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  1. It has come to my attention now that the cost of bullets casings has been raised from 2 to 6 brass, and the junk brass items in the game have had their values adjusted accordingly (however i noticed the brass radiators only give 41 casings worth of brass instead of the old 50). These changes don't seem to be any issue with the exception of the rate at which brass is smelted. The forge appears to smelt brass at the same rate it used to. This means that the forge is much slower at smelting for bullets casings now. Was this intended?
  2. Some feedback: day 29 (Nomad) 1. The usefulness of the burning shaft mod in combat is questionable as it nearly guarantees triggering rage while not doing much damage. 2. Not enough arrows in loot. Also I havent found any steel arrows in loot and I really miss being able to save up a stack of steel arrows from loot. 3. The rotting flesh requirement for farm plots feels a little high. I think reducing it to 8 would be good, or maybe making an alternate recipe.
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