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  1. I'm currently taking a small forced break from the mod. Only a few days. This amazing community has provided me a FANTASTIC upgrade to my work machine and very soon my potato will be no more!


    What this means for you guys is FASTER updates, WAY more HD textures and better assets, a TON of content and I'm currently designing and planning over 50 plus NEW zombie models all with multiple animations, just so i can personally BLOW MM's theory out of the water that you can NOT have more zombies in this game.l


    I guarantee you guys that the future is smoking for this mod and you will NOT be disappointed once the previews come rolling in, which should be in a bout a week. Or possibly less.


    yea well that potato is museum piece now. "This is where Ravenhearst was born"

  2. so my game crashes when trying to make a rwg world at the blocks stage, does anyone know whats wrong?


    join the RH discord channel ( should be in the first post ), there you can post the output log file so we can see which errors exactly.



    This link to the discord expires in 24 hours: https://discord.gg/f5rqyS

  3. Howdy again, just finished the Thumper mission and have a few comments. I'll try my best not to drop any hardcore spoilers:


    1) The [REDACTED] that appears (the thing you have to upgrade to advance the quest) always spawns slightly damaged, and there is no way to repair it to full in order to actually upgrade it. I wonder if there's anything that can be done to help with this, or if it's intended.


    2) The [REDACTED] that you get after the mission has no localization/stats/information so there is no way to know where it stands with other things you own.


    3) The music and effects were badass. Totally awesome mission.


    Anyway, still lovin this mod. Hope all is well on your end.


    These should be reported on the RH discord with pics so they can keep track.

  4. Trader Spawn Issue

    The thing is i can only find a single trader and some destroyed settlements with no traders in every seed i've tested so far. I concluded this after hours of exploration in my mini bike and using cheats to make sure i didn't miss any traders, i would be grateful if someone could help me with this issue.


    i'd be happy if i had 3 or 4 traders but a single trader in each seed is kinda annoying, can you tell me your seed.


    The trader availability is very intentional, its supposed to be difficult, its designed to curtail trader exploits. Other than certain station tools there really isnt a need for traders, in theory.

  5. Love the mod, but I'm still a bit confused by the cleanliness debuff system. How does the "red on ya" debuff actually proc? I went through day 1 without getting hit at all by anything, but I still ended up with this debuff -- and I'm 99% certain I didn't even see the "dirty" debuff beforehand. I thought avoiding injury would prevent this from happening, no? Is it just a peril of fighting in melee combat?


    its from either blood splash or walking over corpses, wet towel should fix it.

  6. Encumbrance has been disabled, so don't worry about how much loot you can carry. Be more concerned that if you die with your backpack completely loaded up, you risk the chance of not being able to make it back to it before it disappears. In the past i've carried a bedroll and placed it in my toolbar. If things get harry i tend to drop it so if i do get wrecked i can spawn closer to my latest backpack. Doing this means your original base may have z's in it upon your return...


    There was a post in this thread not too long ago that talked about adjusting the length of time your backpack remains. It definitely isn't long enough for you to make the trip. The post also gives instructions on what change to make to have it remain in the world for longer. You can follow that to help. In the future, craft or find a box, and dump all your loot in that. Mark it on the map, and you'll be good to go.


    There is the halocopter "box" that is disabled for MP, but may, or may not, work in SP.

  7. if the ability should give an improvement in the quality of things, but I continue to find gray things with full skill - this is not correct. It's not about survival or fast leveling...


    Working as intended.


    Quality Joe skill does exactly what it says - increases quality of found loot by the particular amount. So with level 4/5 you should be getting all the loot with +70 quality.


    Now for the base quality, for your level 60 character base quality is 51 - 150. And you won't ever get items better than quality 350.


    The reason devs removed scavenging skill is to get around it's broken (or intended?) mechanic. Authors of this mod want for loot quality and level (common, uncommon, rare, untrarare) to scale with player level instead.


    Scavenging is broken when you can find a purple level items prior to day 7. Cant count how many complete augers I found on day 1 that were not grey. Scaling with player level is brilliant.

