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  1. I believe madmole's actual response contained the phrase "bandits/main quest"...so I think they're already planning on doing SOMETHING with a more-involved event system and an over-arching questline (which, as long as it has branching sidequests, I'm in!), so no, it's not just "bandits as a major feature."
  2. Actually, it was a vanilla map generation. I used NitroGen to generate a default map using the same mapseed just to see what would happen, and got something completely different (and actually playable).
  3. Right? As an addendum, I ran around to map out the full grid for the city, then took off up a road...next city I found? Same thing. World is absolutely empty of building POIs.
  4. I'll try this, Roland, though I've spawned several maps in 18.4 (b4) without ever having this issue.
  5. I'm playing an A18.4 RWG...and the first city grid I found has...no buildings. Like, all the roads are there, and the entire space is sprawling and flat (and perfect for building, really)...but I have not yet found a SINGLE building, even though the roads obviously create the standard town "blocks.". Has anyone else encountered something like this?
  6. ^ This. I've not put any points yet into Master Chef, as I found a few recipes that I could manage shortly out of the gate in my first couple of days of exploration. That said, I've been cooking those recipes when I can, and I LOVE the way the mechanic currently works, because A) Cooked meals (not just random pseudo-ingredients or side dishes like corn bread and baked potatoes) offer a significantly increased benefit from a satiation and stamina-restoration standpoint. As such, one needs to consume fewer of those items (often just a single serving) in order to maintain viability in the broken-down world. B) This means that my canned food becomes an emergency-only backup plan (or in the case of things like chili-dogs, an ingredient). I've gotten dysentery exactly twice, and I just let it "run its course", so to speak. If I'm dealing with a situation where I am concerned that food poisoning would SERIOUSLY impact my quality of life (I'm away from home, max stamina is WAY low, etc), then I can pop a can of Sham, chili, chicken, lamb or beef...and reap lesser benefits rather than risk food poisoning. C) This, and the knowledge that further expansion and recipes are coming to the cooking skill, makes me plan--actually plan--what I do with my foodstuffs. I don't just grab the first thing available to me in order to curb thirst or hunger. I plan out meals I can cook. I plan out which canned items I want to carry along in case of emergencies as I'm exploring. It gives me a reason to hold on to canned goods, either to use in better recipes, or to have a CYA backup food supply in my inventory as I explore. This is a new point of challenge. New risk vs. reward. Personally, I enjoy it. Sure, it'd be nice if there were a way to cure it. Maybe TFP could tweak the vitamins to "bolster" digestion so that it speeds up the healing process of dysentery in a similar fashion to the way that antibiotics now work to remove infection...that way it's still not an insta-cure, but you're not wasting vitamins unnecessarily. Just my two cents. I'm loving A18 on nearly every front.
  7. UPDATE: This worked a treat, even though uninstalling/reinstalling didn't. Thanks so much!
  8. Thanks for the speedy response, SylenThunder. I'll give that a shot.
  9. Hey all...I've tried searching the forums, and haven't been able to find this particular issue. I have A17 (the most current stable, as I am not opted in to betas on Steam), but when I try to load the Prefab Editor...it's A16 and doesn't load correctly. I really want to try my hand at building some prefabs whilst I wait for A18, but I cannot for the life of myself figure this out. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled/updated...still A16 on the prefab editor, and errors all day long if I try and actually load it. Can someone help?
  10. Has anyone tested Healing Factor? I put it on my character, but noticed no change. I was at 55 health, and I thought it was supposed to regen 1 HP every 30 secs? I never got an HP back at all until I ate some food. Am I just not understanding how it is supposed to work?
  11. I wanted to make a joke here, but I just didn't have the stones.
  12. I love Glock9, he does great content...but he DOES drop the F-bomb and a few other expletives during his YT vids. Just an FYI. It's not a continuous stream of profanity, just the occasional peppering amidst the conversation. :-)
  13. Entitlement? Because TFP offered some prominent YTers the opportunity to get the game a couple of days early? No one demanded anything, to the best of my knowledge. TFP know that the YTers and Twitch streamers can help generate hype for the game, and many of them have made content dedicated to the game, some pretty extensively. It's a "thank you" from the developers for the work these guys do to promote the product. Nobody's acting "elitist" here except you. Jealousy does funny things to people.
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