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  1. Hi. Are new prefabs from a19 included in RWG here?
  2. This is really great mod that made me play this game like the first time even after 2k hours in Vanilla, thanks! I have some questions. 1) I guess there is two types of bunkers: one in a well and second under some tents. Where can I find bigger one at Dfalls-Small3? I've spent about 3 hours to find it with the help of my helicopter, explored radioactive zone in the middle inside and out, but didn't find anything that looks like tents. I cannot afford to spend THAT much time to search for a needle in a haystick, can someone share XY position? 2) Is there anything wrong with archer companions? They constantly disappear without any reason. 3) Health hut perk seems to be broken. 5/5 and my max HP is still 100. The only way to increase health pool is to eat a ♥♥♥♥ton of food, however I can raise HP up to 180 (didn't test if I can do more). 4) I'd prefer SMXhud, how can I change it? Adding a modlet doesn't bring result.
  3. Is it just me or the mod is broken now? Tried installing both manually and 7d2d Mod Launcher. "null reference exception object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  4. Was looking for such mod for ages. Thanks!
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