  8. So...the 4.3 default RWGmixer claims to be an "improved" balance, and I WANT traders to have a chance in small cities. And in big cities and off on their own. What I got is nothing, nowhere. Did I just had extraordinarily bad luck here or is this normal bad luck? I invest a lot of time into this game and hate to see it wasted. Moving characters/worlds and hacking xml are big ruiners of verisimilitude.


    It is intentional that Traders be only spawn in large cities. So yes, it seems you just have had bad luck. It means you have to explore more of the map.

  9. OK, I've been having a BLAST with 4.3 after I got over how infuriating it was. However, as I explored and climbed levels, I didn't find any traders at all, in a half dozen cities and down every path. Now at skill level 65, with 7 cardboard boxes stuffed with trade goods, I finally tried the map explorer tool. ...and, there are none, at all, anywhere. I don't mind starting over - obviously I was doing so well I didn't even need traders - but is this something that's going to happen again? Traders add flavor and make early game easier and obscure station tools easier to find.


    Am I just missing something? Or is this something I should be concerned about starting 4.3 again? Thanks


    they change cities size so small cities means no trader in them and big ones has trader

    look for those big cities and you will find,,if you have bad seed you can move your character to new seed and not begin from zero


    You will find traders in large cities that have dark color asphalt road, the light colored roads are concrete.


    Small cities as you put it, are more or less, considered Towns.

  10. all right i hope this is not complain because i really love this mod

    first my trader disappear although i upgraded his walls <snow trader> and i can put another one but he keep disappearing after i close my game so any solution? i feel op <overpowered> when i put new one as i get new stuff < i bought 3 beaker in 2 days>

    2nd i got my first steel pickaxe 24 quality with block damage 140 but it cause 210 to stone ore and 140 to iron ore ;;i hope this is correct

    3rd i can sell weapons with higher price ,,all i need to remove 1 part and kaboooom <SMG 74 quality worth 887 but remove 1 part now 2136 coins :) :) :)

    i was not telling you that as you keep nerf traders in almost every way,,hope you make trader moderate not like now with almost nothing to sell or buy except feeble items

    last thing those items like ink pen and others are not spawn like ravenhearst 3 ,,may be intended<idk>.......


    1. pick a trader from the persistent list not static

    2. tools have modifiers vs type (stone or iron)

    3. thats a work in progress still, even during testing things could be missed.

    feedback and bugs/exploits can be reported in the discord channel (#errors and logs)



  11. Getting a little frustrating. Day 41 and level 50. Still have not found: drill, welding torch, welding mask/hood, blender, and several other items.


    Hints? Which POI?


    blender could be in plain cardboard boxes or cabinets in kitchens.

    drill: idk for sure.

    welding torch / mask : working stiffs and construction boxes, maybe a few other spots.


    Pray to the RNG Gods harder since its all random.

  12. Looking for some tips with the "Minor infection" state. It doesn't seem to matter how careful I am to stay "Fully Rested" and "Nice and Clean"... Infections still pop up out of nowhere.


    Should I be resting even when fully rested? Swim laps in the pool even when clean? Take vitamins, antibiotics, honey etc as prophylactics?


    So annoying that I get one nearly every day. Sometimes it reappears even before "Cured" times down.


    Gimme some ideas please!!


    in the Ravenhearst discord look in #v4-buffs for tips on how to get rid of it.

  13. Im not sure if anyone has ask this before. When I try to play wotw 5.3 with eac enabled it will out run

    does anyone know how to fix this



    WotW now uses SDX, EAC does not work, do not enable it.

  14. Still haven't found a drill or tenderizer. Any hints? Day 33. Level 42.


    drill would be working stiffs boxes, construction boxes, and you get the idea here. its can be pretty rare so pray to the RNG gods to help.


    tenderizer should be found in kitchen containers.


    - - - Updated - - -


    is there trick or place to find diamond axe schematic , i searched over than 400 crack abook shelf and box and no luck...is there a chance to find it like .001% or iam too unlucky or may be iam searching for it????

    i hope you make it craft-able in research table for 325 like class or even more

    i never find that schematic in ravenhearst even older versions :( :( :(


    its super rare, RNG Gods dont like you enough, yet. I found one in a house POI bookshelf.

