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  1. I'm not that familiar with SDX, I'll admit. So I cannot confirm one way or another if it works. However, the launcher will install and patch anything you provide. So if you provide it with a modified DLL, it will find the original, and replace it. If you have a new directory structure, then the launcher will install the new structure. If you provide a 7D2DPatch file, it will patch large files while keeping the patch file small. I would look forward to working with someone with SDX to test somethings out. -SphereII
  2. Thank you for the kind words. Let's hope this will make server administrators more flexible in the mods they can deploy! Thank you for your mods, and your help, sir. Very long time no see! Thanks for your challenging test scenarios! And thank you for trying to group the mods together. It works great! It pales compared to what you have been contributing, sir! I hope this is just another piece of the puzzle!
  3. If you do not play on EAC-protected servers, and just want to have a more enjoyable single-player experience, the 7D2D Mod Launcher includes a 7D2D Patcher utility built-in, which allows you to create, or apply, DLL patches. Using the open source program called xdelta, we are able to make patch file based on two versions of a DLL file. For instance, using herrophl's excellent work with the UABE tool, we were able to remove the second bloom, remove the sky fog, and add back in the 1-block crouch features. However, that only allowed us to have a 400M file, which was too big to download for some people. The 7D2D Patcher creates a delta based on the original vanilla file, and the modded file, producing a patch file that is only 128 kilobytes in size. This file ends with the prefix 7D2DPatch, and is paired with an XML file. The 7D2D Mod Launcher will look at the XML file, check the original file, and confirm that the patch was created for that DLL version. Then, it'll apply the patch, and verify that it meets the expected hash. If the hash doesn't match, the patching is skipped. What does bloom / sky fog removed look like? Before: After: Video showing the 7D2D Patcher This option is available under View -> Patches. The current patch is available for Alpha 14.7 only.
  4. Hey all, New Update: 2.1.22 - Fixed issue with some modlets not being installed - Fixed where Navezgane world files were being over-written New Update: 2.1.20 - Added Experimental Git Support - Added performance enhancement for Modlets - New support for DMT A19 New Update: 2.1.16 - Fixed Enabled / Disabled Modlets from being reset from user preference - Improved error handling for SharpSVN.dll error - Fixed incorrect log setting ( 7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt should work) New Update: 2.1.13 - Fixed the Download From Steam option - Added more resistant code for database download ( selected index error ) New Update: 2.1.11 - Fixed Installed Mods shortcut - Fixed Modlet dependency download - Added troubleshooting for Database Downloads - Added clearing of Steam cache to download correct version New Update: 2.1.9 - Fixed Database locking issue - Fixed Locally installed Mods New Update: 2.1.6 - Added mirror for database - fixed mod.xml not being picked up - Fixed broken rss feed New Update: 2.1.2 - Fast load times - More responsive Modlets screen - Off-line support - More reliable Modlet views New Update: 2.0.90 - Minor change to a flag for DMT New Update: 2.0.89 - Added feature to specify branch for github sync New Update: 2.0.88 - Fixed an issue with the SDX download New Update: 2.0.87 - Fixed another issue with time-outs New Update: 2.0.85 - Fixed time out issue on some mods. New Update: 2.0.83 - Bug fix for Manage Modlets throwing an error - Experimental DMT Support - Available Modlets will be displayed by default, if no modlets are installed. New Update: 2.0.80 - bug fixes to Manage Modlet screen New Update: 2.0.77 - Fixed a bug with the Modlet database not being synced correctly - Fixed an issue where old data in the database hung around New Update: 2.0.74 - Manage Modlets screen updated to be faster and more reliable - Built-in SDX support. Add an SDX Modlet, and watch it compile automatically for you - New Menu Option: View -> Maximize Screen which will enable scroll bars - Steam Version working; Add and manage your modlets right in your steam folder New Update: 2.0.61 - fixed another issue where the mod launcher threw an exception if missing mods folder. New Update: 2.0.60 - Fixed an issue where the mod launcher failed to load a game if there was no Mods folder. New Update: 2.0.59 - Various modlet bug fixes - Saving Command Line Parameter is fixed - Go To and Play from splash screen fix. New Update 2.0.58 - Bug fix for Free Space check looking at the wrong drive. New Update: 2.0.55 January 21, 2019 - Fixed Steam Download Links - Changed the "Managed Mods" to "Add More Mods" - Some comfort items, such as Delete Completely will take you back where you were New Update: 2.0.51 January 20, 2019 - POtentially fixing the issue where steam isn't seen. Requesting feedback - Fixed issue with missing DLL for zip files. New Update: 2.0.42 January 20, 2019 - Fixed Local Save Game bug - Fixed Additional Settings being populated with garbage. New Update: 2.0.42 January 19, 2019 - Lots of performance tweaks to the Modlet browser functionality - Tweaks and removal of extra libraries no longer needed - Modified the core download functionality for TempMods to be sub-folders. This allows us to use git for more than one download (ie Winter Project and DUST2DEATH's resources will be faster after the