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  1. Hi Madmole, will sound effects be revisited before gold? Like e.g. the occasional odd dog bark in the blunderbuss firing sound?
  2. Steam has an option to validate or confirm integrity of files if you right click a game and choose properties -> local files. No idea if it will help, but maybe worth a try?
  3. They do need some polishing in their behavior and number in certain biomes, but overall I like them
  4. Curious to hear peoples opinion on this. Personally I don't like it at all. Maybe it would be ok if limited to scopes/snipers, but in general I think it's a miss from TFP. What say you all?
  5. Anyone know if the tree movement will be looked at? Graphically they look great, but they shake wildly and unnaturally like they have parkinsons. Or is it just me? Find it a shame for such a pretty game.
  6. Used to use them a lot outside horde nights, but have ditched them completely in a18. No need to be silent or conserve ammo, and guns are easy to find. But guess this will be balanced in the future.
  7. So to anyone who think there are too few zombies: just get a ton of HDD’s 😂 Fun aside - sounds weird. Amazing if it is true.. 🤔
  8. Yes they can - slowly, but yes. Cap00 have made test on YouTube on the subject (I’m sure others have too..)
  9. Regarding snipers - wouldn’t it make more sense to boost the marksman rifle stats and introduce a new T1 og T2? Marksman is already cool! Winchester maybe, or a ♥♥♥♥ty civil war rifte with bayonet or 9mm ‘sports’-rifle? Airgun?
  10. I guess the radio silence is due to the final push. I take that any day over tons of interaction, that just slows progress even more. And with more vids will just come a higher demand for them. Don't get me wrong - it makes my day every time i se a new Joel-vid on youtube, but I take the silence right now as a good sign.
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