  15. Mate I don't need to be warned that the world is dangerous at every turn, I need to be warned when a biome looks almost identical to the wasteland biome and has a 100% chance to INSTANTLY KILL YOU if you step into it at the START OF THE GAME literally I spawned, took 4 steps, got radiation and died. There's a difference between challenging survival and "no save death" I don't mind the game being hard, we changed seeds and went at it again without a massive rad biome between us and we're loving it so far. Playing on Difficulty 5 on the server was probably a bad idea since zombies are arrow sponges right now, but we'll survive (hopefully) we're also in desperate need of a water source and can't seem to find any lakes. But that aside we're having tons of fun. I only posted because while I don't mind resetting my server and changing the seed, other players newer players or people who don't have a lot of experience trouble shooting, might just write the mod off and get pissed about it. The vanilla rad zones have a giant ass wall of green you can see when you approach, I'm not asking for that, I'm just asking for some warning for the rad zone, or better yet? If it's a new player and the server recognizes it, it doesn't spawn a rad zone in any adjacent zone. Sort of like when you first log in for the first time there aren't zombies on top of you.


    hehe yep now you know that there are Radiated Biomes are no longer restricted to the edges of the map. afiak, every new map has a chance you will spawn in a radiated biome, pray to the RWGmixer gods that you dont.


    To keep the spirit of the mod, there will be little or no warnings other than ground appearance. Maybe in A17 there will be more freedom to give them.


    Water is not scarce but lakes are, there are a few POI lakes but can be rare, but mostly you will need to find POIs with pools.

  16. Yeah, just happens the gore blocks with loot don't stack, and if one is already there, it just permanently disappears which is what happened to me. But I've also noticed with this mod and only with this mod (I've tried about 6 others), that sometimes even after a ragdoll down a hill, the gore block of loot appears where it got killed, not where it ended up. So I checked back there, and nothing.


    gore blocks not stacking is normal. gore blocks after a ragdoll down a hill, not sure but it sounds like lag.

  17. So, loving this mod. But is there a way that I could change something to fix a zombie sliding down a hill, landing on another dead zombie, exploding, and because of that losing all loot after a ranged kill? I couldn't make it to the zombie in time after I killed it with my bow... thing is, it happened to "The Crazed"... so yeah... lost any good stuff he had on him


    zombies rolling down hills is called ragdoll or ragdolling. afaik, that ragdoll is hardcoded into the game. usually the corpse of the zombie shows up at the point of death.


    - - - Updated - - -


    If i make a change to the recipes and items xml files, do i have to share them with players who join me, or will the world simply use my local versions as we play? I would like to surprise someone by adding a recipe or two for some chuckles :)


    if you play on a paid server than yes, not totally sure if its the same if you host the game.


    - - - Updated - - -


    can i please ask to fix cities,,since you narrowed streets and most cities become small and almost 2 streets,, i thought cities become smaller but they become villages as you also removed much of its bulk. example seed KandQuinn 9 big cities now they are 9 small villages

    and if some one has nice seed with at least 4 big cities of 9 shown ,,i will be grateful .

    edit ; i also tested seeds posted in alpha 16 forum and those seeds have huge cities and all became small as most houses removed


    working as intended, the amount of "big cities" has been reduced and replace by the megacities.

  18. ugh well at least im no longer losing my mind over it....seems kinda stupid to remove them all together and waste so many mats to upgrade fully


    There is a method to this madness. Each block upgrade uses the same amount of mats as before, except for concrete and reinforced concrete doesnt need rebar frames just concrete.

  19. am i stupid or what but i cant for the life of me figure out how to craft rebar frames


    not stupid, rebar frames have been taken out, you now have to upgrade wood frames all the way up.

  20. Survivor quest for making a chicken coop seems bugged. Says to kill and harvest two chickens with butchers knife to get the 'live chickens'. Doesn't work. You get no chickens.


    You expected to get chickens every single time? really?


    Ahh, I didn't realise it was random.


    If it wasnt random, you'd have no excuse to post here or pull your hair out, whichever comes first.

  21. I do not have Denser Cities in my mod folder. 4.3 installed via launcher


    its in the extra files folder.


    - - - Updated - - -


    maka just told me on first release the files were swapped, but it was corrected pretty quickly. sounds like you might want to get a fresh set of files because there also some fixes at some point that i don't even recall what they are.


    if refresh mods is checked in the launcher, this will install the corrected files "freshly". @cinda!

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