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  1. Stuff that you have never seen or experienced doesn't mean that they didn't exist, that means that you might have not encountered them before... For me I have actually came across (and even still come across) zombies running in circles and even getting stuck on grass and decorations... And about your difficulty suggestion, it's not bad but it makes the game more about shooting than trying to survive and have fun... Because in Alpha 18 you have a very high chance of getting a very powerful weapon day-one and with that difficulty it will be basically sandbox mode lmao.
  2. To be honest, I was a little bit annoyed when I first started playing alpha 18 due to the rage mechanic but I adapted and found it extremely easy to deal with it even on higher difficulties: 1st: Never engage more than 1 zombie at a time unless you're completely prepared 2nd: If you happen to find more than 1 or 2 zombies around you. I advise you to immediately run and try to lure them away and take on them one by one. Usually 3 power attack head hits on Survivalist difficulty does the job for me but you need to be extremely accurate when doing it! It goes like this: 1st hit stuns the zombie, 2nd hit knocks him down, 3rd head kills him immediately WHILE he is knocked down, I do this early game using clubs because I find them extremely useful than any other weapon early game!
  3. Exactly, insane if with a group and as you said each one of you does have like 2000 right? And also again as you said, bullet sponge enemies are f*cking boring.
  4. I don't want to immediately call you a troll... What difficulty do you play on? I go outside at night in the in every-single default setting play through but I don't really think that you will survive at night with zombie ferals spawning and the insane damage scale of the survivalist/insane difficulty. And by "your business" what do you mean? Do you want to convince me that you go and loot anything other than small houses at night early game?
  5. He my friend (I guess I shall not call him that anymore XD) insisted on a 16k map to make the game "more challenging like Rust" and when I told him if he wants a real challenge and not just unnecessary difficulty he and I shall install a mod that adds more actually challenging enemies and makes the progression a little bit slower in a meaningful way he said that making all of your items disappear on death is enough?!??!??!!!
  6. I will send you a friend request over at steam. Also if you have a discord for voice chat share your handle. Edit: Superman-issue-1 doesn't return any results on steam friend search
  7. Thanks for your reply, best thing about what you said above is "too many compromises won't work".
  8. Hello, I have been playing 7 Days To Die since alpha 1.1 came out (well I didn't own it at that time but I played it one of my friends PCs) and I have cumulatively spent over 3000 hours on all of my steam accounts playing this game So, I think I'm not a noob at this game... I used to play on default difficulty every-single alpha and very rarely rise/lower it depending on how the RNG is in this world (most of the time (like 80%) I raise it). Since alpha 18 came out I think that everyone would agree that it made the game (specially early game) a lot harder than other alphas due to zombie rage, night ferals, slow levelling etc... So I now usually start at everything default except XP multiplier (I set it to 150-200) and raise the difficulty and decrease the xp multiplier (minimum 100%) every 14 days. I always use the settings above in single and multi player games now the problem is I have recently got like 8 copies of 7 days to die and didn't really want to keep them for my self (because why the f*ck would anyone want 8 duplicate game keys) so I gifted one of my friends the game and we start to play... He's completely new to 7 Days To Die but not the survival genre of games when we started to play he accepted my settings and we played until the first 7th day horde. After that he started complaining that the game isn't fun that way and that everything is "too easy" and "tedious" and he wanted me to ramp up the difficulty to the following... - Start at survivalist difficulty. - DELETE everything on death. - 150% XP - 16K world He said that the settings above makes the game more like Rust where if you die someone steals your stuff and you have to fight to get it back. And we started playing and we have both died like 12+ times the first day ALONE and didn't even continue playing because I got bored and just quit... Now he's just going insane and keeps calling me a "cry baby" and an "unskilled" player and that I he doesn't want to play with me anymore (which really doesn't matter to me at all). I told him that if he wants to play Rust he can go and do so. You do you right?! What I want to know is, which difficulty settings do find entertaining and at the same time challenging? TL;DR: Two guys playing one wants to play 7dtd as is, one wants to play it like Rust, share your opinion. Thanks for anyone who reads.
  9. Any estimates on when it is going to be released? (Late 2020 ~ Early 2021)?
  10. This bug is kinda weird to be honest, because up to day 21, I had like 20 forges all running 24/7 and didn't get a SINGLE screamer with all the settings on default, after day 21 tho, I started getting s***tons of screamers every 4 in-game hours!
  11. Nvidia boi here! Happens to me too !
  12. I'm enjoying the mod so far but, I guess weapon loot needs to get nerfed a little bit, As I have found over 30 pistols in the first 3 days from very weak zombies and even crawlers!
  13. First of all, I want to thank you for this amazing mod sir, It's the mod that brought the classic feeling to the game, while keeping everything feeling new & fresh! Sorry if my paragraph doesn't make sense, not a native English speaker. Thanks again!
  14. TheDay755Hero

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Any upcoming updates MR.Valmar?
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