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  1. The survival is purpose. It is not games' fault if you can not be entertained if game isn't a theme park. How can you call it your "favourite game" when you hate its very basics. There are tons of game with "no purpose". Look at WoW. League of Legends. Cities: Skylines. They are all popular.
  2. We don't have online more than half most of the time, but still, you log off, come next day and half of city you haven't even know was there is already looted.
  3. You run out of things to explore EXTREMELY quickly. Now, if you have 12 people on server, that makes it even quicker.
  4. I wish we would be able to generate bigger maps if our PCs can handle it. But if the RWG limit is 10k for now, we will have to do with it.
  5. I would dare to completely disagree. While there are people using those, most of people i know only equip helmet when going to serious fight (or play on PvP server). I am already sad that we won't be able to customize our bodies (did i get it correctly?) and so i won't be able to have flat chested latina with thicc thigs. I understand why are you remodeling faces, but saying that everyone uses closed helmes and you won't see those faces sounds really generalizing. Also, i know that i am asking this for multiple alphas already, but i would love a truck for A21, when you finish with A20.
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