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  1. the sleeper HEARS you sneak up.
  2. Nope. Need moar.... Better yet.... Go to the RH wesbite, https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/ and join the discord server and you can get real-time help from most anyone 24/7 instead of waiting for a reply to a forum post. enjoy!
  3. In addition to this, if you have horde count max'd out in settings (assuming default difficulty level), you will easily use a majority of all that ammo on one horde night. IF loot amount is set to 100%, there should be plenty of food, even on MP servers. Dont make just one type of food, salt is as precious, if not more, as twine is. Later game higher end food uses a LOT of salt, so dont use it all on just jerky as suggested. - - - Updated - - - Will this work if you pick up the station and reposition it?
  4. haha IRC, like kids even know what that is nowadays.
  5. Wrenches are not meant to be found easily, consider yourself lucky to find one so soon.
  6. Thanks Jax for the game plan. I can see your point, some of us may continue playing 16.4/3.x-4.x for creative mode. I've seen all the YT videos and the automatic doors sprouted major wood. And I thought I was excited by the elevators!
  7. @JaxTeller718 With a17 speculatively coming in July, wouldnt it be better to put 3.2 on hold until then? 60 days is not a long wait and I'd prolly be more interested in a 4.0 than 3.2 iteration.
  8. In one game I've had the same trader go on permanent Lunch break 3 times, I got fed up and finally just moved the persistent trader outside next to the vending machine, no issues since.
  9. 4? Thought you were gonna move on to that new mod, sorry forgot the name.
  10. This folks is a player that cant cut the mustard and play a mod was intended. Might as well enter dm mode and give yourself everything, so much for the challenge, eh. TBH, it's really not that bad once you gain a few levels and spend points in the right places. If you really want it easy and to level faster, I suggest WotW, although the next iteration of it will also have the exp gains trimmed down (confirmed). The thing about mods is if you dont like something about it, there are plenty more to try out. The more challenging mods, like RH, you really have to play as they were designed, otherwise why bother? Of course, you can always make your own. @cinda (snickers at the typo) I think exp from mining needs more cutting.
  11. take a couple stacks of dukes with you. I wound up buying after day 50 too ( 2 hour days), I almost didnt have enough when I ran across the trader with one, I bought so much other stuff along the way lol.
  12. using favorites in the main craft window works well there too, still only use typed searches as a very VERY last resort.
  13. using the favorites work around still works as long as the list stays on the first page, also using find recipes when clicking on an item helps too. I log in and go to each station and click favorites before doing anything else.
  14. the first sentence was referring to someone else sorry for lack for clarity.
  15. If you have a LCB placed, the 2x2w will only work for yourself. If someone else drops a LCB, it could stop working for you. water is not that scarce if you know where to look, lakes and oceans might be scarce. *snicker* If you cant find water in a snow biome, please uninstall the game! *snicker* I love when people come here and assume something is broken without really experiencing the mod. You might always want to note that there are no Skills for increasing dismemberment for the crossbow, but there is for a bow {regular and iron}.
  16. Ive had the opposite luck, I found 3 five-sevens and no desert eagles. I like the idea of combining ammo boxes into a x5 version. as for finding anything needed to advance class quests, I wish they could be found on traders maybe with Secret Stash 2 or 3, otherwise maxing out quality joe and scavenging is your only recourse.
  17. oh "when you dismount", thats normal
  18. Want-to-TRADE: 700 twine for 1 crowbar. if the 2x2 elevator is not working its bugged and yes you have to have an unobstructed shaft all the way up and down. Also, afaik, the same player has to place both the base, placed first, and then additional floors for it to work without bugging out too. In previous versions (prior to 3.0 ) you could not use a LCB to pick up the 2x2, I think that was intentional but damn you have a really high price if you have to replace a floor. I hope that changes.
  19. Prolly be reported already - tomato soup does not return the bowl.
  20. thanks Jax for another great update, the crowbar chance increase has been needed for a while. Does this mean they wont be empty anymore? I can agree with the loss of wellness but not the loss of hydration, shoulda been left the same.
  21. there was an update to lower the spawn rate of the diner towers, it did help cuz that building is annoying as hell and was in every single city and town in previous iterations.
  22. ran thru 12+ cities with no crack a book and found only 2 working stiffs, i know it supposed to hard but this is ridiculous. oh and that strip mall is just as scarce
  23. How do you pronounce Geroge? Thanks for all the fixes!
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