window> </append> <!-- Player backpack window --> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@width">1008</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/@height">550</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/@height">504</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/sprite[@name='backgroundMain']/@width">1008</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/sprite[@name='backgroundMain']/@height">537</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/grid[@name='inventory']/@rows">8</set> <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='windowBackpack']/panel[@name='content']/grid[@name='inventory']/@cols">15</set> </configs>
  4. wendi

    Home Depot Mod

    hi i use the texture part of your mod for prefabs... is it possible to get the controlpanel textures added to the paintbrush? @OrbitalBliss
  5. hi all ... very new to prefabbing.... so placed zombies in house made them a sleeper volume..... but placed to many zombies ... how do i remove some of them (pick them up) ? and i cant get them to spawn in testworld any reason why that might be? ty all in advance (loves this game)
  6. Hi i know this is a new feature ... but please make it optional setting.. i get scared easily and i know many seniors that play choose easy servers just for the fun and relaxation dont like the sudden rush at you just because the Z didnt die on first hit. allso even if Z are set to jog on hordenight ...ferals still run/sprint even if setting is on walk for ferals. I hope Dev's sets it as optional setting and not something we cant change. many regard wendi
  7. wendi

    A16 Valmod Pack

    ty valmar.... and ty for the server and ur awsome mod hugs from denmark
  8. wendi

    A16 Valmod Pack

    hi @Valmar im doin a quest where i need 5 survuval journal pages im not able to find them.. im on the valmod official server .. and was told by admin that they drop of mobs and located in tree stumps .. mainly in snowbiomes... however after killing over a 1000 z's and looting 100 or so stumps these pages have not appeared....the survival notes dont count towards the quest... is it an error or are they just really really REALLY rare?
  9. wendi

    A16 Valmod Pack

    seems the remote for the drawbridge dosent work.... sais it needs to be repaired or is missing parts when clicking the bridge...
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