initial install) - Updated the Steam Download option to include the versions you want to sync. - Added some extra code to make Steam downloads more resilient. - New Configuration! View Menu -> Open Configuration File. My Mods should be remembered between releases! <SubscriptionLink>https://raw.githubusercontent.com/7D2DMods/Profiles/master/MyTestProfile.txt</SubscriptionLink> Update Version 2.0.19 - January 8th, 2019 ========================== It's been a rough few weeks on changing and upgrading the installer. The OneClick installer that we've been using is showing its inflexibility as I've been trying to make it as smooth as possible. It has not been very smooth, admittedly. Expect quick jumps in version numbers as I roll out new, smaller features. More Tutorials are available from some great YouTubers. German Tutorial by Eihwaz ************* What does it do, exactly? Very simply, the Launcher reads a remote configuration file that contains different download links to the various mods. When you want to play a mod, you select it from the list, and it will automatically download and install the mod for you, then launch the game. You can also make your own configuration, called My Mods, mixing and matching mods at your leisure. If you are playing on a server, your server administrator can create a config for the Launcher to use, that contains all their download links that are required. Need the back pack mod? The Server Administrator can add it to their zip file, and everyone will get it. How do I get started? Download and Run: https://github.com/7D2DModLauncher/T...r.msi?raw=true YouTube Videos I created a few short YouTube videos on how to get started. Extra Info Each of the installation methods has been signed by my security certificate, which I acquired for this tool: SphereII Software. The main website for the 7D2D Mod Launcher is: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/ For Log Files, you can go to the View menu, and select Log Files. This will allow you to view the launcher's log files, as well as your 7 Days to Die game log. An Upload Log File will upload the log file to pastebin, allowing you to share. You may notice that that the 7D2D Mod Launcher is also referenced as "7D2D Launcher". Development work pre-dates the Fun Pimp's own 7DLauncher name, and I wanted to remain distinct, thus the move to the more recent, 7D2D Mod Launcher. Enjoy playing, and I hope to hear some feedback -SphereII
  5. I think it was around day 11 that I discovered a corner of a road. I was sneaking along the edge of a desert when the looming silhouette started to materialize in front of me. I snuck closer, standing just off the pitted pavement, in the grass and watched as the fog cleared away from the sign on the building. A book store! I quickly looked up and down the street, but nothing could be seen. I kept myself low, and ran as fast as I could across the deserted road, and hid behind a decrepit shopping cart. I looked around, wide eyed and alert, up and down the street. The silence was deafening. I made another quick run up to the building, and using my stone axe, I made quick work of the already broken window, and hopped in. I moved quickly, still sneaking around, as I looted all the book cases. The loot was good too. An instruction manual on how to make a cross bow, and some new bolts. This will be a big step up from my bow and arrow I made 10 days ago. I was nearly done, in the back, enjoying a quick drink when I felt a shiver run down my spine... I was sensed. I swallowed hard, and strained to listen, in vain, for any sounds. Nothing could be heard. The accidental explosion from the oil drum a few days ago made hearing anything impossible now. I crept up, quietly towards the front, trying to see through the cracked and dusted windows. A shadow was seen. There was no way out the back. The reinforced door was still intact, leaving my only hope to jump through my broken window in the front. Another shadow has appeared. I took a sip of my beer to try to calm my nerves, as I was sure they could sense the pounding of my heart. I grabbed my iron club, thinking that my stone axe and bow was not up to this task. The shadows are moving closer to the building. I was no longer sensed. I was hunted. There was no time now. I jumped up on the counter, and made the leap across to the window, cutting my arm in the process. But that didn't matter. The earthly silence that has been my companion for days didn't matter. My new books didn't matter either. Nothing seems to have matters any more. I jumped from the window, stared at the ground, and started running towards the open desert. I didn't want to see the shadows and what they were. The shopping cart, which had helped hide me only moments ago, stopped me in my tracks. I cursed it now. My vision fills with red as I'm struck from behind. I staggered back and tried to lift my club, but my arm doesn't move. Nothing does. My world is spinning. As my vision slowly clears, the shadows start to become clearer and in focus. How many were there, my pounding head asked itself. Why does it matter, it answered itself. Then I heard it. It came out of nowhere, and jolted me to my senses. There was no build up to it. From hearing nothing to a loud, piercing screech that sent a shiver through my very soul. It was a sound I had only heard once more, and I knew what it meant. I turned and ran towards the oppressive desert. I didn't look back. I never stopped running. Snarling, snatching, and growling sounds followed me... The horde was coming. How I missed the silence now.
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