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  1. I appreciate your analogy, but I think it's not very accurate. First, and most importantly, how you are able to educate me on the my lack of understanding when you are (as far as I know) exactly as ignorant of the process as I am. A tiny player telling a tiny player that they know better. I may not be a professional game developer, but I know how software is made, I have some brief experience making small games, and I am a professional fabricator. I may not be TFP, but I know how complicated it things are often built. Since you asked, here's where TFP anticipate that some features will be added post-release: . Strange how a tiny player as educated in game development and so sure of my ignorance needs be be shown that TFP themselves anticipated doing what you claim is not possible.
  2. I hope you're right about this. My biggest worry is that the additions will require change. For example, candy is being added and will boost certain abilities. Beer alone already significantly impacts the value of stamina and melee perks, and they're reworking perks because of their value disparities. I worry that candy won't just be an addition, it will also be yet another overhaul of the perk system to account for the relatively cheaper consumables that overlap their benefits. It's hard to say what's the best from here because I'm not TFP. I just feel like the game can be finished with the assets and mechanics already present, possibly plus vehicles if the community demands it. I think NPC's will be a year or more of work on their own, if everything goes right, so that's a no thanks for me.
  3. Paid DLC is not the only form of game expansion. Particularly in the highly repayable Indie genres, there are many examples of major updates (essentially expansions) being released for no additional cost. In fact, those same examples double as proof that games can have major additions added post-release that are balanced and bug fixed in house. Once 1.0 launches, there's no obligation for the devs to release frequent updates to us as they continue development. They can work away quietly on vehicles, bug fix and balance them, and launch them as part of an expansion in a year. It's a common statement that a game suffers from being balanced before completed, but nobody thinks about how a game suffers from being required to launch stable and playable versions throughout development. If the devs can work for a year without the burden of assembling playable updates for us then it may go by faster despite the fact that the game was previously balanced without their new features.
  4. Not exactly, that's a bit of a misrepresentation. I'm saying release it as soon as it can be polished.
  5. Before my comment, some context: This game is great, I love it, and I'm proud of The Pimps and glad they put so much work into 7DTD. I'm a little worried that added features like the candy and changing how weapons compare on a fundamental level (adding "tiers") is keeping the game from moving forward in terms of balance and gameplay. I think that the game is complete enough when it comes to existing weapons, consumables, and skills. I think if these aspects of the game were called feature complete now then they could be balanced and polished by the end of the year, and the game officially released much sooner. Anyway, keep on trucking, TFP, and thanks for your hard work. Can't wait to see what the game has become at 1.0.
  6. I think you're right that 'feature complete' is an important point, and it is a decision made by developers. However, they specified many remaining features as possibly "post release" additions. So I wonder if they decided that isn't wise after all or if they have just promoted the entire stretch goal list to 'core features'. Also, once released as 1.0, the devs should have some breathing room to implement new features and troubleshoot them in house without affecting us. We have a right to access alpha iterations because that's the promise of their early access sale. Once released, though, they don't need to release development as regular updates. They're then free to break things as much as they want. Or.... work on a sequel or major expansion.
  7. Okay, the title is a little baity, but ultimately my suggestion is just that. It's more complicated than "stop screwing around and finish it" though, so hear me out... This game has been in development for a long time, but it hasn't been in development hell. In fact, in my opinion, it's complete. It needs polish, it needs balance, it needs to have the UI and all that reviewed and such, but as far as features and gameplay are concerned this game is good to go. Even the kickstarter stretch goals map disclaims that (virtually all remaining) features may come in post-release updates, so why not take and advantage of this disclaimer? I suggest the game be balanced and polished as is and released as a solid and successful game of its genre, then expansion be done afterwards. Speaking of that expansion and the remaining stretch goals... I understand that backers are expecting these additions to be part of this exact game. That probably means hands tied. But, if I were so bold as to ignore that fact then I would suggest that this game be wrapped up, shipped, and a sequel begins production with these features. I've been following since A12, which isn't that long, but I think long enough to form some understanding of how this game started and how it's coming together. My impression is that it's not quite capable of becoming the magnum opus of The Fun Pimps', but it is an excellent first round and has surely demonstrated what does and doesn't work for a game of this kind. But its foundations were built before these things were learned and attempting to plug in more advanced vehicles and AI into this game will be arduous with diminished returns. So my more extreme -- and likely impossible due to kickstarter promises -- suggestion is to polish this beautiful creation as is and allocate remaining resources toward an even better and more feature rich sequel. I like this game so much that I would gladly play it as is for the next 5 years and then get a fantastic expansion.
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