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  1. I haven't had a chance to try it but I noticed in the Quest.xml that the objective types for blocks in existing ones are BlockPlace and BlockUpgrade. Would BlockDestroy be an option that works?
  2. Took a bit before I could get back to tinkering but this helped a lot. Thanks again
  3. I have actually wondered how to do the same thing. Didn't figure it out, hopefully someone knows.
  4. I've been trying to figure out what all parameters I can use for quest objectives. I've seen that you can set a quest to require holding specific items, wearing specific items, collecting blocks/items, using items, placing blocks, and killing critters. I was wondering I can set any other objectives. Specifically wondering if things like taking damage or avoiding taking too much damage, destroying a specific kind of block, to lockpick something or otherwise getting into a locked container are possible? Also is it possible to set variable objectives like collecting 10 of X or Y instead of alway
  5. I've been looking at the blocks we can place that can be rotated in 45 degree increments and can't seem to figure out exactly what property allows them to do that. I've made a couple of new blocks utilizing some existing models to do different effects but I've noticed that when placing the original block that uses that model it can rotate 45 degree increments but my new block only rotates 90 degree increments. Can someone point me at what property needs to be used to allow the additional placement options?
  6. Oh your mod sounds like exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to tie the cvar change to a specific action of the item but I couldn't find an example of an item that did that. Do you happen to have a link to download it somewhere or can you post the action coding.
  7. Can a quest by chance trigger a buff? As a work around to give a short buff or would it have to be part of the item's actions?
  8. I recently started working with the cvar for a mod but having it be set by the item I'm altering is turning into a problem. Is there a way to have the a cvar set by some other related method? Trying to make the various magazines allow you the option of Read or Use. Read gives a quest that grants 1 skill point but I only want it to work once. With the cvar being set by the objects normal use it gives it some quirky issues. If you use a copy of a magazine before you have read a copy you can never read it. if you read it first, you get the skill point and can still use 1 time to learn the reci
  9. Thank you, another question about quests I wasn't sure about for a different one. How do you make it so that the kills for a quest are shared with party members? I've noticed the kills for all the vanilla quests allow the kills other party members make to count for each other. I added a mod that put a few more quests in that doesn't share the kills. So when done in a party the one with the quest usually winds up short when others help.
  10. I was trying to make all the perk books provide 1 skill point one time if read instead of using it to learn the perk. I thought I had it all set to only allow it to be read one time and not be useable again but seems you can still use multiple copies. I'm not sure why though. I appended each perk book like this: and made a quest for each like one like this: Did I miss something? I have the repeatable set to false.
  11. Ah, yes thank you. That was the problem. His client crash was all the opportunity steam needed to slip the poisoned patch in and ruin his fun haha. Updated server and everyone else closed out clients to update too same versions.
  12. Me and a few friends have been playing on a private server using latest alpha 19 unstable build. for around 10-12hrs of play time on this one and it is modded. While in the middle of playing one of the others got stuck in a starting world screen for around 5 minutes after dying and trying to respawn. He force closed the client and attempted to log back in. Now he is getting an error everytime he does. No one else has the error when they leave and log in. We have restarted the server, clear his profile from the server, he's deleted his profile client side, and reinstalled 7dtd completely.
  13. Orphen

    Highope's Modlets

    The full details link for the renewable cars appears to be broken. I like the mod but have a question about one thing, what if I want to actually remove a car permanently? How do I do that?
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