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  1. Was just writing reply but wasn't fast enough to hit Reply before notification came so no need anymore...nice and fast fix, thanks.
  2. Bug reporting this because I saw warning in my server log after installing this mod first time and checked items.xml for that warning mod. No playtesting done yet. Everdeens Arrows is trying to apply to "Bambis Terminator Crossbow" which doesn't exists anymore. Don't know if it should apply to Daryls or new Bambis crossbow, seems it doesn't.
  3. Just scrap Bones to get powder
  4. Me and couple friends are starting new small private server with this tonight, We don't have any problems to start over again. Excellent work from you Jax and your team! Amazing things doing you are!
  5. Scrapping is same as in vanilla, it generally always gives back only 75% of materials no matter what you are scrapping. That means if you scrap 2 items then sometimes you get 1 and sometimes 2, for important items it's always wise to scrap them one by one or stack sizes you know for sure.
  6. Try to scrap wood, haven't tried myself yet but i think its just simple scrapping after patch.
  7. Before hitting Play just hit TestMod Sync first! I have 100mbit connection and it took way more than 15 mins in first time, github is not allways playing nice guy...
  8. That is vanilla issue i think. I have had few of them with different mods.
  9. This normally means dll is not correct on server side.
  10. Edit: could'n make it happen when testing, so lets say it was derp from game or from me, np... Possible bug in Big Backpack DLL? Is it possible that your dll is 75 slots and ui is only 72 slots? I had yesterday two cases where my stuff was missing. I was playing single player version 5.1.2. First one was dying with full inventory and full toolbelt, after i got all my stuff back i was missing at least my health bandages, there were in toolbelt slot 8. Other one was when i looted stuff i didn't find them in in my inventory, those were tree seeds i was going to plant. After i emptied my inventory to my base then i noticed those seeds again... *I think* These can happen if dll is bigger than UI. And container where your stuff goes when dying, then you loose some items. You can loot with R-get all key and they go to your inventory but you can't see them until make more room and you click reorganize key. I haven't double tested this yet but that dll size seems possible cause of what happened. I test this if I can play tonight but others are welcome to comment to this also!
  11. POI vanishing in close is vanilla bug. It creates distant view version of poi but actual poi don't spawn for some reason..
  12. Make sure you use assembly dll from this mod download, there is no need to rename anything if you download right file, everything is inside that one zip-file, and i assume you mean single player. For dedicated server needs another version of assembly dll that is needed to download elsewhere.
  13. Just launch the game with 7DaysToDie.exe, that executable is not using EAC.
  14. These links on first post are pointing to wrong files, non bbm to bbm and other way, just download the one that points to this if you want the Big Backpack version: https://github.com/dwallorde/WaroftheWalkersMod---BBM---Github/archive/master.zip Alternative Download Link: EAC Friendly GITHUB Alternative Download Link: NON-EAC Bigger Bag Mod GITHUB
  15. Hmm, I assume we need different version of Assembly-Csharp.dll for dedicated server? Edit: I mean for the Big Backpack version
  16. Vastarakki

    True Survival

    Sent Didn't they generate after you created UMATextures folder?
  17. Vastarakki

    True Survival

    Edit and answer: The vanilla game generates those files itself on the fly when launched first time IF there is UMATextures named folder under Data folder - this applies to 16.2, didn't test 16.3... If that folder is missing then there is console error when starting game and it won't generate them. But if I create that folder manually then in next game start it generates those 3 png files there on the fly. So just create folder named UMATextures under Data folder manually and start game. Original post: You are absolutely right, my 16.2 and 16.3 vanilla archive folders are missing that too, 16.2 has the folder but no files and 16.3 don't have even that UMATextures folder. I used Launcher to download True Survival from Steam so it loaded whole game + mod and that game folder has them. PS. I send private message with link to those 3 png files so you can put them in place manually.
  18. Vastarakki

    True Survival

    Are those files then where game wants them to be regarding log file? I have three files in that UMATextures folder: TraderCaitlin_0_d.png, TraderCaitlin_0_n.png, TraderCaitlin_0_s.png Tho it might be something else, maybe bug in vanilla or something, I haven't got that error yet.
  19. Vastarakki

    True Survival

    Just copy those files from Steam 7 Days to Die folder to where it asks them to be. You just updates files in Steam vanilla folder. You game is in Launchers created folder and Steam can't update them there. Copy files from here: Z:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\UMATextures\ To here: Z:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7_Days_To_Die\True_Survival\True_Survival_A16.2\Data\UMATextures\
  20. Vastarakki

    True Survival

    Yes you need 16.2 for this one!
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