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  1. What do you mean perfect? If you mean flawless I can't agree at all. If serviceable then sure, but far from perfect. I know this is a bit off-topic but I am curious.
  2. I welcome the new random generator. Will be nice to have believable biomes. Bonus points if you make it to where the old way (very random and unrealistic) was an option.
  3. Doubt it, but still hope. The anticipation is killing me!
  4. Can't say I care how washed out everything looks in the video. Kind of a tiring trend I've seen in a lot of games lately.
  5. Grumpy cat, Soviet Russia jokes, and Chuck Norris jokes. Christ
  6. You aren't the only one concerned about this. But damn they use to update weekly? Must of been nice.
  7. I fell for the wrench and landmine meme. I feel ashamed and upset...
  8. First good thing Valve has done in awhile, glad they are helping Linux users out. Especially when each new iteration of Windows gets worse and worse. I miss Windows 7 (my current hardware doesn't agree with it). If anyone every considers Linux, I would recommend Manjaro, Solus, PCLinuxOS, or Linux Mint as the first distro. You can duel boot if you don't want to completely switch over, or put it on a separate drive and boot from grub (or selecting the drive via bios).
  9. Make sure to get adult diapers, these won't fit or be able endure it.
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