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  1. All I want for x-mas is my night vision Oh and a new computer
  2. My biggest complaint is I can't level if I want to take time to work on a good base. If you get too far behind in the weeks, you get spanked by the Zeds. Hope there is going to be some kind of comprise.
  3. Sorry, haven't kept up since I've been playing Is nightvision broke or is it suppose to be like it is> Maybe my eyes are just getting bad:smile-new:
  4. Made an iron pick have 1 skill in miner 49. My stone axe is doing the same damage to a stone as the iron pick is?Anyone else getting this?
  5. I played for a couple hours after work. I have not jumped (out of being surprised) and laughed so much from any movie I've seen in the last few years. Great updates thanks TFP. I would concur with some of the other post, I turned my settings down and I will get intermediate lag, but it doesn't last. It seem to occur with zombie spawns, it could be field of view update/process ? It's not ruining my fun. Day 2 - I'm in a house with my cousin we have 0 water left, zombies who keep ripping my door to shreds and 2 wolves blocking the river ..I want to skip work tomorrow.
  6. LOl, that is great.. TFP wrecking bases and dreams since Alpha 17... - - - Updated - - - I was going to try your guy until I saw no deaths. I want to see people ripped up by the new AI
  7. I tried man.. Just shows my age. Can't deal with all the annoying pop ups and constant kid spamming nonsense.
  8. Thanks for all the updates Faatal. Any clue what Roland is going to do with all his free time now
  9. lol!! It's so fitting with my favorite bird, mechanical or real which do you prefer
  10. Thank you Faatal. Was just curious in which direction TFP was heading with these types of obstacles.
  11. @Roland Is a pain reaction real damage that slow or injures them or just animations? Thanks, I'm looking forward to all of these challenges...I do have to admit, I probably would have had a few(hundred) more deaths without those glitches
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