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  1. Yeaaa Steam has too many quirks, not just for 7d2d. So I thought of another feature I'd like to see, aside from a larger play button, is an optional auto-close feature, cuz after you launch 7days you dont need really need the launcher if you're playing. We only need 1 icon on the desktop if we're using Mod Launcher. Definitely need an auto-beer fix too.
  2. I figured a few things out eventually last night, ugg my head still hurts from trying so hard. Advance mode was more confusing than Simple. However, now knowing your intent for Simple mode, I have to say its not so simple to understand at first glance, it still needs a clean-n-fresh Steam install to work correctly. What I figured out was that with each mod you want to play requires a completely fresh clean install of the game from Steam, even after you delete local content thru Steam you have to go thru and manually delete the folder as well because steam does not delete modded folders. After you reinstall the game (Steam) you can then, using Advanced mode, make a copy, and the desired mod will install to the copied folder. Play it at this point to make sure the mod works as intended. After that one mod is installed, repeat same steps, delete local content, delete the folder, reinstall game, then in 7Mod Launcher, pick another mod, copy to folder and again launch the modded game. Repeat this for every mod you want to play. At this point you should now have 2 working mods and be able to switch between them. Now I dont know if this is the process you intend Sphereii, but as I said its not clear how the process works when you first look at it. I did try to create a different folder to copy the game to and it didnt copy to that folder. Slim chance I might not have properly selected the folder but if you make the default pointer to use [%app path%/7DTD/ ] instead of using the underscore [%app path%/7_days_to_die/ ], that might be easier to find in file explorer. Being full of New Years cheer didnt help which might also be the reason I missed the log file in the View menu. IMO, save (replace?append?) a copy the of the log file to each mods folder each time that mod is launched. Whatever works, I'd like to know what went wrong if a mod doesnt launch or there is an error. Once its figured out, its a nice tool, but the path to figure it out is a ....steep curve. Do you have a group on steam? if not make one, I'd join! EDIT:Oh the black screens was from not manually deleting the existing Steam install folder before using a clean-fresh Steam install Edit2:just mention there is no uninstallation, do mention that how to do a clean install which includes deleting the install folder before re-installing the game. edit3: if ya do a log file from each mod installed and upload from the mod page/tab/frame?? to narrow down problem mods so user can upload both, the current log file setup on a log file from within a mod. idk something like this.
  3. Hmmm cant get this mod to launch from the 7D2D Mod Launcher. Doest boot game at all. got it working, that launcher and steam is a pita. after installing another mod using the launcher, you have to delete the steam local content then manually delete the folder too to get rid of stuff left behind of other mods, then do fresh install and then you can use the launcher to install another mod.
  4. I was looking for a simple mod changer so i can play different mods for both SP and server play. This Application (V1.0.2.0) is nice but extremely confusing at first. I cant seem to successfully launch the game with any mod causing blank screen also cant launch the game without any mods installed without being forced to do a fresh install from Steam. a few other notes: -no "favorites" ability, right click "Add to My Mods" is not the same thing nor does it actually copy the mod to your My Mods. -tried to find out the latest version on the external website but doesnt give any dates when the last update was, cant determine if this is the cause of my blank screen or not. -Blank screen when launching any mod. -Cant just uninstall a mod, it ruins the steam install, so you have to delete everything and re-download the game again. -Purge game files deletes the everything including the game install. kinds stupid with Steam since you have to right click-delete local content to get Steam to re-install the game. -Help file is ... confusing. What I'd like to see: -My Fav Mods list, not the same as My Mods, Im not modding anything or changing any mods, its a bookmark adding to a bookmark list. -expandable description windows, ability to change its size. -a warning that when "Purging" Steam will not automatically re-install files. -change the "Pick a 7 Days to Die game folder to play a mod with" to something like "Pick the folder with the 7dtd executable". If thats not the intent here make it clearer what this folder pointer is supposed to point to if its not pointing to the pointed folder for the pointed file. (LOL) -I changed my installation folders to another HDD (Who doesnt?), does this mean the Launch with Steam wont work now? so tooltip="This is not valid Steam folder..." -Enable EAC should add "if server requires it"? If this isnt check does that mean its disabled in the game? Maybe even make on a per-Mod isntead of global (as it appears). [EDIT: It shows properly in Advanced but not Simple ? ] -Validadate Game Files From Steam doesnt actually check the files so it launches the game instead??? Intended purpose seems broken so just remove it. -font sizing. -ability to indicate whether a mod is for SP or MP games. *** Happy New Year. *** You dont have to pay attention to any of this. I just want an app that will switch between mods, one for SP one for server play. took 3 beers to post this! /cheers! nothing is working... now to install anther fresh copy ... 5,6,7...I lost count now. oh is there a log of everything or a way to log all actions?
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