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  1. Interesting answers so far - most didnt reply on the main post and drifted far away. To be honest, i speedread the answers and maybe i overread something. I agree, A18 was with "only" Lucky looter way too fast to get level 6 weapons, thats, why i voted for solution 2 I read the question, why some people are angry about stone tools looted, here is my answer: Please leave your real life home and go shopping in a tool market and then in a weapon shop. IF you find stone tools or wooden spears there, make photos and call us, then we all are aware of it:
  2. That's navezgane; not the random-generated worlds. Edited Tuesday at 11:18 PM by h0tr0d (see edit history) Ergh - and how i can create smaller worlds with nitrogen? ...DX
  3. Hello, i bet, there were several themes aboutt the new A19 Loot System and most are spemmd bay haters with flaming comments like"...you only want to have level 5 tier 3 weapons on day 5..." etc. Here i have an idea for some small changes as a compromise for this. Problem: With the new Loot system you can find the same weapons/tools in many loot containers, the container type give only a higher or smaller chance of that object. Escpecially funny is a fact, when looting a working stiff market and only finding stone tools. Solution 1: T
  4. Hello, i have a small question: Why its not possible to create smaller maps, then 4k? I wanted to create a 1024x1024 map, bit it did not work - it makes automatically 4096 when i use random map size and enter 1024. I wanted to make a game like ages ago, where there was a single town the entire map and each day there were 3-5 airdrops and no zombies at daytime and you had to survive the nights ...DX
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