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  1. They really missed an opportunity here. Making it functional would be hard since its actually 9 blocks, but why is the graphic set to 7 o'clock? Should be 9:59. Or 4:20. Because that's something TFP would do.
  2. We've done this on our server. The trick is to never kill them during the day. "Time to respawn" is set when the zombie is killed, and during the daytime, its normal (couple days). So if you clear the area during the day, you have no nighttime mob farm. When night ends, be sure to jump on a vehicle and drive far away rather than finishing off what you have, or you'll wreck your farm for a few game days.
  3. Try the wall-mounted medicine cabinets, including the non-lootable version of them. Really high return rate of acid on those.
  4. 8.4km away should only be possible if you're pretty close to the edge of the map, too. Sounds like you have a trader down in a corner, in a small town without big POIs. The reason its making you go so far is because it needs to find 5 POIs of each appropriate tier, and those are probably the closest. If you can find a trader near the center of the map, preferably one in a major city, it'll give you much better options.
  5. yeah but I like that warning, just not the rest of the drivel
  6. This! Unlike previous versions, where your rep was "shared" across all traders, in A20 your rep is pre-trader-location. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not, but its consistent so far. Every new trader I get to, I start over at T1. I thought I even had to start over going from Rekt to Rekt, but maybe I just hadn't progressed up Rekt 1 before I went to Rekt 2. I'll pay attention next time.
  7. They are pretty cool. I found a Q2 one on... I want to say day 30ish, and I was probably mid 20s at the time. My friend had already built his own Q5 one by then, though. Few things about them: You can use multiple cargo mods, but you can't shift-click to add 2nd or more. It blocks it (presumably) because one already exists. However, you can pick one up and manually drop it in. I never would have tried if the patch notes hadn't called out specifically that its possible to do. Its the only mod in the game that you can stack, so its pretty unintuitive. With 4 of them, though, its like having an extra motorcycle worth of storage. Pretty amazing. Healing we don't fully understand yet. It only heals you if you're under 50 (hp? %? not sure, haven't done testing). And if you have both bandages and medkits, it seems to have some preference. Might be the order they are in the storage? Again, haven't put time into figuring it out yet. The drawback, the drone LOVES to get in the way. I mean, it blocks doors so your party members can't get through until you run far enough off. It really loves blocking the door in the Bob or Jen trader areas, preventing you from leaving (duck, you can kinda go under it). It even has a habit of jumping between me and zombies when I'm trying to snipe them with arrows. Gonna rename it Pinhead. I would love to see a "Move" button in the context menu. Really need a mod that removes all the talking except an alert, which should just be a beep sound. If I can get some time, I'll make it, unless someone else beats me to it.
  8. Haven't tested it yet in A20, but I wrote these back in A18 and A19. Ghillie suit as mods is one of them. But yeah, it'll all break/be irrelevant when outfits change in A21.
  9. Glad you like it! I don't use the World Editor, because I've had a rough time using it also. I just added it to my NitroGen prefab list. I'm sure the World Editor is useful if one takes the time to learn it, but since I exclusively use NitroGen these days, I haven't been bothered to do so.
  10. Yes they do exist in creative. They have to exist because they're used in POIs. Like Hugh's trading post, for example. You place them upside down not just to repair easily, but so zombies don't bob up and down while running across them. So you can get them headshots. Plus you could place barbed wire directly on top of it to slow them down, too. Yeah, they were OP. But good, sensible traps. I miss them.
