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  1. I am not getting xp for dart trap kills. Is this intentional? I have advanced engineering level 3 unlocked. What "traps" generate xp?
  2. Is there a way to run this mod using DMT?
  3. This doesn't seem to work with the latest build A19.3(b6) and the latest DMT (DMTv2.2.7623.23873). I had this working last week. I had to update DMT today and its not working anymore.
  4. No problem. Hey, thank you for the detailed explanations this is exactly what i need and was looking for. I had a roommate who played a game that spread across 3 monitors. I never had to think about this topic much, but having to squish his entire viewing angle into one monitor would seem to raise complications, no doubt. This is all making a little more sense now, thanks for the reply. (I'm currently at work. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the replies here--particularly the math--when I finish for the day. Thank you all.)
  5. So you're saying the zoom is from taking a 45 FOV and forcing it to fit a 170 degrees viewing angle? Instead of forcing the same viewing angle at all FOVs (causing the zoom/stretch), is it possible for me to set the game to only use a narrower viewing angle (as you say, as if I am a horse with blinders on--that way it doesn't stretch a lower FOV to fit a wider viewing angle)? And if I want a larger viewing angle without the zoom/stretch I can always increase my FOV. The zooming is really distracting for me personally. I'm still not 100% sure I'm getting this because I don't see
  6. Is there a reason the camera zooms on the edges? I took a picture of the "S" on the sign here and compared it to the size displayed when you position the "S" in the corner of the screen. The entire sign appears much closer and is zoomed in. The size quadruples when you look at it in the corner rather than in front of you. This is very distracting in game and difficult to ignore. If I could do this in real life I could pass the test at the eye doctor and not need glasses.
  7. In case anyone else had the same question: Great job with this quest. Thank you for all your hard work!
  8. I beat the main quest, but there are two additional side quests. For "Side Quest: Burial Rites:" I Found the three Essence, but cant seem to find the Grave to upgrade. For "Side Quest: Pizza Party" I'm not really sure what "Feed a Ghost" is so I'm not really sure where to upgrade it. Any ideas? (Also, very fun quest. I love seeing this. So creative, great job!)
  9. I'll try a new world with just the Magisters Mansion mod.
  10. Hmm, it wont let me interact with the NPC:
  11. Oh gotcha, I didn't get a quest to start so that must be the problem. I'll have to search around to loot it I guess. Thanks!
  12. How do you actually enter the Magisters Mansion? The "door" seem to just be a wall with 25,000 hit points. Do you need to break down that "door?"
  13. Ok, so this is super cool. That being said, why cant I load and shoot any of the guns. That's the fun of the flying tank!
  14. Pritch

    DMT Modding Tool

    Hey everyone, I'm just trying to mod my main menu music. Started here: https://7daystodiemods.com/menu-music/ Got the special DMT version downloaded and ran the .exe, but I'm not finding any instructions for creating the custom menu music. I got a sound file I want to use saved on audacity can can export it to any format. I just need to know how to plug it into DMT and compile the new game file. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!
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