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  1. As a former member of Geek Gaming (I left because of personal reasons, nothing they did wrong) I can assure players that this community is great. Ti2xGr is a great guy and will help out any player who needs it. Thanks for my time at Geek Gaming Tig!
  2. I had this problem once so far on A19, and quite a few times on A18. I wonder if it has something to do with GeForce. I too, have a 2600, and have used GeForce Experience to optimize.
  3. THANK YOU! This is amazing news. I have an idea for a mod for A19 based on this answer. TY TY! EDIT: Regarding my customizable drones question.
  4. I have a question about the drones. I know that vehicles can be created and modified to make new vehicles within mods of the game. Will we possibly be able to do the same thing to drones? Create new drones or perhaps even turn it into a humanoid of some kind? Basically I am asking that the same things we can do with vehicles in modding can they also be done to drones?
  5. Reinstalling RH for 17.4 as a server community i play on just wiped our RH server. Looking forward to RH for A18. EDIT: I'm having an issue. I made a copy of 17.4 through the mod launcher, I downloaded the RH mod from the front page, installed it, and every time I try to launch the game w/o EAC it says "PreloadData is missing. It should always be there." Then a button that says OK. I read in another post it recommend I delete the complete mod and copy, reinstall 17.4 and reinstall the mod, which I did, and it still gives the same error. EDIT2: It does the same error if I try to launch with EAC as well.
  6. Question about upgrading doors. I placed a wood door down, upgraded it to the 2nd tier of wood, then upgraded it to iron. Next it showed I needed an iron door to upgrade further, so I made one out of forged iron. I tried to upgrade, and it says I still need an iron door even though I have it in my inventory. You can see the pic - iron door on hotbar (I also have one in my inventory) and it shows the upgrade needed icon on the bottom right.
  7. The mod is loads of fun! So far when mining the surface boulders, I noticed that in the forest biome I was getting stone and iron. When I was in the snow biome I noticed I was getting stone and nitrate. I would assume other biomes will yield different extra ores and stuff along with stone when mining surface boulders. Desert surface boulders would probably yield shale. Burnt biome surface boulders would probably yield coal That would leave wasteland surface boulders yielding lead? Not sure, the only 2 I CAN confirm is forest biome surface boulders giving iron and snow biome surface boulders giving nitrate, I am just guessing on the other 3 biomes. As far as regular mining goes, going underground, I have no clue, haven't gotten that far yet.
  8. I've unlocked Red and Goldenrod Teas, but they have 2 recipes each. One of each says it requires a Lead Car Battery? Is this intentional? It's when I am in the campfire and look up the tea recipes. And no I have no other mods installed. It shows multiple recipes for many items in the campfire when I search for them - teas, bacon & eggs, grilled yucca, yucca smoothie, and one of each says Lead Car Battery Required.
  9. Question about classes - can you unlock all the classes or are you limited to just one? Also how big is the download for the entire 18.1 modpack? Thanks.
  10. We currently have a server with the Slaanhattan map. We are having trouble finding wasteland biomes. Is there an image of the map or can you give coordinates of some wasteland areas? Thanks! Love the map!
  11. Asked this in discord and got no response....how do you craft a baseball bat? Is there a perk or skill I need to buy? - - - Updated - - - Did you have a crash? What you describe is EXACTLY what happens if there is a crash.
  12. It's my ISP blocking it. I connected to my hotspot instead on my phone and it loads fine now. Guess I am using my hotspot when installing mods. Thanks for the help.
  13. I did that, now the mod launcher won't even launch I uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't launch. EDIT: After a few minutes of it appearing not to launch, it launched out of nowhere. No, it didn't fix it, it still shows the same thing.
  14. I have a problem - the mod launcher used to work no problem, now when I open it the window where all the mods should be only says "Starting Splash Screen"
  15. Ty sir for your hard work! We at Forum Fanatics are proud to have you as a member and a friend. With that said, I was hesitant at first to use this tool as I hate change. I preferred the old way of copying the 7d2d folder and pasting, downloading from the net the mods I needed, unzipping and dragging in the files, etc. But after much hesitation because I am a stubborn b*stard, I tried it out, and have never regretted it since. This tool is an absolute must have if you play on modded servers, want a modded single player, or are a server admin and want a fast and easy way to distribute your mods. You will not dissapointed if you try this out. So if you are like me and hesitant to change, try this out anyway, and then you will REALLY be hesitant to change back to the old method. TY SPHERE! You sir, are appreciated.
  16. Rizzano

    True Survival

    Having an issue with the new Drinks perk unlock. I unlocked tier one which is supposed to give both teas, wellness juice, and purification tablets? Is it not? It only gave me the tabs. Or are the teas unlocked with other tiers? You really should put out in an depth perk / skill description as tiered perks are very misleading and often times it's hard to tell what tier of what perk unlocks what recipe. Also might I suggest / ask that when using wrenches on old couches and the wooden chairs you also get nails? Makes sense.
  17. Rizzano

    True Survival

    I did, that's why I am posting about iron ore. It says in mod description iron is in both forests, yet I am not finding iron.
  18. Rizzano

    True Survival

    I play on the official 7daystodie.com hardcore server using this mod. I have a few questions. How do you get springs? I had a wrench, albeit low quality, and destroying one car with it only gave me 2 cloth and 1 scrap iron. Do higher quality wrenches net more stuff or is there some other way to get springs now? Where do you craft gunpowder now? I didn't see anything in the mod description for about it. LOVE THE MOD. Thanks. UPDATE: Found it in campfire. How do traps work? Specifically, rabbit traps. The trap I placed has just been sitting there for about 25 in game days and nothing has changed. Iron Ore: I am in either a pine forest or regular forest biome, and I find plenty of coal, zinc, copper, and lead, but no iron. I am in a cave / mine.
  19. I'm confused how to use this, or if I am using it correctly. I downloaded this, opened it, clicked file, navigated to the 7D2D Bundles folder, and clicked the BlockTextureAtlases. I then click Export, it told me to save, so I saved it as 7D2DBlockTextures on my desktop. I then opened unity to try to import, trying custom assets package and import asset, but it won't show up, so am I doing this correctly? I am very new to assets and unity and importing/exporting stuff.
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