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  1. Back in the day before sleepers, when cities were full of zombies, me and my friend were kinda new to the game and went looting the city in afternoon. Being the dumb aspects of greed we are, we overstayed our welcome and caught a horde few ingame minutes before dusk. Thinking we are masters of the world, we fought them to get some more juicy loot from their corpses. For a while. Then night happened. We almost s*** ourselves. We ran into prefab and Horde, growing bigger from all the Zs we met while running around like headless chickens, followed. We broke in and started taking stairs, barricading them behind us with everything we had at hand. Wood frames, parts of sofas, chairs. Scary stuff. When we got to last floor, we broke into one appartment and hide ourselves in bathroom, looking at door, having together one 9mm with one clip and two bows with total of like 10 arrows. Fun time. 10/10 would love to be stressed out by this game like this again. Looking foward to return of (un)living cities!
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