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  1. You can make concrete reinforced tunnel on bedrock level between your bases. Having one main base in middle of map and then those tunnels to side bases on important places. You can even easily make it so under each base you have room big enough for 4x4 to turn around and the tunnel can be wide enough for two cars next to each other. Haven't seen zombie spawn in those tunnels i did so far. And would probably ignore them anyways unless they were right in the room under base. Only purpose of those tunnels, for me, is to get from point A to point B without neededing to dodge every tree and rock on the way. In my game i have it only as a cross tho, with main base in middle. So if you want from side base A to side base B you have to ehtier drive twice the distance, trough the middle connection point, or to drive on ground. Doesn't matter much, i don't really run between side bases. Just from back to one side and back.
  2. Yes, as i said in my previous posts, i do agree with it being a challenge to bring fun. But i do not agree on making it impossible. Currently, i am not the type who runs. I like deffending my base. But when it has its own challenge, i would love to try and ride with the BM.
  3. That is exactly how half of this forums is acting about other people not playing like them. Or do you think that if i did not say that aloud, it would not be true? As i already said. If it is not fun for you, then find other BM means that are fun for you. If none of them are, turn off BM. And if not even that is fun for you, then you do not consider this game fun and this discussion was pointless since the very beginning. Also, if you find fun ruining fun for others (forbid them from running wwaaaaaa) then this discussion is also completely pointless. If you only ward reward for doing something that is completely normal in this game, especially after MM clearly said that surviving itself is a reward (so there won't be any reward), there is no point in this discussion. My first post was reffering to mass of people doing this. You started discussion with me, adding to their side. See above. I voiced that poorly, my fault. I would love to see some work on other methods of fending off horde, like running away with a car. To make it feel real, to make it feel rewarding. It give it some actual gameplay. I would hate tho to make the game harder by forcing people into using strategies they are not comfortable with. - - - Updated - - - If you find it funny to run away from horde of pissed off undead that want to eat your brain, go kill yourself because you have no right to have fun. Did i get it right?
  4. Yes. You are right. I do not understand what is the issue for you. I am one of the people who defend their base instead of running. Why? Because i find it more fun. I love building. And defending it means i can see how well my base stands against the Horde, even though the defending as itself does not appeal to me. That doesn't mean that i have problem with people suviving any other way. They want to drive around? Be my guest. They want to hide in underground bunker? Be my guest. So yes, i would love to see those "exploits" to be made challenging. Not to make it harder for others. But to make it viable strategy that can be fun. And no, even after what you said, i still have no idea why are you guys acting like spoiled brats, crying out loud that those ugly bad people run from Horde when you fight which is oh no so much harder. So, you can either keep defending because you like doing it. If you do not like doing it then change your strategy. Run or whatever. But wanting EXTRA because you play differently? Or wanting others to prevent from having their fun with their strategy? No, that is just plain whining. You have to find your own reason and fun in dealing with the Horde if you do not want to turn it off. This. Thank you. Wish i could buy more
  5. I think this alone is good enough answer for cryers... "Why should i deffend my base when you can just run away?" Just choose whichever option is fun for you, for gods sake. That is my whole point. --------update----------- On other note... Are we going to be able to plant snowberries? I am sorry if this was discussed before, but yesterday, when i could find no freaking snowberries, i realized that when it runs out, it is out. RIP my yucca smoothie.
  6. XP, fun, satisfaction, sometimes drops. A few pages back, wasn't MM asking since when survival stopped to be for sake of survival? So you like when little girl runs around while you are sneaking, alerting every single zombie around, giving you problems and while you kill 6 of them she dies in 1v1 with a zombie and you have to start over?
  7. You are making up things i never said You have practically unlimited amount of shotguns etc. But limited number of loot containers on the end of POI. Also, it would be wise to let the rarer material in mines leave to the guy with motherlode and mine around it.
  8. Well since i don't use LL lately i would not probably care And yes, friendly fire is fun. "Am running out of the factory" "Which exit?" "It doesn't matter am getting out" "WHICH EXIT? I might shoot you if i don't know which of those 6 exists you are going to use" "Don't sweat that" *boom* "WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME?" As i said, hella fun
  9. And group has fun when they can get the good stuff. When i have LL i will not let others loot the containers. And when someone else has LL, i will help to open them but i won't loot anything.
  10. Summary: Battery bank not recharging if far away Version: 17.4 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows 10 Game mode: Coop survival no cheats, RWG Did you wipe old saves? Yes Did you start a new game? Yes Did you validate your files? No Are you using any mods? No EAC on or off: On Bug Description: When you have solar panel connected to battery bank that leads to lights you do not switch off (so they shine pernamently) and drive far away, the batteries do not recharge during day. They do recharge just fine when i am present in the base. Noticed more people talking about this problem already, but didn't find it in bug summary here. Reproduce steps: - Connect solar panel to battery bank and connect that to lights. Have extra power production from solar panel compared to power consumption by lights to allow batteries to be charged. - Go away for a week, let's say half a map. Come back. Check the batteries. Actual result: Batteries not charged Expected result: Batteries charged
  11. NSFW and disgusting.. But i had to share this... You have been warned [link removed - not appropriate for this forum.]
  12. Are you sure tho? What if the Hordes were jsut as intense but multiple times a day on the 7th day? To be more specific, why not 10 waves of 240 zeds?
  13. Casino automati like in Borderlands 2 where you put in money and roll and get reward based on what you roll in 3 collums. You roll 2 bombs? Enjoy grenade the automat throws at you! - - - Updated - - - AA-12 Auto Shotgun with drum magazine for 30 shells please. Also, with all the new ammo types, are we going to potentionaly see dragonbreath shells?
  14. I mostly rely on both. Fuel generators are for "Oh ♥♥♥♥ now i need the active deffenses" but can't run 24/7. Solar panel connected to battery bank is for lights and less big-red-button things. And yes, we played coop with a friend and left base that was completely done on solar panels and battery banks. We went away for whole game week (left on blood moon since we killed all the zombies in middle of the night) and returned just before next blood moon and the batteries were dry. I noticed same problem being talked about on forums, too, so i considered it already reported as bug. Yes, i do agree that it is weird to use more power when activelly engaging. I think only place where it makes sense might be the eletric fence. - - - Updated - - - Hella cool. Even cooler if it was visible dome. EDIT: Sorry, too much scifi i guess
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