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  1. a very nice thing. Now all I have to do is introduce the beast, then I can really start gaming
  2. the stable is out... whats is with the Beast and the heli?
  3. ok I understand manu, but can we expect a stable version because with the beast in modlet version? I really like this work of you because I like to build and vehicles for me include: D
  4. great work but i missed the construction site vehicle can you still insert that... also the vehicle with the shovel at the front ... my english is bad
  5. When is the mod available?
  6. We have waited relatively long enough, I believe there will be nothing more. No time to have a thing is not bad but not even here in the forum to keep us to the information is not okay.
  7. oh mit fast 30 Jahren geht man noch als Kind durch ? es kamen ein paar Updates vom Entwickler und mehr wird da vorerst nicht kommen von Funpimps... warum ist es falsch mal alle paar Tage sich hier zu informieren? wenn diese Mod mit Interesse verfolgt wird und der Ersteller dies auch mitbekommt kann er ruhig zwischenzeitlich seine Infos dazu aktualisieren. Sicher ist das kein "Muss" und ich werde trotzdem warten weil ich mich schon riesig auf diese Mod Freue und ich mich schon Stunden, Tage und Nنchte im Creativ-Mod bauen sehe nun gut ich fragte vorerst nicht mehr, ich finde nur es loh
  8. And what is the state of things?
  9. relِِ Ok I apologize I did not want to sound so rushed and will patiently wait for this great mod, because I myself for my singleplayer thing and make me happy. I see in this mod that there is much soul in this work and that I find very well
  10. rele Ok i think this week will be nothing more. It is very sad that the creator of the topic does not make any further public information because the demand is high.
  11. re That would also interest me. I'm already waiting very much for it, even more than at the release of the Alpha 16
  12. re hurry up please.... i want to play this Mod
  13. re i cant wait give our the Download-Link your Work is very good . best regards sandor
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