  11. Thanks, @Gouki, means a lot coming from you
  12. "Blood Falls", an underground lake and waterfall. Tourist attraction for many kilometers in every direction the interstates run. This is a large-ish prefab, primarily underground, inspired by the many caves in my part of the country, and one particular underground waterfall. Complete with garishly colored lights that curators seem to think "enhance" the natural beauty of cave formations. My first prefab attempt, trying to teach myself proper prefabbing. Many thanks to Genosis (sp?) at NotAGamer Gaming, for his video tutorial series. I'm calling it T4, but might only be a T3 by number of zombies. Good for Clear, Fetch, and Fetch/Clear quests. Best viewed with shadows on, and/or at night. Kinda loses the magic without proper darkness. My computer is pretty potato, so my screenshots will look like rubbish. In an attempt to cater to multiple playstyles, I've tried to put in pros and cons for both Stealth and Run N Gun. Proper, careful stealth may net you some extra loot, while fast and loud will help you avoid certain traps. Known Bugs: There is some wonkiness with the first Spawn Volume. Doesn't always show up, so far only in Clear quests. I have no idea why. I've tried moving the quest starter further back but that didn't fix it. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. The crawler's trap doesn't really... work well. Kinda works? If anyone knows ways to get them to do what they are supposed to, I'd love to hear from you. I'll avoid saying more so I don't spoil it. You'll know when you see it. Trying to make zombies spawn in shallow water results in uneven water surface. Not sure how to avoid that. Maybe they need to float on top and fall in? But I don't have a good way to block LOS in some of the places, so you'd see it happen. For now I'm leaving it with uneven water. Designed in/for A19.x Prefab: https://github.com/stamplesmods/7d2dmodlets/blob/master/prefabs/blood_falls_cave.rar NitroGen prefab entry: blood_falls_cave,USED,3,-34,63,42,63,alone;farm
  13. Liking a lot of the changes, but two things have me worried: Inventory unlocking: Currently you can unlock your entire inventory using double clothing pocket mods and triple armor pocket mods. Going down to only 4 pieces of equipment means we'd like 6-pocket mods or something like it. Or will Pack Mule become required to fully unlock your encumbrance slots? It was mentioned much earlier in this thread that possibly a larger backpack is something on the roadmap in the future. That would only make this even more vital. Temperature management: Are there plans to drastically increase the temperature bonuses of armor/clothing? With half as many, you'd need twice as much on each piece to combat desert/snow temperatures. If you're not going to continue the cowboy hat/skullcap/pressboy hat mods (which gave excellent temp bonuses, its not just about visual effects), how will we possibly have enough temp resistance? I'm worried that a lumberjack-type outfit might be great for snow, but useless in wasteland/burnt/whatever-its-called-next biome, resulting in either constant overheating or foregoing the bonuses. Likewise, would your ranger outfit result in you constantly freezing in the snow biome? I look forward to the increased challenges in the harder biomes, but I hope that challenge doesn't include dealing with stage 2 freeze/heat exhaustion the entire time. Today I can swap my skullcap mod for a cowboy hat mod, and my duster for a poncho, and I'm all set to handle a different biome. That won't be possible now.
  14. stample

    Stamples Modlets

    Probably not, since it will be adding items to the world. It's likely to mess up the order of any other custom items, if anyone is in possession of any when you load it
  15. So here's what I've got. Its a bit rough. Could probably use a bit more smoothing. I'll go through what I did to get here, though. I used this image as a base, which I snagged off Wikipedia, of all places. Its still got shading, but it was pretty good. Turn it to B/W first thing. Select water and delete it all, set it nice and dark. I did 45, which was a mistake (more on that later). Next I went around the borders with an eraser at 100% opacity but feathered edges. Reduced brush size for the fiddly bits around harbors and for tracing rivers. That eliminated the white border at the water's edge, which would otherwise have resulted in huge, thin walls. Next, clone stamp at 70% opacity to edit out latitude and longitude lines, as well as the rivers I didn't want to keep. This is the most time-consuming bit of all of it, but at least we didn't have cities and such named here, so it wasn't too bad. Pull from nearby, usually a little on each side, and try to match general terrain features and brush stroke the direction of the features. This disturbs the overall image the least. Apply a Gaussian Blur at 1.6 px to the entire image. Blur any rough edges in delicate areas, like the islands near the coast that were too small to risk with the eraser, and smudge river entrances/exits or rough areas where the eraser didn't get everything. Finally, I started adjusting brightness and contrast until the peaks were about 180, and the shoreline hung around 50-60. Another mistake, but not that big. Start in with dodge tool nad 20% opacity to fix the major mountains. You have what looks like a volcano in the southeast, and a few other prominent peaks, as well as that entire SW mountain range. Lightened up the shadows on the SW sides to match NE sides, which mostly eliminates the weirdness of the cartographers light sourcing. Generated a map, and realized that 45 is not underwater. Check readme, its actually 33. Oops. Adjust brightness down until shoreline area is about 40. Re-render. Check in game, looks pretty good, but because of my earlier mistake, all the peaks are below 165 so there is no snow anywhere on the map. El Salvador has some beautiful peaks, and I want to preserve that. So I adjust the brightness up about 70 points. This puts most of the peaks above 165, but not much else. Highlands are sitting around 160 now. Export that, run a map gen, and save the biomes.png off to the side. Now, we can run the original heightmap again, but swap in the biomes.png and we'll still have snow on the peaks, even though they are quite a bit lower than NitroGen would place it. I'm not happy with the POI spread that I got, and they're pretty turned down, so I'm just going to post the files, and you can run gen as many times as you want until you get a spread you like. Just remember to swap the biomes.png file back in when you put it in the 7d2d folder. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. Some of the areas are still pretty rough, and it'd probably benefit from a some more smoothing. But if you want rugged terrain up in the mountains, this is definitely that. I'm not happy with the rivers (I never am) because they have to be at sea level, rather than descending from the mountain heights. Also, the POIs tend to generate near them and overwrite sections of them. They make nice canyon paths through the highlands, though. Here are a few images I took of the southern shoreline, near the SE volcano thing, and up in the highlands area of the NW. Here are the settings I was using in NitroGen. You probably want more cities and towns, I just wanted a fast gen time since my computer is a bit potato. ElSalvador.zip
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